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Latest Updates

HoT Language Update: 2024-06-13

##### Guten Tag, Abenteurer! That was German, just one of the newly added languages. From this day onwards Halls of Torment will be available in these languages: Chinese (Simplified), Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal & Brazilian), Russian, Spanish (Spain & Latin America), Ukrainian   The language is selected automatically based on your Steam settings, but you can also change it with the newly added language selection in the game. ...

HoT Experimental Update: 2024-06-07

##### Hello Adventurers! Our next update is drawing near. In it we will add translations in multiple languages to the game. The experimental update will include a first unrefined batch of translations that will receive some fixes until next week. Alongside the translation we’ve run a full quality pass over the original texts. And finally we’ve also worked on glove items and some smaller changes and bug fixes. ...

HoT Fix 2024-05-15 - Electrified Orbs

Hello Adventurers! Thank you for the quick reports.   Selecting Electrified Orbs would cause the game to crash. This issue has been fixed. Cheers   - Chasing Carrots

HoT Update | 2024-05-14

The update can be accessed early by switching the game under "properties" -> "betas" to the experimental branch. **Experimental Update: 2024-05-10  

Live Update: 2024-05-14**   ##### Greetings Adventurers It has been longer than usual since our last update. Aside from the work we’ve done for the 1.0 release, many of our team members were on leave for a longer period, slowing overall development down a bit. But now we’re back with the whole crew and ready to crack on! ...

HoT Fix | Ranged Enemy Attacks

###### Hello everyone! Thank you all for the reports.   After rolling back the version earlier today, we finally found the issues cause projectiles of enemies causing trouble. A short but detailed bug fix list:

  • Fixing crashes caused by Wyrms on Ember Grounds
  • Fixing projectiles of enemies would not spawn
  • Fixing projectiles of enemies would not deal damage
  • Fixing projectiles of enemy explosion effects would not trigger
  • Arcane Rift no longer dealing tick damage with base damage increases


HoT Update | 2024-03-12

Experimental Release: 2024-03-11   Main Release: 2024-03-12 ##### Greetings Adventurers It’s time for another ritual to summon new features, content, and bug fixes. First of all we’d like to thank the Godot community for finding a fix for the dreaded audio problems that users with low-latency interfaces experienced. ...