Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

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Latest Updates

Hotfix 1.0.23


We just released 1.0.23 to fix a couple of issues found in yesterdays patch. We also just wanted to address some questions that have arisen regarding the EULA.

EULA   Today you may find yourselves being faced with the EULA once more when launching Darktide. The content of the EULA remains the same as the EULA previously presented at launch, however we made improvements to the formatting to make it easier to read, and corrected the out-of-date page title which erroneously referenced...

Patch Notes 1.0.22


First I wanted to introduce myself for those of you who don’t know me yet, Hi! I am Catfish and I will be the Community Manager for Darktide going forward. In this Update we will address some of the community’s questions following on from our recent open letter[forums.fatsharkgames.com] and give you the patch notes from this week's bugfixes.

Addressing Some Questions:



Hotfix 1.0.21


Here are the patch notes for Hotfix 1.0.21 released moments ago, including a revert of the VFX for the Forcestaff.

Hotfix 1.0.21

Stability & Performance

  • Added AMD Raytracing support in the launcher settings.
  • The launcher should now auto-detect high-performance GPUs on laptops by default.
  • Added connection time-out to prevent infinite loops when resetting settings.
  • Fixed some crashes that could occur on some users when booting up the launcher. ...

Patch 1.0.20 Notes


For the full Community Update, check the announcement made yesterday.

Below are the Patch Notes for patch 1.0.20 'The Signal' which went live just now.

Patch Notes, Patch 1.0.20

Content Drop: The Signal

This drop introduces a new map, two new weapons - one for the Zealot, one for the Ogryn, the new Refine option in the crafting menu, the inclusion of private games, and the addition of one new condition!  -...