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Latest Updates

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Excavator Update

Excavator monument and more optimizations and fixes

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July Update

Horse breeds and hitching posts, client and server optimizations and more

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Chippy Arcade

To celebrate the launch of our new incubator game Chippy, which we was released a week today on Steam, we've added the Chippy Arcade to Rust.

The item is rewarded to accounts automatically that have played Chippy for at least half an hour.

We did consider giving it only to people that have beaten Chippy - but the game is that hardcore that so far only one person in the whole world has done that. And that guy fucking hates Rust....

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Giddy Up!

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding has been added to the game.

This is only a first pass so it works in a pretty rudimentary way. Horses with saddles spawn in the world instead of the traditional horses. Eventually we'll add taming and hitching and armor and all that but first, let's just see how they function as a new means of transportation in the rust world!

Walk up to a horse and press [E] to mount it. ASDW controls the steering, Space to exit, and Shift to sprint.

Horses are going to need to eat.. A lot.


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The Smol Update

A smaller than usual 2-week update including a new Hunting Bow Model, Map changes, various bugfixes and more monument lighting changes

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Happy Easter

For the next week, once every in-game day an easter egg hunt will begin. You'll have 3 minutes to collect as many eggs as you can. The top 3 players are given special eggs as a reward. These eggs can be cracked open for various types of loot ranging from scrap all the way up to an M249!

If you don't make the podium, that's okay. The painted eggs you collect can be upgraded to Bronze eggs once you collect 10. If you collect 10 bronze eggs then you can upgrade to a silver egg, eventually all the way to gold!