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Latest Updates

Happy Lunar New Year 🧧

I hope your holiday was Impostor free and full of the most delicious of hot chocolates. Everyone at the studio is prepping for an exciting 2024 and we can't wait to share our roadmap (A.K.A. plan) with all of you, but we have a few updates to bring you first. We can't just vent to the new goodies like an Impostor or something...

Note: You will need to restart your game to see the changes. It'll take a little longer to load than normal because of the update so don't panic! ...

End of the Bean Year

Hiya Crewmates! We hope you've been enjoying the Indie Cosmicube! If you haven't picked it up yet be sure to do so and come up with an outfit that screams I REALLY LOVE INDIE GAMES!!1!!1!! Our winter holiday is coming up and plans are forming to spend time roasting marshmallows in The Fungle. Before we go, let's look back on some highlights of 2023: Collabs ...

Indie Cosmicube Collab and Fungle Fixes

Hi Crewmates, I hope you're not too funky from The Fungle which was released last month (you could always use the water at the beach). This month we have some new updates and a special drop as a part of v2023.11.28. 🚨 Important: As of this update, we will be deprecating (removing) 2021 versions of Among Us. 🚨 We've been supporting a lot of older versions of the game, and as it continues to grow and get new features, it gets harder to keep up. We have to remove older versions so...

NEW MAP: The Fungle | Emergency Meeting #38

Hang onto your seats, Crewmates!! We've crash landed with a brand new update, v2023.10.24, featuring THE FUNGLE! Gather your crew and explore the mysterious depths of this fungal jungle together. 🚨 NOTE: You MUST update your game to play. 🚨 This update is not backwards compatible, so make sure you are on v2023.10.24 to get the new map and fixes. ...

Hotfix 2023.7.12

We heard you, Crewmates! Hotfix 2023.7.12 is out with these changes:

  • Chat bounce has been removed (SORRY IF IT MADE YOU NAUSEOUS)

  • Text will save if exiting out of free chat box We appreciate all the respectful feedback, and are excited to keep working on our fun plans!! Running back to Communication, Dors

New Quick Chat is here! | v2023.7.11

Time for another update Crewmates! While you were getting all comfy with the Pusheen Cosmicube and giving some well deserved pets to the new fluffly members of the crew, we were busy with our newest update: 2023.7.11

Fun Stuff

Last update, we brought you a brand new hub in the form of our new main menu! The changes to our look and UI continue with our brand new Quick Chat! ...