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Update 0.10.9: Halloween

The following new features await you in Update 0.10.9:

  • Early Access to the new branch of German battleships.
  • Operations Sunray in the Darkness and Saving Transylvania make a comeback, and a new temporary type of battle called "Twilight Hunt" has been added.
  • Rental submarines in Random Battles.
  • Two new Brawl seasons.

Let's dive into the details of these and other changes!


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Update 0.10.8: World of Warships Anniversary

World of Warships: 6th Anniversary! We've prepared lots of new things for you in Update 0.10.8 to celebrate the event:

  • The World of Warships Anniversary celebration, special battle performance bonuses, a themed collection, and much more!
  • Aircraft Bureaus Rivalry event
  • Dutch cruisers leaving Early Access
  • Early Access to Soviet aircraft carriers
  • Convoy—a new temporary battle type!


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Update 0.10.7: Submarines in Ranked Battles

The following new features await you in Update 0.10.7:

  • Submarines in Ranked and Co-op Battles.
  • The Rotterdam Dockyard prepared and ready for the construction of  VIII De Zeven Provinciën.
  • Ongoing Early Access to Dutch cruisers.
  • A new season of Clan Battles.
  • Changes to Commander skills.

Read on for more details about these and other changes!


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Update 0.10.6. — "Dutch Cruisers: Part 1"

Dutch Tier IV–IX cruisers have arrived in Early Access. The new ships are effective at short and medium ranges. They also have a new armament type—Airstrike.

  • Two seasons of Brawls await you.
  • Various visual and technical improvements have been implemented, including the updated combat mission interface and AI improvements for bots.


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Update 0.10.5: The Grand Battle

A new branch of German destroyers is now live and ready to be researched!

  • Prepare to fight in the Grand Battle—a new temporary battle type that sets super battleships on their path to dominating our seas! You'll also get to try out the new "adjustment firing" game mechanic when you head into battle at the helms of these vast floating fortresses.
  • The rocket-launching mechanics of all attack aircraft have evolved. ...

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Update 0.10.4 – German Destroyers: Part 2

Captains! Game client Update 0.10.4   [Local date widget here] Update size: 3.5 GB. After installing the update, you can continue playing the current version of World of Warships.

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German Destroyers: Part 2

Features of the Ship Branch