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Latest Updates

Apocalypse | Update v0.7.3.0

Welcome back ghost hunters, we've got some news for you.

The URP update is well under way and will soon enter beta testing. The update will be a major graphics overhaul and will improve the performance across all hardware, especially for the CPU.

Until then we will be releasing bug fix patches if there are any major bugs found so please keep reporting them.


Apocalypse | Update v0.7.2.0

Welcome back ghost hunters, we've got some news for you.

The Halloween event has now ended! We hope everyone got their Halloween trophies in time.

Below are the patch notes which removes the Halloween event for this year.

  • Added a button in the journal to see the Unity privacy policy as well as a button to opt out of Analytics, opting out is permanent
  • Added Catalan language support for text and voice recognition


Halloween '22! | Hotfix v0.7.1.5

Welcome back, we've got some news for you.

As part of the Steam Scream Fest sale we have added an item bundle to the Steam Points shop so you can further customise your Steam profile.

During this sale Phasmophobia will also have a 20% discount!

Below is the current list of fixes we have ready for you, there are many other bugs still left to fix which we will be getting more patches out for soon while we work on alongside these fixes.


Halloween '22! | Hotfix v0.7.1.4

The language filter now saves your previously selected language

  • Spirit is now selected in the journal by default

  • You can now sprint when dead, when sprinting is disabled

  • The distance walked and sprinted stat will no longer count movement when you are dead

  • Improved performance of the Anisotropic graphics setting

  • The bone will no longer spawn in an unreachable location if it spawns inside the large tents ...

Halloween '22! | Hotfix v0.7.1.3

The house fuse box switch now animates

  • If your save file corrupts and the backup fails to load it will now reset your save file

  • The ghost will no longer find non hosts if the host talked during a hunt

  • Significant CPU performance improvements

  • Player physics are now reverted back to before the last hotfix due to several issues

  • The private game screen will now correctly show “NA” instead of “US”

  • Cursed Possessions will now work for all players every game ...

Halloween '22! | Hotfix v0.7.1.2

You can now interact with the lobby cabinets to get a closer view of its contents

  • You can now place the bowling pins
  • You can now remove your votes on the contract board
  • The sunny meadows boilers now have a burning loop sound
  • Added a VR option to change between toggle and hold grab type for doors
  • Two extra cabinets have been added in the lobby for future trophies
  • Added sparkles to the gold apocalypse trophy