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Latest Updates

HoT Fix | 2024-02-21

Hello Adventurers! We are sorry for our Japanese players, we've accidentally patched a Japanese localization test into the game that made the text broken on Japanese systems. We've reverted this and fixed some other issues along with it!

  • Removing broken Japanese characters for Japanese players.
  • Spirit Warrior's shockwave now counts as dash damage.
  • Sage will now properly transform "Arcane Elements" into his main weapon.
  • Arcane Elements unlock now elemental affinities. ...

HoT Update | 2024-02-19 | Chambers of Dissonance

Greetings Adventurers

It’s time for the Chambers of Dissonance to open its gates. Face new dangers from the depths of the halls and meet new heroes. With this update we are closing in on the finale. We’d like to thank everyone who helped us with their feedback on the experimental branch. It allowed us to eliminate most of the kinks for this update. Now is the time to make it available to all players. If you have completed quests on the experimental branch, the achievements should unlock on...

HoT Update 2024-01-11

Greetings Adventurers

We wish you all a happy new year! Since last week we are back actively on development and a small update is ready for today with some new ability upgrades and bug fixes.   This will be the last update before the next major content which will include two new characters and a new stage.  

Change Log | 2024-01-11

General Changes

  • Chests with uncommon loot will drop more often.
  • Dialogues contain new voices and add our voice actors to the credits. ...

HoT Update | 2023-12-14

Greetings Adventurers!

The (hopefully) last update for the year has arrived. It’s another small package with smaller improvements, item variations and new Ability options. Aside from that we also have done a technical change, upgrading the engine to Godot 4.2 and adding some additional structural changes for faster loading and better memory management. ...

HoT Fix | 2023-11-27

Hello Adventurers!

Over the weekend some bugs appeared that required squishing. These fixes will solve some problems you may have encountered with the latest patch. Please restart Steam in case you can’t see today’s date in the main menu.  

Change Log | 2023-11-27
  • When swapping item versions, their counters (and accumulated buffs) were not kept.
  • Holy Relic now heals you for the fixed 50 HP.
  • Power ups and health pickups from items can no longer spawn out of bounds. ...

HoT Update 2023-11-24

Hello Adventurers!

We have another small content update for you!   In this patch we’re addressing the more defensive items, trying to make them more interesting, relevant, and balanced against what you can get out of them compared to traits.   Level 5 Progress We are making steady progress on the 5th world, but since this will be all new with a lot of new enemy types, animations, and gameplay features, it will all take a bit longer to cook. Currently, we do not expect this to be finished...