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Latest Updates

Ascension | Minor Update v0.9.2.0

Added the first wave of Steam Achievements! Check out the Achievements section on Steam to see how to earn them. More achievements will be added in future updates.

  • Added an option to enable Screen Space Ambient Occlusion for VR
  • Removed Halloween Event
  • Adjusted the sky effects when you are dead
  • Reduced translucency on medium tents slightly to stop them from glowing so much when a DOTS is placed inside ...

Halloween Event | Update v0.9.1.0

Welcome back ghost hunters, we've got some news for you.

  • Halloween Event 2023 has been added, instructions can be found in-game on how to receive this year's spooky ID-card badge and trophy! The event will last around 2 weeks!
  • Maple and Prison are temporarily unlocked at level 1 to allow new players to complete the event ...

Developer Update | Development Preview #15 | 17/10/23

Welcome back, we've got some news for you!

Any information and images are Work In Progress (WIP) and may change drastically before releasing Dear Phasmophobia Community, We'd like to express our deepest gratitude for your support and excitement for our console release. As we still try to adapt to our new remote working life after the fire incident and to establish a new office, we've encountered unforeseen challenges in adapting the game for consoles. These combined factors have affected our development...

Ascension | Hotfix v0.9.0.10

Reduced VR grab distance by 50%

  • Improved VR target priority

  • Improved VR grab performance, accuracy and reliability

  • To fix a UI bug, the VR journal is now bright when grabbed

  • Further optimisations to Sunny Meadows

  • Changed the rendering path back to Forward from Forward+ due to graphical issues

  • Reduced VR teleport grab distance by 20%

  • Optimised Maple Campsite

  • Optimised VR cpu usage across all maps

  • You can now close tent doors again ...

Ascension | Hotfix v0.9.0.9

Removed the 100% initialising text once VR has finished loading to allow for a smoother loading transition

  • Improved VR distance grab
  • Lowered the number of photos needed for the 3 star footstep weekly task
  • Increased VR players grab distance by 50%. This does not affect teleport grab
  • The sanity system has been replaced to increase cpu performance. Sanity is no longer based on the light around you and is now based on the light in the room. The amount of sanity drain should be very close to before...

Ascension | Hotfix v0.9.0.8

You can now rebind the interact button on gamepad

  • The left-hand VR orientation for emf reader T3 is now correct
  • The VR journal now works in Training
  • The spirit box and UV flashlight will no longer prevent you from being able to strafe in VR while it is on your belt
  • Motion sensor T3 can now be placed in VR
  • You can now light incense T3 consistently in VR
  • You can now light firelight T3 consistently in VR
  • The VR Journal can now be easily grabbed when on your shoulder ...