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Latest Updates

July Update

Combat balance, faster load times, chat filter and much more!

Combat Tweaks

Earlier today we released the PvP balance update, focused on addressing some feedback following The Combat Update.

We strongly recommend all server owners to update to the latest version which also offers some performance gain.

  • Improved hide blood option
  • Added hurt flash disable option
  • M249 recoil is slightly more aggressive ...

The Combat Update

The biggest gunplay update since Rust's initial release, Hapis Island is back, Handmade LMG added, and scientists now patrol the Launch site along with a huge amount of other improvements and fixes.

Above-ground Trains Update

This month we bring you above-ground trains and tweaks to the ziplines along with more fixes and improvements.

Zipline & Rail Update

Above ground rail network, ziplines, achievements and more plus the usual bug fixes and improvements

March 2022 Update

New Monument lighting, world models, Soundtrack release, QOL changes, fixes and more.