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Latest Updates

HoT Patch Update 2023-09-21

### Hello Adventurers! In this new patch we’ve tackled a couple of problems with the way information about your character was displayed in the UI. The way we’ve gathered attribute data until now was rather basic and limited. That also applied to how the data was converted into readable format. We’ve done another refactoring pass in that system and added more information to every (or at least most) entity that exposes attributes to the stats display. We hope that this will bring some more clarity,...

HoT Engine Update on an Experimental Branch

## Greetings! Today we want to tackle a couple of more technical issues of Halls of Torment. For this we’ve built the game with an updated version of the Godot engine. This update should fix a lot of crashes caused by Vulkan API errors. Since this engine version hasn’t been thoroughly tested, yet, and there might be some other changes that have an impact on the game as a whole, we decided to take a more cautious approach and release it on an experimental branch first. ...

Hot Potatoes Bundle & Patch Update 2023-09-13

### Hello Adventurers! Before we proceed to the most recent patch notes we would like to spotlight a little collaboration we’ve struck up with Blobfish, the makers of Brotato. We’ve put both our games together in a delightful bundle called “Hot Potatoes”. So if you recommend Halls of Torment to your pals, or in case you’re reading this without having bought the game, yet, consider the “Hot Potatoes” bundle!\_Potatoes/   ...

HoT Patch Update 2023-09-07

### Hello Adventurers! This is the second smaller patch in the series of patches after the Frozen Depths update. While addressing further issues that have been pointed out to us, we’ve followed the discourse in the forums closely and of course played the game a lot ourselves. It was to be expected that for some players the difficulty reduction would render the game too easy. Others welcomed the change and of course we understand that we won’t be able to satisfy every single one of you just by...

HoT Update 2023-09-05

### Hello Adventurers! After last week’s update many players expressed their discontent with the changes we’ve introduced and with some of the new content we’ve added. We’ve gone through many forum posts, collected your feedback, and took a closer look at the current state of the game. We realize there are many other players who enjoy the new update, but it is clear to us that we need to readjust a lot of things in order to make the game fun again for those who aren’t happy with the changes. To...

HoT Update 2023-08-31

## Hello Adventurers! It’s time for an update! Those of you who have played on the beta branch will have seen most of the changes already. But there are a couple of new things in this update that didn’t debut on the beta branch. And of course we’ve also fixed some bugs that popped up during beta testing. ...