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Latest Updates

Tempest | Hotfix v0.8.1.3

Randomizing a custom difficulty will now always give a random cursed possession

  • Arabic player names are now displayed right to left
  • Fixed a memory leak caused by having unicode characters with a broken sanity monitor
  • Tripods no longer speed up Raiju after you detach a video camera
  • The speed running difficulty challenge will now give all 7 cursed possessions instead of 6
  • Improved statistics page text sizing on languages with long text ...

Tempest | Hotfix v0.8.1.2

Several doors in all maps are now linked to multiple rooms for ghost events and monkey paw wishes

  • The Sanity Survival weekly difficulty challenge now has the Nightmare hunt duration and no candles

  • If you didn’t play for a long time your level and progress will no longer be wiped

  • The ghost can no longer walk through the Maple campsite large tents

  • Fixed a bug that was causing players to not be able to select a difficulty ...

Tempest | Hotfix v0.8.1.1

Added unique descriptions for crucifix EMF photos

  • The ghost will now always fully show itself at the start of the hunt

  • Monkey paw tags now update live in the journal when grabbed

  • The Monkey Paw tags can now be grabbed by multiple players in the same game

  • The ghost in the dead room will now match the ghost model if it was male

  • The host can now be revived with the monkey paw revive wish ...

Tempest | Update v0.8.1.0

Welcome back ghost hunters, we've got some news for you.

**The next major update will be Progression Part 1 (v0.9.0), and will make way for the new leveling system; player levels, money, and equipment will be wiped and set to 0, however, to allow users to continue playing as they have been, everyone who has played the game pre-wipe will be fast-tracked to Prestige 1, level 0.


Tempest | Hotfix v0.8.0.8

Placing the music box is now consistent with all other placeable equipment

  • Difficulty apocalypse skull stickers are now only visible when in single player mode

  • There is now an apocalypse skull sticker on the Sunny Meadows polaroid

  • The microphone input visual is now only visible in multiplayer

  • You can now place equipment in training

  • Coolers in Tanglewood will now give fingerprints ...

Tempest | Hotfix v0.8.0.7

The holiday event is now over!

  • Removed Holiday event and decorations

  • Reduced the brightness of the lights in the Main Menu collection cabinets

  • The ghost can now walk through the courtyard doors in Sunny Meadows

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