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Latest Updates

Hotfix 0.2.190d

Hello survivors,

A quick hotfix is out now! We have identified performance issues with the Breach Cutter and the Shard Diffractor. In this hotfix, we address the Breach Cutter issues and some of the Shard Diffractor issues.  

Improvements & Fixes

We will continue to keep an eye on performance. Also, we are aware there are other issues, like damage numbers, that can cause FPS drops, these will be addressed in the future. ...

Update 01 - Salt Pits

Hello Survivors,

Welcome to the first content update of Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor. We’ve got a brand new biome for you to try, as well as new enemies and artifacts. At the end of this week we are taking a week off for Easter holiday, but when we're back we’ll update the living road map and let you in on some of our plans for the next update.  

  • New Biome: Salt Pits ...

Patch 0.2.165d

Hello Survivors,

We have a patch for you today that addresses a number of different issues with the game. We’ve also done a weapon balance pass, increasing the strength of some under-appreciated tools of destruction. Balancing weapons is a continuous task throughout development, so if you feel like your favorite weapon is still lacking some oomph, stay tuned.  

Improvements & Fixes:
  • Improved the Overclock UI communication ...

Hotfix 0.2.151d

Hello Survivors,

Another round of hotfixes have landed. This time, a couple of soft locks and run-ending bugs have been taken care of. See details below. We are still monitoring / investigating crashes and save data issues. On the topic of save data, we are now seeing ONE of the causes that can lead to this: Some players do not have enough space left on their Windows drive for the game to save the file to disk. ...

Hotfix 0.2.146d

Hello Survivors,

We have seen a massive interest in the game, and the launch went well over our expectations! Thank you all so much for that. We will have a separate blog post about the launch in a little bit, but it does mean that way more people are playing the game than we anticipated, and way more bugs are reported than we expected. In a very meta way, we are being swarmed by bugs. Thank you all for reporting on our discord and being helpful by supplying us with logs and save files - this...

Hotfix 0.2.141d

Hello Survivors,

Thank you so much for all your feedback and bug reports so far. We heard a lot of you found difficulty curve of the the beginning of the game a bit too sharp, so we have a small hotfix today that addresses the difficulty level of Haz1. Haz 2-5 remains unchanged for now. Instead of only adjusting numbers, we are also offering what we think is a more elegant solution. We're making the Scout's starting weapon, the Deepcore GK2, have overclocks unlocked from the start. We're also...