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Update January 20

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug in which the No More Sacrifices achievement was awarded only to the first player to qualify for it in an instance. This fix does not affect issues with the Shooting Stars and Killer Waves achievements, which will be fixed in a later update.
  • Fixed a bug in which the Incinerating Shock Wave effect applied by the Destroyer of the Third Fortress inflicted 20 times the player's health in damage rather than the intended 20% of the player's health in damage.

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Game Update Notes: January 19, 2021

01/19/2021—January 19 Release Notes ===================================

New Release: Champions Chapter 2—Power

Beset by the rampaging forces of Primordus, Tyria's defenders face an uneasy ceasefire with Jormag. As the conflict grows, makeshift alliances will be tested as the Elder Dragons gather their strength. Face the conflict head-on and become the champion Tyria needs in the second chapter of The Icebrood Saga's climactic finale.


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Update January 5

# Late Notes: January 5, 2021

# 01/05/2021—Late Notes

## Profession Skills

### Thief

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Bound leap finisher from functioning.

## Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when players used the apply-all checkbox with legendary runes in the Customize panel.

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Game Update Notes: January 5, 2021

01/05/2021—January 5 Release Notes ==================================


  • Updated the name of the Candy-Cane Hammer to Toy Candy Cane Hammer to help candy-weapon enthusiasts better distinguish it from its newer sibling, the Candy Cane Hammer.


New Items and Promotions

  • The new Woodland Sprite Springer Skin is available in the Style category of the Gem Store for 1,600 gems. ...

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Game Update Notes: December 15, 2020

12/15/2020—December 15 Release Notes ====================================


Come join us in celebrating Wintersday—Toymaker Tixx has made his annual visit to Divinity's Reach to spread seasonal cheer and festivity! Bring the cheer of Wintersday to the distant north in the Secret Lair of the Snowmen, complete daily achievements to earn fanciful holiday weapons, save Wintersday for the orphans around Divinity's Reach by giving them wrapped gifts, and test your snow-throwing...

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Game Update Notes: December 1, 2020

12/01/2020—December 1 Release Notes ===================================

Living World

  • Fixed an issue that caused objective markers to appear outside of the target map when players were in a different map during some sections of the Champions—Chapter 1: Truce story.


  • Added a checkbox to the General Options tab of the Options panel to disable the Compact button in the Inventory panel. ...