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Minecraft: Java Edition - 1.20.5 Pre-release 1

It is now time for the first Pre-release of Minecraft 1.20.5, featuring some tweaks to Trial Chambers and Ominous Trials, as well as new advancements, a big set of technical tweaks and changes, and lots of bug fixes. From now on, you should mostly see bugs being fixed. In addition to that, pre-releases don't follow the regular snapshot cadence of releasing on Wednesdays, so keep an eye out for the next pre-release.



Minecraft Snapshot 24w14a

Hello Minecraft players! Today we have a Snapshot with some technical changes and bug fixes for you.

Technical Changes
  • The Data Pack version is now 38
  • The game now requires Java 21
  • The game now requires a 64-bit Operating System
  • The included Java distribution is now the Microsoft build of OpenJDK 21.0.2
Data Pack Version 38
  • Added replace field to the set_attributes loot function (default: true)
    • When false, attributes will be appended ...

Minecraft: Java Edition - Snapshot 24w13a

This fine Wednesday brings 24w13a, a snapshot containing changes to the Mace, Trial Chambers, and introduces the new Ominous Trials! You might just be inclined to try out the ominous new features of this snapshot. ...or else? Did I do that right? Happy mining! Note: some of the features below will only work in freshly generated Trial Chambers.

  • Changes to the Mace
  • Tweaks to the Breeze and Wind Charges
  • Redesigned Bad Omen
  • Added Ominous Bottle ...

Minecraft Snapshot 24w12a

Here's snapshot 24w12a with new advancements and several tweaks. Happy Mining!

Experimental Features

Trial Chambers Trial Chambers now generate slightly more rarely and a bit more spaced out from each other Trial Chambers Explorer Map

  • Struggle no more to locate a Trial Chamber - level up your nearest Cartographer to Journeyman for the opportunity to trade for an Explorer Map pointing to a nearby Trial Chamber

Heavy Core

  • Can now be waterlogged
  • Survives lava flows ...

Minecraft: Java Edition - Snapshot 24w11a

Oh look, it's a rare case of snapshot Thursday! This week we're expanding your arsenal with a smashing new weapon, the Mace! Use this weapon's special smash attack while leaping from a high place and watch your enemies get knocked back. The longer you fall, the harder you hit – but make sure you time it right! Your fall damage is only negated if you land the blow. Craft this new weapon by combining a Breeze Rod with the Heavy Core, a new item you can find by unlocking Trial Chamber Vaults. ...

Minecraft Snapshot 24w10a

Woah, another snapshot day of the Wednesday variant! Today we are releasing 24w10a, featuring new Wolf Variants, some new Data Pack features, and lots of bug fixes. Happy mining!

New Features
  • Added variants of Wolves

Wolf variants

  • New Wolf variants have been added
  • The variant is determined by the biome they spawn in
    • Pale Wolf - The familiar Wolf variant that now spawns in the Taiga biome, with a default pack size of 4 ...