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Teamfight Tactics patch 13.6 notes

Welcome to Glitched Out!!        Interdimensional rifts have brought new champions and traits into the city, created Glitched Out Carousels, and welcomed in a whole host of new Tacticians that thrive amidst the chaos....

Teamfight Tactics patch 13.5 notes

Systems may change, but we’ll always be there for you.

It’s the patch before the mid-set and we’re focused on large quality of life system changes with upgrades to our item distribution and our Hero Augment distribution. Aside from those highly impactful changes, we’re really just making the way for the Glitched Out!! to go live, so expect a lighter than usual balance pass. Finally, we’re bringing team planner, a popular Mobile feature, to PC and have a note regarding 32 bit Client depreciation.


Teamfight Tactics patch 13.4 notes

What’s cooking, Tacticians?        Last patch we added the widely desired bonus Hero Augment rerolls and alongside this, we committed to more finely tuned Hero Augment balance. Well, this is the patch folks, so buckle up because we’re tuning dials to adjust over 30 Hero Augments, mostly focusing on making each one viable and fun, but also nudging even the most slightly overpowered Augments into the realm of balance.       ...

Teamfight Tactics patch 13.3 notes

Hey Gala attendees—you’re looking oh-so-dashing this patch!        Everybody is talking about it; four Hero Augment rerolls. Be sure to check that section out to read all the how and why behind it.        The Lunar Gala ends the morning of February 13th, Pacific time, so be sure to earn all the free loot, grab your last games of Fortune’s Favor, and finally crack that Chibi Panda Annie before the Lunar Gala themed content goes back to the vault (running Underground...

Teamfight Tactics patch 13.1 notes

New Year, new comps!        It’s our first patch of TFT: Monsters Attack! and we’re adjusting Augment distribution, Champions, Hero Augments, Items, and more! But in addition to all the buffs, nerfs and swapperoos, we’ve got our Lunar Gala Event coming out just a day after this patch goes live! The event will bring new cosmetic content and our first temporary game mode, Fortune's Favor, where you can seek wealth (and unreasonably strong comps) beyond your wildest dreams!


Teamfight Tactics patch 12.23 notes

Welcome to Monsters Attack!        Monsters Attack! brings all new units and traits, cosmetics, and mechanic updates with our arrival in Spatulopolis, a city that seems to be constantly under attack. Luckily for city residents, there are heroes of all shapes and sizes ready to be assembled into the...