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Latest Updates

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VR Overhaul | Hotfix v0.6.1.7

Fingerprints on some Maple Lodge Campsite objects will now be the correct size

  • Ghosts will no longer get stuck outside of medium tents, when trying to kill a player
  • House candles will now work correctly
  • Ghosts will no longer get stuck in the wrong animation during events and hunts
  • Tent windows now have the correct textures
  • Held candles and lighters will no longer blow out if the host walked outside in heavy rain ...

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VR Overhaul | Hotfix v0.6.1.6

Candle and lighter flames will now render on top of all objects

  • Sink water splashes ripples will now render on top of sink water
  • Dirty water will now render its murky texture correctly
  • Your sprint stamina will now drain correctly on the main menu

If you experience any issues or want to give feedback, please join the official Phasmophobia Discord :,   The Kinetic Games Team

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VR Overhaul | Hotfix v0.6.1.5

Further improved water / dirty water effects to increase distinction between the two

  • Really removed the eggs in Bleasdale and Grafton this time...

  • The Greek font has been changed to be more readable. An update soon will fix the multiple font issues on most languages

  • The flame shader will no longer render after some opaque geometry

  • You can no longer pull small tent doors a long way

  • Tent doors now rotate with your hand in VR ...

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VR Overhaul | Hotfix v0.6.1.4

Added a cooler box hiding spot outside the cabin

  • Ghosts can now leave fingerprints on locker doors

  • Removed the Easter egg hunt

  • Optimised several Maple Lodge Campsite textures to lower RAM usage

  • Adjusted the Tanglewood basement hiding spot to help it be more consistent

  • The VR voice toggle button is now on the right controller (The controls screen will be updated in the next patch)

  • Grabbing the journal and walkie talkie in VR is now much easier in VR ...

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VR Overhaul | Easter Event | Hotfix v0.6.1.3

Easter is upon us!

  • Each location now has several Easter eggs to hunt and find!
  • You can track how many eggs are left to find under the map image in the truck
  • Finding all of them in the location will restore each team members’ sanity to 100%
  • This event will last until April 19th

Happy Huntin’!

(Egg colours are not synced in multiplayer but will still function correctly)

  • Added a visual indicator for PC (bottom left) and VR (belt) when using toggle voice


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VR Overhaul | Hotfix v0.6.1.2

Flipped the Edgefield basement door

  • Flipped the Willow basement stairwell door
  • Flipped the Willow bathroom door
  • Adjusted a light switch fingerprint that was too similar to the Obake unique fingerprint
  • Adjusted the dirty water material to be more obvious
  • All doors in Willow now have the same material
  • Moved the Willow dining table and added some more kitchen assets to help with empty areas ...