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Latest Updates

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December Update

Excavator changes, AI tweaks, some weapon balancing and the usual bug fixes and improvements

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Store update - nomad suit

Today we're excited to announce the launch of Rust's permanent in-game store. The new store will feature premium cosmetic items and skins.

To kick things off we're releasing the Nomad skin. The Nomad skin is a hazmat reskin replacement that can be applied when crafting the hazmat suit or by placing the hazmat suit into a repair bench.


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MLRS & desert base update

This month's update introduces the Military Desert base monument containing the MLRS missile launcher system!

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Halloween 2021 - Darkness falls

A darkness is falling upon Rust, monsters are awakening. Enter if you dare.

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Missions & QOL

This month's update brings the foundation of the mission system, huge amount of quality of life improvements, a camper vehicle module and much more!

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September Update

Underwater Lab & submarine changes, crawling health reduced, improvements and more!