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Latest Updates

Hotfix 2023.7.12

We heard you, Crewmates! Hotfix 2023.7.12 is out with these changes:

  • Chat bounce has been removed (SORRY IF IT MADE YOU NAUSEOUS)

  • Text will save if exiting out of free chat box We appreciate all the respectful feedback, and are excited to keep working on our fun plans!! Running back to Communication, Dors

New Quick Chat is here! | v2023.7.11

Time for another update Crewmates! While you were getting all comfy with the Pusheen Cosmicube and giving some well deserved pets to the new fluffly members of the crew, we were busy with our newest update: 2023.7.11   ### Fun Stuff Last update, we brought you a brand new hub in the form of our new main menu! The changes to our look and UI continue with our brand new Quick Chat! ...

Ghostface Returns

Impostors! I hope you've been keeping your skills (and your knives) sharp cause our collaboration with SCREAM is back! Betray your friends, pet a pet, and sabotage your way to victory with the return of Ghostface! We had a great time partnering with Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media Group to bring back the cosmetics for free! Run quickly... It'll be available until July 21, 2023. All you have to do is login and you'll automatically receive:

  • Scream Mask

  • Scream Robes ...

Pusheen Collab and Birthday Fun Time v2023.6.13 | Emergency Meeting #37

Holy moly, Crewmates!

It's our birthday week and that means it's time to whack some Impostor shaped piñatas, eat pizza-cake, and spend time with our best crew - you!

Without you, we couldn't make Among Us what is and the Innersloth team couldn't be more grateful for it. Before I start typing through these happy tears, here's what's happening as part of v2023.6.13, out now.

Patch Notes

  • Version numbers now appear in the bottom left of the main menu


Quick Chat and A New Look 👀 Among Us May Dev Log

Hiya Crewmates!

It's spring time here! That means it's time to go out and smell the flowers in the MIRA HQ Greenhouse, or if you're like me - beg for mercy from your allergies. (This visor isn't blocking any pollen!! WHY!!!)

The team had a lot of fun seeing your reactions to our silly April Fools Horse Mode plus the rancher version of the Seek theme last month. While we're all done horsing around, the team is getting back to work on some super important tasks. Let's check it out!


The Return of Horse Mode - v2023.3.28

Yeehaww, Crewmates! It's time to wrangle all you Crewmates and Impostors who like to horse around instead of doing your tasks (remember to do your tasks, Ghosts!). Before you ride off, here is what's happening in v2023.3.28:

Fun Stuff

  • New Cosmetics! Check out the in-game store for several new cosmetics including hats, nameplates, and visor. Better yet, they’ll only cost BEANS! And lucky you – an Impostor sabotaged some of the pricing on the nameplates so they’re cheaper...