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Latest Updates

Easter 2024 | Update v0.9.6.0

Welcome back ghost hunters, we've got some news for you.

  • The Easter 2024 event has begun, it will be around for 2 weeks, so get investigating and earn those exclusive rewards!
    • More information can be found in-game
  • ID cards have had a facelift!
    • All badges now have a unique background when using that badge’s ID theme
    • Prestiges 11-20 have animated backgrounds to match their badges
    • Several colors have been adjusted
    • VIP and Artist have received new Badge designs ...

Ascension - Shop Overhaul | Minor Update v0.9.5.0

Welcome back Ghost Hunters, we've got some news for you. The long-awaited shop rework is finally here, boasting a new, easier way to manage your gear! Based on player feedback, the shop has had a complete overhaul!

  • 3 separate pages for more intuitive usage
  • Easy buy options for controller
  • Renamable loadouts
  • Player-specific colours for supplied equipment
  • Quick shortcuts to navigate between screens to unlock equipment
  • Full tutorial for each page
  • Shortcuts for gamepad users ...

Ascension | Hotfix v0.9.4.3


  • You will no longer get a black screen if you had an error before the patch

Ascension | Hotfix v0.9.4.2


  • Added the Unity Gaming Services notification system to be compliant with the EU Digital Services Act

Ascension | Hotfix v0.9.4.1

Smudge Sticks now block the Onryo’s hunt ability

  • If the Onryo is hunting and blows out a third candle, it will now cancel the Onryo hunt ability and no longer start a hunt after that hunt ends
  • Upgraded Unity version from 2022.3.5f1 to 2022.3.17f1
  • The bear in the Grafton Nursery has been moved so it doesn’t get stuck when the hiding spot is blocked
  • Fixed ghost navigation issues on Grafton Farmhouse
  • The bone will no longer spawn in the bath in Grafton ...

Ascension | Minor Update v0.9.4.0

Welcome back ghost hunters, we've got some news for you. We’ve received your lighting feedback and we have now implemented several new systems to improve on these areas. With the below changes and new settings, this will alleviate many issues.

  • New graphics settings have been added to the Journal (Currently not available for VR and requires a graphics card):
    • Eye Adaption: Simulates your eyes adjusting to light or dark areas over time ...