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Update 0.10.1: Italian Battleships

Captains! [Local date widget here] Update size: 3,0 GB. After installing the update, you can continue playing the current version of World of Warships.

Italian Battleships: Part 1

Update 0.10.1 kicks off an event that places the new Italian Tier IV–IX battleships right in the spotlight!

Features of the Ship Branch


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Update 0.10.0: Commander Skills Update

Captains! The game client update starts   [Local date widget here] Update size: 3.1 GB. After installing the Update, you can continue playing the current version of World of Warships.

Lunar New Year

In Update 0.10.0, we're going to celebrate the Lunar New Year! The event includes combat missions, Daily Shipments, new themed ships, Commanders, and "Journey to the West" and Lunar New Year containers. On the occasion of this holiday, we've updated the Dragon Port and...

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Update 0.9.12: New Year

As soon as the server is updated and maintenance is complete, you'll be able to immediately play the new version of World of Warships.

The New Year preparations are in full swing! We've prepared a lot of gifts and New Year activities for you: two New Year's campaigns, the Dockyard, battle performance bonuses, New Year's gifts, New Year's horns, and much more!

New Year in World of Warships

New Year's gifts


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Update 0.9.11: Winter Trophies

American Battleships

American battleships VIII Kansas, IX Minnesota, and X Vermont will become available for all players to research.

Features of the Branch

  • Numerous main battery guns with a solid salvo weight and firing range, which come at the expense of longer gun reloading times.
  • Great maneuverability for battleships and effective anti-torpedo protection, but rather a low speed. ...

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Update 0.9.10 – American Battleships: Part 2

American Battleships: Part 2

The game event in Update 0.9.10 is presented by combat missions, Daily Shipments, and a new collection dedicated to the U.S. Navy.

For the purposes of standardization, Directives have been renamed "combat mission groups."

Please note: American Tokens can be exchanged for rewards in the Armory until the event ends. After the end of the event, they will be exchanged for credits at the rate of 1:1,000.


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Research Bureau: Rewards for Leveling Up

In Update 0.9.9, there have been some changes to the Research Bureau.

In this article, you'll learn how to earn Research Points, what rewards you can get in exchange for them, and much more.

List of changes:

  • We've added a victory bonus of 200 Research Points for Tier V ships.
  • We've added achievements for 10/50/100/150 ship branches that you have reset.

What Are Research Points?