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Latest Updates

Seismic Shift


This month we're adding the Seismic Sensor, a new electricity-powered deployable. When powered, it will listen for nearby explosions and send a power signal when detecting any.

  • You can configure its range from 1 to 30 meters (one foundation = 3 meters)
  • It will output a different power value depending on the type of explosion detected A non-exhaustive list of power values from explosives:
  • 1 power = F1 Grenade, Beancan
  • 2 power = Explosive ammo, Satchel ...

Meta Madness


Any movement in rust would modify your baseline Aimcone so that shots taken while in motion were somewhat inaccurate. This was supposed to discourage "running and gunning". The problem with this is that *any* kind of motion while in a firefight puts you at a disadvantage (minor dodging) and increases the amount of RNG experienced by the player. ...

Waves Of Change


We’ve given both Harbors a fresh coat of paint this month, with a significant amount of visual and gameplay changes. These changes support the new Cargo Ship docking process, which allows the ship to adjust it's course and dock with the harbor. Each harbor has a new island that can be reached by crossing a rotating bridge, floating containers or a daring set of jumps across cranes. This island becomes a stronghold once the Cargo Ship docks as it becomes sheltered from the...

Lighting The Way


A common story we hear from new players is that they have seen their friends/Twitch Streamer/YouTuber playing Rust, so they pick up the game and then bounce off it due to how harsh and unforgiving the new player experience can be. This month’s Tutorial Island is our attempt to provide new players with a safe environment to learn the basic controls and mechanics of Rust before being set loose in the main game with other players. ...

Bags To Riches


Backpacks have been one of Rust's most highly requested additions for several years, and what is a survival game without backpacks? This month, we're excited to bring you the small and large backpack, allowing players to carry more loot. Inventory space has become more scarce as more items have been added to Rust over the years.  

Small Backpack


Surviving A Decade


Servers are now wiped and Santa is packing up and clearing out the bodies, but we hope you enjoyed the Holiday Season. We're getting back to work after a couple of weeks off, which is why this blog is lighter than usual, but we're looking forward to the journey ahead in 2024! This year, we celebrated Rust's 10th Birthday, which has been an incredible journey. Rust is continuing to see year-on-year growth and for a 10 year old game, that's a rather impressive feat. ...