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Latest Updates

Client v48.2 - Server: v48.16 (Updated: 07/10/2024)

v48.24 (Steam Client) - 07/10/2024

  • Fixed a Client Crash

Client v48.23 - Server: v48.16 (Updated: 07/08/2024)

v48.23 (Steam Client) - 07/08/2024

  • Added additional security around EOS protocols
  • legacy patchnotes moved to reply below
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  • 30 min Dollie changed the title to ASA PC Patch Notes: Client v48.23 - Server: v48.16 (Updated: 07/08/2024)
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Client v47.24- Server: v47.22 (Updated: 06/28/2024)

v47.24 (Steam Client) - 06/28/2024 - Minor version for Steam Client

  • Fixed an exploit
  • Fixed an edge case where mods might not reflect downloaded updates.

v47.19 (Steam Client) - 06/27/2024 - Minor version for Steam Client

  • Support for applying colorization changes to structure cosmetic skins.

Client v47.4- Server: v47.22 (Updated: 06/27/2024)

v47.22 - 06/27/2024 - Minor version for servers

  • Re-enabled decay timers on Official Servers
  • Attempted fix for the Dragon boss sometimes appearing invisible to players
  • Temporarily disabled the "Apply to nearby" TEK Dedicated Storage feature while we investigate an exploit

Client v47.4- Server: v47.2 (Updated: 06/17/2024)

v47.4 - 06/17/2024 - Minor version for clients

  • Fixed Dynamic Downloads of Custom Cosmetic mods not working on PC

Club ARK - Version: 46

  • Fixed a bug where players were not able to accept tribe invites when they're already in a tribe
  • Force hide all player corpses
  • Fixed a bug where players could get stuck in the ground sitting on certain structures
  • Removed 2 Phases of Whack a Dodo on Beta & Alpha Difficulty
  • Reduced number of points required to complete Gamma Lasso

Client v47.1- Server: v47.2 (Updated: 06/17/2024)

v47.2 (47.1 all Clients) - 06/17/2024 - Major version for servers and clients

  • Gigantoraptor dossier has been added in-game, and is now awarded on tame
  • Toggling Tek Teleporter from Public/Private will now output to the tribe log
  • Fixed an issue that caused the player to rubberband when running across Train cars
  • Fixed some unintended building locations on The Center such as in the boss arena
  • Fixed multiple map holes on The Center, The Island, and Scorched Earth ...