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Minecraft: Java Edition - 1.21 (Tricky Trials)

It's a fantastic day today, because it's release day Thursday! And not just any old release day. This one is extra special because today we're shipping Minecraft: Java Edition 1.21, also known as the Tricky Trials Update! Venture into the hazardous Trial Chambers alone or with friends, face off against the new Breeze mob and craft a smashingly powerful new weapon, the Mace! Take your ingenious Redstone designs to new heights with the Crafter, play around with the Wind Charge, discover new decorative...

Minecraft: Java Edition - 1.21 Release Candidate 1

Here is the first Release Candidate for 1.21, addressing some critical issues. Apart from that we decided to revert the changes made in Pre-Release 4 to armor enchantments based on your feedback. Happy mining! ###### CHANGES

  • The changes to Burn Time reduction from Fire Protection and Knockback reduction from Blast Protection from pre-release 4 have been reverted
    • We have heard your feedback, and we expect to rebalance these two enchantments in the future to find a better place for them ...

Minecraft 1.21 Pre-Release 4

Frog day on a Friday? What could go wrong? We're back with 1.21 Pre-Release 4 today, with a couple more bug fixes, and some tweaks to the Blast Resistance and Fire Protection enchantments. ###### Changes

  • The "Burning Time" reduction effect of Fire Protection and "Knockback Resistance" effect of Blast Protection now stack from wearing several pieces
    • To get the maximum benefit of these effects, you now need to wear a full set of enchanted armor ...

Minecraft 1.21 Pre-Release 3

The third pre-release for 1.21 is now available and it comes with even more bugfixes! Additionally, we introduced some intentional but undocumented changes to the Wind Burst Enchantment in Pre-Release 1 last week. To remedy this, we're including those changes in this changelog instead. Happy mining! ###### Changes Wind Burst

  • Following changes were introduced in Pre-Release 1; The Wind Burst enchantment now bounces the player 7 blocks up per enchantment level ...

Minecraft 1.21 Pre-Release 2

We're rounding out the week with the second Pre-Release of 1.21, with a lot of bug fixes. In case you did not catch the news, the full release of 1.21 is planned for the 13th of June!

Happy mining!

###### CHANGES

  • End Crystals are now immune to fire damage
  • Added an attestation checkbox when submitting a player report ...

Minecraft 1.21 Pre-Release 1

We're bringing you the first Pre-Release of 1.21 with leashable boats, portal-able Ender Pearls and bug fixes! With this snapshot, we are temporarily removing the functionality of lighting blocks on fire using the Fire Aspect enchantment, as we want to refine it further. This functionality will be reintroduced in a later release. Happy portaling! ;) ###### New Features Ominous Trial Spawner ...