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Game Update Notes: April 6, 2021

04/06/2021—April 6 Release Notes ================================

Super Adventure Festival

Moto's world-renowned Super Adventure Box returns again when the Super Adventure Festival kicks off on April 6! Explore two worlds of excitement, peril, and educational entertainment to earn holographic weapons and a variety of loot. Travelers can visit the Adventure Box in Rata Sum—temporary portals have been placed in each major city to facilitate easy travel to the scenic hub...

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Game Update Notes: April 1, 2021

04/01/2021—April Fools' Release Notes =====================================

Living World

  • Guild Wars 2—Living World: The Icebrood 5aga: Episode 5—Champions; Chapter 4—Judgement Act 0^366: Gourdon versus King Abaddon begins soon! Reach level 15 to gain the Spiked Choya Psionic Tonic and begin the nonsequential, pseudo-optional honor system prelude. ...

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Game Update Notes: March 23, 2021

03/23/2021—March 23 Release Notes =================================

World Polish

  • Added a vendor for items from previous April Fools' celebrations in Hooligan's Route in Lion's Arch.
  • New cats, visible while under the effect of the Chatoyant Elixir or similar effects, have been added to each major city.

Profession Skills


  • Throw Mine: Increased cooldown from 15 seconds to 30 seconds in WvW only.



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Game Update Notes: March 9, 2021

03/09/2021—March 9 Release Notes ================================

Living World

New Release: Champions Chapter 3—Balance

As the machinations of Jormag come to light, Dragon's Watch enters a war on two fronts. In the third chapter of the Icebrood Saga's finale, join your allies and seek out a way to end the conflict.


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Update February 23

# Late Notes: February 23, 2021

# 02/23/2021—Late Notes

## Profession Skills

### Necromancer

  • Death Nova: Reduced the power coefficient of the Poison Nova explosion from 0.75 to 0.6 in PvP only.
  • Putrid Explosion: Reduced the power coefficient from 1.0 to 0.8 in PvP only.

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Game Update Notes: February 23, 2021

02/23/2021—February 23 Release Notes ====================================

Living World

  • Fixed a bug in the Eyes for Ears achievement in which progress was not granted when using the special action skill on certain listening devices.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented Diviner's crafted exotic trinkets from being tradable.
  • The Frost Legion Spoils Box now offers the Frost Legion Corrupt Materials Box instead of the Dominion Crystal Materials Box. ...