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Latest Updates

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The Bandit Town Update

Bandits have made camp in our new swamps. You can trade, bet in their casino, or even take them on with the new Compound Bow. This patch wipes the servers.

2 August 2018 (0 Comments)

Bandit Town ---------------------------


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The Team Update

A new Team UI is here, alongside the jackhammer, a deployable watchtower, and more. This patch wipes the servers.

5 July 2018 (0 Comments)

Team System ---------------------------

We've added a rudimentary team system. This means you can create teams and invite other players to them. This will yield the ability for all team members to differentiate each other at long distances, as well...

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The Puzzle Update

The update is nearly here. It'll be at around 3.30pm EST. Apologies for the delay. The new monument puzzles lie in wait for you, a look at the new swampy bandit town, custom maps are coming, and more. This patch wipes the servers and blueprints.

7 June 2018

Patch Delay ---------------------------

We had to make an executive decision to hold the patch back for a day. Our apologies. Here's why:


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The Compound Update

We added a scientist protected compound, where players can gather and 'safely' do business. There's also scuba gear and underwater dive sites for you to explore, first-person clothing, and more. This patch wipes the maps, but your blueprints are retained.


  • New boat sounds
  • Scientists Compound Monument
  • Facial Hair Style 04
  • New chainsaw sounds
  • Added underwater rock formations
  • Projectile trajectory verification is now enabled by default (hack) ...

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Vehicle Update

Ahoy! The first player controlled vehicle has arrived in Rust. A motorized rowboat, with seating for one driver and three passengers, can be found on the shores of the island. They require Low Grade Fuel to operate, and have a small storage box located in the bow. If left outside too long they will decay, so you should build yourself a boat house. There will be about 64 active on a 4k sized server, so get 'em while they're hot! You can utilize these boats to access the offshore junk piles added this patch. ...

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Devblog 198

We're back, and this time we're bringing chainsaws, the SPAS-12 shotgun, new foliage, the first look at the new helicopter, and lots more.
This patch wipes the maps, but your blueprints will carry over.


  • Added Chainsaw
  • Added Incendiary Shotgun Shells
  • Added Spas-12 Shotgun
  • Terrain Blend Maps for better monuments transition
  • Added upkeep grief protection
  • Added glaucous willow and spicebush plants
  • Added world reflection graphics setting ...
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