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Hello there, Today we’re sharing the Update Notes for Update

7.1.0 that will arrive in conjunction with the launch of the Crimson Front event* on April 16th, and features improvements for the Visual Weapon Recoil, a balancing pass to Shotguns, increases to Rocket Launcher Ammo for Engineers and more.

// The Battlefield Team Stay Informed ...


Hello there, This coming Tuesday, April 2nd, we will deploy a small update which responds to some of your feedback and issues we are seeing following the launch of Update

7.0.0 on Battlefield 2042.

There will be no downtime with this update, though you may need to restart your game in order to benefit from these changes. ...


Hello there, Update 6.4.0 will release across all platforms this coming Wednesday, 28th February. This will be our final update ahead of Season 7 which is set to arrive in March. Take a look at a summary of what’s new in Update 6.4.0!

  • Arkangel Directive Underway
  • Persistent Servers Update for Battlefield Portal Custom Experiences
  • Directional Gunner HUD Improvements and Customization Options ...

Battlefield 2042 - Update #6.3.0

Hello there, We hope you all had a great start of the new year! Update 6.3.0 releases across all platforms on Tuesday, 30th January. Here is a summary of what's new in this Update:

  • A Look Ahead for the Year of the Dragon Event
  • Squad Spectator Modifier for Battlefield™ Portal that allows for “One Life” or “Tactical Squad” Custom Experiences.
  • Personal Player Color Identifier Improvements Take a look below for further changes taking place with Update 6.3.0!



Happy New Year! It’s been great seeing you enjoying, sharing and participating in our Battlefield™ 2042 Holiday Protocol, especially with Pondhawk Supremacy! On January 16th we’ll be rolling out a small Update aimed at resolving some immediate issues. We'll follow-up with more substantial changes towards the end of January.

//The Battlefield Team Stay Informed ...


Hello there, Update 6.2 is scheduled to release in the coming week and here is an overview of everything that’s new as part of this update. We’ve summarized the biggest changes for you here:

  • MCS-880, G428, VHX weapon balance changes.
  • Suppressors & Subsonic Ammo balance changes.
  • Air vehicle aiming improvements such as computed impact points, aligned crosshairs for all air vehicle cameras, and HUD aim indicators. ...