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Latest Updates

Update 13.5: New D-Day Operations

Update 13.5 delivers the following: -

###### D-Day Operations Continue The first D-Day Operation, Utah Beach, was pretty intense, but it was only a flash for the thunderous opening of the second Operation—Atlantic Wall Defense. Utah Beach set the Allied invasion in motion, but you can now experience the events from the Axis perspective: helm German Tier V–VII destroyers in a desperate attempt to repel the Allied onslaught as their invasion fleet approaches the Normandy shores. Special...

Update 13.4: D-day Anniversary

Update 13.4 delivers the following: -

###### D-Day 80 years ago in June, Allied forces undertook the largest amphibious operation in military history. In honor of this incredible military operation, three new Operations are coming to World of Warships in a new event battle type! First Operation will be available in Update 13.4, while the second and third Operations will become available in Update 13.5. Each Operation will last for 2 weeks, feature Tier V–VII ships, and accommodate up to...

Update 13.3: Wisconsin at the Dockyard

Update 13.3 delivers the following: -

###### Wisconsin at the Dockyard X Wisconsin is armed with nine precise 406 mm main battery guns in three turrets that inflict low damage per salvo. Compared to other battleships at her tier, she has high speed and good concealment, but her armor is relatively weak. Her specialty is the new Combat Instructions called Immediate Systems Reload. This reduces her consumable preparation and cooldown time, as well as her main battery gun reload time. To activate...

Update 13.2: Piñata Hunt

Update 13.2 delivers the following: -

###### Piñata Hunt Update 13.2 brings the Piñata Hunt event! You'll be able to hunt a special Piñata ship during the event to gain an advantage over your opponents. Available as a separate battle type, this year’s event features the specially decorated Colorful Islands map. Details

  • Battles with Tier VIII–IX ships of all types; 7 players per team. ...

Update 13.1: Lunar New Year

Update 13.1 delivers the following: -

###### Submarine and ASW Updates As we have Changes to the Exterior System Starting with Update 13.1, the majority of expendable camouflages available in the game will get their permanent versions. The new permanent camouflages will function similarly to those that already exist, such as New Year, Epoch, or Made of Steel; however, you will be able to mount them on ships of any tier. These camouflages can be either purchased or earned through various activities,...

Update 13.0: New American Aircraft Carriers

Update 13.0 delivers the following: -

###### Early Access to U.S. Aircraft Carriers Early access to the upcoming U.S. aircraft carrier line begins in Update 13.0. The three ships being added are VI Independence, VIII Yorktown, and X Essex. In addition to these three historical vessels, we're adding camouflages for VIII Yorktown and X Essex plus a commemorative flag to the game. ...