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Minecraft - 1.4.0 (Bedrock)

This update contains a whole ocean of new features from Update Aquatic! More features are on their way and will be available in game updates soon. If you find any bugs, please report them on bugs.mojang.com and post all thoughts and suggestions to feedback.minecraft.net. Thanks for playing!

New Features:

  • Water has a completely new look and increased visibility while underwater
  • Dolphins
  • Tropical Fish ...

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Minecraft: Java Edition - Snapshot 18W15A

Changes in 18W15A - New entity: Dolphins

  • New block: Conduit
  • New block: Blue Ice
  • New item: Heart of the Sea
  • New item: Nautilus Shell
  • Icebergs now generate in frozen oceans
  • You no longer have "night vision" effect underwater
  • Water now has different colours based on the biome
  • New video option: Biome blend distance
  • Going in and out of swimming should now feel smoother
  • You can now swim through 1x1 holes! Again! ...

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Minecraft: Java Edition - Snapshot 18W14A

Changes in 18W14A - New item: Phantom Membrane

  • New potion: Potion of Slow Falling
  • Added 4 new advancements
  • New Kelp textures
  • Changed generation rules for kelp and seagrass
  • New Riptide behaviours for tridents
  • Optimized cloud rendering some more

Changes in 18W14B - New blocks: sea pickles!

  • Renamed coral blocks (See below for details)
  • New coral fan textures
  • Destroying waterlogged blocks will only destroy the block, not the water ...

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Minecraft - 1.2.13 (Bedrock)

Release Date: April 3, 2018

New Features: - Realms now create automatic backups that can be downloaded and restored

  • Added two options to swap A/B buttons and X/Y buttons on controllers, which can be found in Controller Settings
  • Added menu screen transitions, which can be toggled in Settings

Changes: - Many screens and actions now respond when a button is pressed instead of released so they now feel extra responsive ...

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Minecraft Marketplace Release - March 20, 2018 (Bedrock)

New Marketplace Content:

  • Worlds

  • Cloud Jumper (Cyclone Designs)

  • Skull Island (Pathway Studios)

  • Crazy Chunk Survival (Razzleberries)

  • The Great Temple (Razzleberries)

  • Skin Packs

  • Bravehearts (Toya)

  • Privateers (Norvale)

  • Pajama Party (InPvP)

  • Bunnies (57Digital)

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Minecraft Marketplace Release - March 13, 2018 (Bedrock)

New Marketplace Content:

  • Worlds

  • Magma Fortress (Pathway Studios)

  • Pixel Drop (Pathway Studios)

  • The Lost Labyrinths (Razzleberries)

  • Firestorm Kingdom (Razzleberries)

  • Prison Escape (InPvP)

  • Skin Packs

  • Emoji Skin Pack Vol. 2 (Visula)

  • Sengoku Skin Pack (Impress)

  • Spring Festival Skin Pack (Noxcrew)

  • Rainforest Tribes (Norvale)

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