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Latest Updates

Patch 01.000.202

Hello fellow Helldivers!   Piping hot fresh patch notes coming your way Overview

This update includes

  • Stability fixes


  • We have updated the stats UI for weapons to take into account any explosive damage done by them. This is to give weapons that do damage with explosive projectiles a more fair representation in the UI. Most notably affected is the PLAS-1 Scorcher.


Crash fixes

  • Fixed some crashes that occurred when deploying to mission. ...

PATCH 01.000.201

Good day!   Hot Fix for a crash introduced in yesterdays rollout!   Carry on liberating soldiers. Fixes

  • Fix for a common crash which occurred when accessing the Acquisitions menu

Known Issues (Unchanged from patch 1.000.200)

These are issues that were either introduced by this patch and are being worked on, or are from a previous version and have not yet been fixed.

  • Game might crash when picking up a snowball or throwing back a grenade ...

PATCH 01.000.200

Good day Helldivers!   Today we have a slightly bigger update for you all to assist in the liberation efforts of our galaxy as well as some new environmental threats to watch out for.   May Liberty guide your path. Overview This update includes:   -Balance changes to missions, stratagems, weapons, enemies and Helldivers.   -General fixes and stability improvements. Gameplay Planetary Hazard additions

  • Blizzards
  • Sandstorms

Balancing Missions


PATCH 1.000.104

Hello all! Small fix coming in today! Overview

Whats been done in this patch.

  • Fixes to the Arc based weapons


Game no longer freezes when firing arcs from the following weapons and stratagems

  • Arc Thrower
  • Arc Shotgun
  • Tesla Tower

PATCH 1.000.103

Good day fellow Helldivers! Piping hot patch notes straight from the oven arriving. Overview

For this patch, we have implemented:

  • Fixes to the EXO-45 Patriot exosuit, game stats, UI, and general stability.
  • Balance improvements for planetary hazards and patrol spawns.


  • Balanced and adjusted spawn rates for the various planet hazards including tremors, meteor showers, volcanic activity, fire tornados, and ion storms. Hazards should now spawn less frequently during missions. -...

Patch 1.000.102

Good day citizens of Super Earth. A new patch to aid you in your efforts is coming in. May Super Earth give you courage Overview

Today's patch is dealing with the spawn rate of heavily armored Terminid enemies as well as the possible play against them. It also contains some fixes to UI elements and crash fixes. Balancing

Enemies: ...