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Minecraft - 1.5.3 (Bedrock)

Missing Inventories after Updating to 1.5.0:

Some players may have lost their item inventories and character progress after updating to 1.5.0. To recover inventory from a player that was lost, you will need to:

  1. Have had a Microsoft account or Nintendo account tied to that player when you last saw the player with its previous inventory. Without this, your data cannot be recovered ...

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Minecraft - 1.5.2 (Bedrock)


  • Minecraft 1.5.2 addresses a crash that sometimes occurred during startup. This fix is available on all platforms except Nintendo Switch, where the crash does not occur

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Minecraft - 1.5.1 (Bedrock)


  • Fixed several crashes that occurred during gameplay
  • The game will now prevent player inventories from being lost. For those who have lost items, the team is doing further investigation into the issue. Thank you for your patience (MCPE-35324)
  • Fixed instances of not being able to login to a Microsoft Account on Nintendo Switch
  • Fixed download process getting stuck when joining game with a Mash-up Pack applied ...

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Minecraft: Java Edition - 1.13 (Update Aquatic)


  • All undead mobs now sink
  • Changed underwater visibility
    • Your vision will gradually increase the longer you're underwater
  • Overhauled world generation
  • Overhauled command parser
  • Added new world type "Buffet"
    • Allows you to create worlds with a unique biome
    • More features will come to the Buffet world type in later updates
  • Added a bunch of new sounds
  • Added three new pieces of music
  • Added underwater ambience sounds
  • Added a swimming animation ...

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Minecraft - 1.5.0 (Bedrock)

Update Aquatic is now complete with the addition of Phase Two! There are many new features like The Drowned, Sea Turtles, Bubble Columns, and over 150 bug fixes. If you find any bugs, please report them on bugs.mojang.com and let us know what you think at feedback.minecraft.net. Thanks for playing!

New Features:

  • Realms are now available on Nintendo Switch ...

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Minecraft - 1.4.2 (Bedrock)


  • Fixed a crash that occurred when creating a world on Windows 10 Mobile devices
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when creating a world on mid-tier and low-end iOS devices
  • Fixed an issue that prevented content from being downloaded on Android devices
  • Fixed some worlds not properly updating to 1.4
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