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Hey everyone,

Season 5 for Battlefield™ 2042 deploys across all platforms on Wednesday, June 7 at 12:00 UTC, while Update 5.0.0 goes live at 08:00 UTC.

What’s new in Season 5?

Here is an overview of the new content in the Season 5 Update, alongside highlights for changes and improvements:

  • New Map: Reclaimed
  • New Weapons: XCE BAR, GEW-46 & BFP.50
  • New Gadgets: Spring Grenade, Anti-Tank Grenade, Mini Grenade, RPG-7V2 ...

Battlefield Briefing - Development Update, May 2023

It’s a New Dawn.

Today we invite you to join us for our latest Development Update where we give you an overview of everything new in Season 5: New Dawn for Battlefield™ 2042*.

Let’s take a look!

If you’d like to read along instead, then we also got you covered below.

New Map: Reclaimed

In 2048, war descends upon an abandoned industrial facility slowly being retaken by nature in Czechia with the battle taking place over a secret train route.



Hello there,

Next week we’ll release Update 4.2.1 with a series of fixes and Quality of Life improvements. We’ve seen you enjoy gameplay on the Discarded rework, and we’ve made sure that you will no longer spawn out of bounds.

Stay tuned for further news throughout May on Quality of Life previews coming in Season 5 through a series of Dev Notes and Inside Battlefield Podcasts. The first previews on Vault Weapons are available now via Dev Notes - Evolving Vault Weapons,...


Hello there,

Update 4.2.0 deploys across all platforms next week. With it comes the penultimate map rework for Discarded, alongside a wide range of Quality of Life improvements.

Here’s an overview of focus areas:

  • Map Rework: Discarded.
  • Collection & Customization Improvements such as the ability to remove Weapon Attachments from Weapons within the Collections Screen.
  • End of Round Improvements such as the showcasing of a new Personal Best statistic. ...


Hello there,

We have a small Quality of Life Update on the way with Update 4.1.1.

The main focus of this update is to introduce All-Chat Functionality, a much-requested feature from our community, alongside further Quality of Life improvements.

We’ve enjoyed witnessing your reactions to our upcoming Mid Season Event, Leviathan Rising and cannot wait to see your clips and feedback as you go hands-on with it shortly!

//The Battlefield Team

Stay Informed



Hello there,

Next week, we’ll be releasing Update 4.1.0 which is our first major update for Season 4: Eleventh Hour.

We truly hope that you’re enjoying your time on Battlefield™ 2042, whether you are new to it or a longstanding player helping guide the way for those that are just joining us.

Here’s an overview of what’s new:

  • New vault weapons: AEK 971, RPK-74M & MP443
  • IBA Armor Plate Overhaul
  • Chat Improvements
  • X6-Infiltration Device Improvements ...