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Latest Updates

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Game Update Notes: August 13, 2019


  • Legendary Collector: This achievement has been updated to clarify that it does not count legendary upgrades and does not require soulbinding.
  • Legendary Armorer: This achievement has been updated to clarify that it does not require soulbinding.
  • The Customize window now has a search bar to filter options by name.
  • Options on the right side of the Customize window are now sorted alphabetically. ...

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Game Update Notes: July 30, 2019

Festival of the Four Winds

On behalf of Queen Jennah of Kryta and the Captain's Council of Lion's Arch, you are cordially invited to participate in the return of the Festival of the Four Winds!

High atop the Labyrinthine Cliffs, our Zephyrite friends have been working in tandem with Lion's Arch to host an incredible variety of fun vendors and events to entertain visitors from all across Tyria. This celebration of unity and peace between our cultures is more important...

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Game Update Notes: July 16, 2019


The effects of the legendary trinkets Aurora and Vision have been adjusted to ensure they are not removed at the start of PvP matches.

Profession Skills


In today's update we're adding tradeoffs to some elite specialization lines with changes to chronomancer shatters, an overhaul of scrapper specialization traits, and some improvements to the base necromancer Death Shroud, all in order to make the choice of an elite specialization more...

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Game Update Notes: June 25, 2019

Dragon Bash It's time for Dragon Bash! It wouldn't be a proper celebration without your attendance. Join me in Hoelbrak for another moot for the ages! There will be tests of strength, racing, food, song, and most importantly—ale.

I'll see you there. Unless, of course, you don't enjoy fun.

—Knut Whitebear


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Patch: June 17, 2019

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed a bug with ground targeting in some locations.

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Patch: June 13, 2019

Bug Fixes:

  • Removed the Alchemist's Mining Pick, Alchemist's Logging Axe, and Alchemist's Harvesting Sickle from the inventories of all gathering merchants.
  • Fixed a bug with ley-line nodes that tied credit for the Shadow Behemoth and the Great Jungle Wurm together.
  • Fixed a server crash.