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Latest Updates


Hello there, Update 6.2 is scheduled to release in the coming week and here is an overview of everything that’s new as part of this update. We’ve summarized the biggest changes for you here:

  • MCS-880, G428, VHX weapon balance changes.
  • Suppressors & Subsonic Ammo balance changes.
  • Air vehicle aiming improvements such as computed impact points, aligned crosshairs for all air vehicle cameras, and HUD aim indicators. ...

Battlefield 2042 - Dark Protocol, Killswitch: Geist Forge Update

We hope you’ve been enjoying Dark Protocol, Battlefield 2042’s new Limited Time Event that’s available for play until November 14. Based on combat data received over the first two days of Dark Protocol, AOS, the Boreas artificial intelligence, has issued itself a firmware update to all Geist Forges to increase their lethality. ...


Update 6.1.0 deploys across all platforms next week to further enhance your experience with Battlefield™ 2042. Dark Protocol our latest Limited Time Event takes place between October 31 - November 14*. Get ready for tight, claustrophobic close-quarters combat… with a twist, where new and unexpected threats lurk around every corner. ...


Welcome to Season 6: Dark Creations! Master the unknown. Grab your squad and embrace your fears in the claustrophobic close-quarters battles of this new Season. Get a full look of everything that’s new below. //The Battlefield Team What’s new in Season 6? Here is an overview of the new content, alongside highlights for changes and improvements:

  • New Map: Redacted
  • New Weapons: G428, L9CZ and VHX D3
  • New Gadgets: Ammo & Medical Pouches
  • New Vehicle: YUV-2 “Pondhawk” ...


Hello there, Next week we will be releasing Update 5.3.1, this small update will require no downtime, though you may need to restart your game in order to benefit from these changes. Stay tuned to @BattlefieldComm for the exact timings on when this update takes place. Changelog:

  • Resolved an issue that resulted in the Specialist model disappearing if switched from the Battle Pass tab to the Classes tab. ...


Hello there, Update 5.3.0 is on its way to launch next week alongside Battlefield 2042: Redux! Take a look below to discover everything new in this game update. Here is an overview of some of the more important aspects of this update:

  • The in-game Codex - The Lore of Battlefield 2042 now all in one place
  • Conquest-wide Vehicle Count Overhaul for All-Out Warfare maps
  • Vehicle weapon balance and handling improvements
  • Reduced RPG & Recoilless projectile travel speed for Engineers