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Latest Updates

Bags To Battles

SLEEPING BAG LIMITS ========================================================================================

This month we’ve decided to limit the maximum number of respawn options to 15 per player. This is a big change and not one we make lightly, so we thought it would be a good idea to explain our thinking.



NUCLEAR MISSILE SILO ==================================================================================

This month we bring you an all-new monument that we have been quietly working on for the past few months, the Nuclear Missile Silo.

While exploring the map you will run across a small military base that will be marked from the distance by a tall radio tower. While unremarkable from the outside, the base hides a secret. In its center you will find a large hatch that will allow you to access a...

Make Your Mark

MAP MARKERS ====================================================================

Map markers have received an upgrade this month, with the maximum amount of markers increasing to 5 and a new set of controls to help you store useful information along with your map.

Placing more markers is as simple as using the RMB as normal, and markers are deleted in the same way. If you have reached the maximum number of markers (5 by default) you will need to delete another marker to make room.


Eye In The Sky

RF devices have received an upgrade! Player-controlled drones, remote detonated C4, new CCTV camera and Industrial Improvements, along with the usual fixes and improvements.

Industrial Update

Is it just a pipe dream? No! The era of automation is here!

The Big QOL Update

The big quality of life update, over 90 improvements and fixes. Rust is turning 9 years old, and Christmas is coming!