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Quick Chat and A New Look 👀 Among Us May Dev Log

Hiya Crewmates!

It's spring time here! That means it's time to go out and smell the flowers in the MIRA HQ Greenhouse, or if you're like me - beg for mercy from your allergies. (This visor isn't blocking any pollen!! WHY!!!)

The team had a lot of fun seeing your reactions to our silly April Fools Horse Mode plus the rancher version of the Seek theme last month. While we're all done horsing around, the team is getting back to work on some super important tasks. Let's check it out!


The Return of Horse Mode - v2023.3.28

Yeehaww, Crewmates! It's time to wrangle all you Crewmates and Impostors who like to horse around instead of doing your tasks (remember to do your tasks, Ghosts!). Before you ride off, here is what's happening in v2023.3.28:

Fun Stuff

  • New Cosmetics! Check out the in-game store for several new cosmetics including hats, nameplates, and visor. Better yet, they’ll only cost BEANS! And lucky you – an Impostor sabotaged some of the pricing on the nameplates so they’re cheaper...

Patch Notes for v2022.12.14

Hiya Crewmates!

Hope you've been having fun with Hide n Seek! We released a small patch v2022.12.14 today to address a few things which have come up since release:

🔪 STRMISS filter should now be fixed and you can select the proper filters again to find lobbies

🔪 Missing lesbian pride flag nameplate is now in the store


The SpoooOOOooooOOOky Dev Log

Patch highlights:

  • Chewie pet now matches the color of your Crewmate! Yay more flavor!
  • The map now shows your last location when an Emergency Meeting is called instead of where the emergency meeting is.
  • Added Screen Shake options for non-PC platforms
  • Temporary Accounts can now randomize their names on mobile.
  • Lobby names are now randomized in an effort to combat reports of toxicity using custom ones – we are actively working on creating game filters and further our reporting efforts in order to make sure you’re able to play the games you want! Please be patient with us as we improve the game.


Small Patch Notes - v2022.7.12

Hi Crewmates!

Minor update just went out for version 2022.7.12 to fix networking and connectivity issues for players in Egypt. We're testing this out on PC versions of the game, and further fixes will come out to other platforms soon.

Thanks for playing!

Dors (totally not an Impostor of Victoria)

Small Patch Notes - v2022.2.23s

Hi Crewmates!

Another small patch note for v2022.2.23s. This is a Steam-only update:

  • Some reliable packet issues fixed for some users in some cases
  • Improved reliable packet error reporting

Please ensure you are on the latest version to get the fixes. If you are still experiencing problems connecting, let us know by contacting support@innersloth(.)com with your version number and the error message you're getting!

Thanks. <3

  • Victoria