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Latest Updates


Fixed a client crash that could occur while joining a faction or squad.

  • Fixed a voting issue that caused the unit info popup to display the wrong amount of vehicles.
  • Fixed an issue with the USA M1128 MGS that could cause the open-top gunner to be kicked out of their seat while driving over shallow water.
  • Drivers and passengers on the USA/USMC Quad Bike will now be kicked out of their seats while driving through deep water, as was originally intended ...


🔨Top Bugs We Squared Away
  1. 🎖️ Reduced and smoothed out apparent movement stutters and hitches on helicopter movement when flying close to busy areas.
  2. 🎖️ Fixed an issue where explosion SFX, VFX, and damage could be desynced from one another or playing out of order, for example, with timed explosives
  3. 🎖️ Fixed an issue where RPGs are sometimes not loaded following the reload animation. ...


General Bug Fixes
  • Added direct server pinging to the server browser. The initial server browser search will still work using a region ping filter. After that, the returned servers will be individually pinged. This should make the server ping shown in the server browser more accurate.
  • Fixed no servers being shown in the server browser when opening it quickly or after disconnecting from a server ...


This update introduces a new map to Squad, the Sanxian Islands, as well as improvements and fixes for the Server Browser. Sanxian Islands The Sanxian Islands hold great strategic importance in the Pacific region due to their coastal location and the potential for pre-existing industrial infrastructure to be repurposed for military use. The occupation of this island by a regional force has made for rapid construction of new military facilities including a radar station and helicopter base. ...

Squad Hotfix 7.0.1 Release Notes

Squad Hotfix 7.0.1 is now live! Here are the extensive list of the changes:

System & Gameplay Updates
  • Adjusted TLF LAT 02 and LAT 03 kit inventory as follows:

    • LAT 2:  

           MPT76 + HNA          RPG7 HEAT x2          RPG7 Frag x2

    • LAT 3:  

           MPT76 + A940          HAR66 x2          Frag Grenade x1 ...

Squad 7.0 Live & Release Notes

Squad – v7.0

Features This update introduces the Turkish Land Forces faction, a new set of emotes, and a new weapon skin system: Turkish Land Forces (TLF) The Turkish Land Forces join Squad as a capable, Independent faction that fields strong infantry, and good vehicles. They boast a mix of domestically produced, Soviet, and Western equipment and although some of their vehicles are older, they make up for it with highly capable infantry. The infantry has access to an extra grenadier...