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Latest Updates

The Big QOL Update

The big quality of life update, over 90 improvements and fixes. Rust is turning 9 years old, and Christmas is coming!

Prototype 17

Arms manufacturers contracted by Cobalt were tasked with producing a new sidearm to meet the personal defense requirements of the organization. After an exhaustive review of potential candidates, the Prototype 17 was selected. This new weapon has a magazine capacity of 18 and fires in deadly 3-round bursts with a single pull of the trigger.


Halloween 2022

A darkness is falling upon Rust, monsters are awakening, portals are opening, and skulls are breaking. Enter if you dare.

The Lumberjack

This month we're introducing a new addition to Rust's permanent store, the Lumberjack Pack. The Lumberjack Pack contains five items, four tools and one hazmat reskin.

Lumberjack suit The Lumberjack Hazmat is a handcrafted upper-body mechanical exoskeleton. Forged with hardened metal and toughened materials, it's the perfect outerwear for roaming the forests. The Lumberjack suit is a hazmat replacement skin that can be applied while crafting the hazmat or skinned using the repair table. The...

July Update

Combat balance, faster load times, chat filter and much more!

Combat Tweaks

Earlier today we released the PvP balance update, focused on addressing some feedback following The Combat Update.

We strongly recommend all server owners to update to the latest version which also offers some performance gain.

  • Improved hide blood option
  • Added hurt flash disable option
  • M249 recoil is slightly more aggressive ...