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Teamfight Tactics patch 12.10 notes

It may still be Neon Nights, but the sun is rising soon and the dragons of Dragonlands are stretching their wings on PBE!        Our last patch of the set is here, and it cleans up a few power outliers to help you on your ranked climb to get that Tocker! We also have a one stop shop with Dragonlands links for some beautifully crafted articles from a beautiful individual! Okay, smaller patch here so you have time to dive into Dragonlands, which will be playable on PBE a few hours after...

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Teamfight Tactics patch 12.9 notes

Hello Dragon Hatchers!

Do we have a patch for you! 12.9 brings a patchload (and then some) of buffs to chase traits, units, and Dragon Egg hatching! On the cosmetic side of things, I’m looking quite good today, but also looking good—err evil, is Ruined Pengu, who drops alongside a Chibi sale with patch 12.9, more details here. The last thing to cover in our intro are our huge changes to...

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Teamfight Tactics patch 12.8 notes

Hello G&G Championships Contenders (and everyone else)!        Patch 12.8 comes after the patch the G&G Championship will be played on, but before the actual competition takes place. We're treading lightly this patch to maintain a stable meta and practice environment for pros, as well as a consistent Ranked experience for everyone else during our final few patches of Ranked...

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Teamfight Tactics patch 12.7 notes


Worlds patch! Worlds patch! Worlds patch!        In case you didn’t know, it’s the Worlds patch. This means that we’re focused on buffing weaker Augments, traits, and units to create a competitive meta that’s as diverse as possible. That doesn’t mean we won’t be nerfing any overperforming Augments—cause we are, but most of our high impact nerfs shipped with our 12.6 mid-week update...

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Teamfight Tactics patch 12.6 notes


Annnnddd we’re back!        Did ya miss us during the long patch? Well we missed you, which is why we shipped two three different mid-week updates during patch 12.5! Refresh your memory on those here. As for this patch, we’ve made changes to Augments, just about every AD unit, and, well, just keep reading for that third, fourth, fifth thing and beyond!


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Teamfight Tactics patch 12.5 notes

Welcome, Neon Knights!

Or is it Knights who say Ne-on? Regardless, welcome to patch 12.5 which will be live for a full four weeks instead of the standard two—but we’ll get to that shortly. Despite our larger than usual balance change, many critical balance changes for patch 12.5 were delivered early last week in our 12.4 mid-week patch, so be sure to check those out if your looking for info on our swift acting nerfs to Hextech, Innovator, and other overperforming units...