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Latest Updates


[December 6, 2022] Update - River of Blood

Developer Note - Travel farther from Fort Hope than ever before with the River of Blood Expansion, available separately and through the Annual Pass, Deluxe Edition, and Ultimate Edition.   Work with Tala, a rogue cultist and the newest Cleaner, to find the Children of the Worm and her brother, Derek. Travel up river by boat, explore new and exciting areas, and destroy the cult by any means necessary.   ...


[October 11, 2022] Update

Developer Note - This free update for the month of October includes a lot of new surprises, including the 'Halloween in Fort Hope' Seasonal Event, Seasonal Caravans, and exclusive Halloween Cleaner and Weapon Skins! Matchmaking for No Hope difficulty has been enabled, and a Horde Indicator was added to the HUD to give you important information about the Hordes of Ridden you're fighting your way through. Six new cards and four Legendary Items have also...


[June 7, 2022] Update

Developer Note - Set off on a new journey in Act 5 with the Children of the Worm expansion, available separately and through the Annual Pass, Deluxe Edition, and Ultimate Edition.

Play as "Prophet" Dan, board a boat, venture through a guarded prison, and blast through the depths of a mine while using all-new weapons, cards, accessories, and traps to take down the Children of the Worm. This update also contains skins for base game players, new weapons and...


[June 7, 2022] Update

Developer Note - This free content update brings you several new features that improve the overall gameplay experience, and introduces all new Legendary Items!

The Full Deck Draw feature has been rolled out to all difficulties. Build your deck, play all 15 cards at the start of a Campaign, and enjoy a unique experience from the beginning.



Developer Note – Over the next few patches, we’re making many of our cards more viable for different strategies while also removing tradeoffs that don’t meaningfully add to gameplay.   A few new features are included in the February 2022 Update, most notably the ability to Stay Together at the end of a match if you enjoyed fighting Ridden with your group of Quickplay Cleaners.   ...


Developer Note – The December 2021 Update is focused on bringing some new, highly anticipated features to you as well as taking a pass at improving the experience with our Veteran and Nightmare difficulties. Various adjustments to our card system, Ridden, spawning systems, weapons, and Cleaners detailed below contribute towards these difficulty improvements. As we previously mentioned, we’ll continue to improve the Back 4 Blood experience and look forward to your feedback on our December...