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Latest Updates

Update 13.1: Lunar New Year

Update 13.1 delivers the following: -

Submarine and ASW Updates

As we have Changes to the Exterior System Starting with Update 13.1, the majority of expendable camouflages available in the game will get their permanent versions. The new permanent camouflages will function similarly to those that already exist, such as New Year, Epoch, or Made of Steel; however, you will be able to mount them on ships of any tier. These camouflages can be either purchased or earned through various activities,...

Update 13.0: New American Aircraft Carriers

Update 13.0 delivers the following: -

Early Access to U.S. Aircraft Carriers

Early access to the upcoming U.S. aircraft carrier line begins in Update 13.0. The three ships being added are VI Independence, VIII Yorktown, and X Essex. In addition to these three historical vessels, we're adding camouflages for VIII Yorktown and X Essex plus a commemorative flag to the game. ...

Update 12.11: Holiday Season

Update 12.11 delivers the following: - Please note: With Update 12.10, we changed update release times and daily reset times for each of our servers. The latter affects the time and date at which both missions and offers start and end. The change was made in accordance with analysis which determined that these were, on average, the times of lowest player activity for each respective server.

Celebration Activities


Update 12.10: Asymmetric Battles

Update 12.10 delivers the following: -

Commander Skills Update

With the release of Update 12.10, we’ve made much-needed changes to some unpopular and underperforming skills for destroyers, cruisers, and battleships. These changes are based on both statistical data and player feedback and are meant to make these skills more practical in battle. Complete List of Changes Consumables Specialist (Battleships, Cruisers, Destroyers – Line 1) Removed the following effects: ...

Update 12.9: New Japanese Battleships

Early Access to Japanese Battleships With the release of Update 12.9, three new Japanese battleships are set to enter Early Access.   Yumihari   Adatara   Bungo   Yumihari Available in sequential bundles obtainable for a temporary resource—Japanese Tokens.   Adatara Available in sequential bundles obtainable for a temporary resource−Japanese Tokens.   Bungo Available to purchase for Doubloons at the end of a sequential bundle chain. ...

Update 12.8: World of Warships celebrates its 8th Anniversary

World of Warships 8th Anniversary Get ready to set sail into a sea of celebrations, because Update 12.8 is hosting a grand World of Warships birthday party! In fact, The Designer's Table Port is getting freshly decorated for the occasion. Players can expect a variety of exciting rewards to celebrate the 8th anniversary of World of Warships, including battle performance bonuses for achieving certain combat results on all their ships, starting from Tier V. The reward mechanics will be similar to those...