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Twitch & Discord mobile integrations

Hey Crewmates!

The latest update (Version 2021.5.10) is focused on mobile integrations and bug fixes, so feel free to skip if you're on a different platform. Or keep reading, I dunno, I don't run your life.

Twitch Mobile Streaming Integration This update allows you to start streaming Among Us on Twitch straight from your mobile device!


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LET’S GO AIRSHIP 🎉 New update out now!

Welcome recruits!

Hop onto the newest Among Us map – the Airship! Out now on all platforms, work together on this airship to carry out the greatest plan... though whether that’s as a Crewmate or Impostor is another question.

This free map update includes:

  • The 4th map, and the biggest one yet
  • New tasks including jewel polishing, emptying trash (wow fun), and more
  • The ability to pick the room you start in
  • All new areas to explore (or get murdered in) ...

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Fixes and a peek at the new map!

Hey all, Victoria here! As a quick introduction, I’m the new Community Director at Innersloth (bringing us to a grand total of 4 people on the team), which means you’ll probably be hearing from me a lot more from now on.

December is shaping up to be an extremely busy month getting a bunch of things to you. So let’s dive right into the dev log!


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Small Patch and Small Roadmap

Hello! It’s been pretty crazy for us here at Innersloth. Lots of things happening behind the scenes. We’ve got a small update here for you all.

Firstly, we want to be sure to talk about the cheating and hacking going on. It was pretty bad there for a bit, so Forte pushed out server changes really fast. They seemed to help a lot, but some cheats still work and now there are bugs too. There will be more server updates to fix all of this, but rushing anti-hacks is what caused the bugs, so cleaning...