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Latest Updates

Update 1.32

[March 19, 2024] – General Stability Fixes and Improvements

  • Red Dead Online General Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in Naturalist samples not being counted toward Daily Challenges
  • Fixed an issue in Dead of Night that resulted in Night Stalkers being able to collect the Night Stalker mask
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in ambient vehicles not appearing in certain content
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in Free Roam Missions not launching ...

Update 1.31

[September 6, 2022] – New Content and Features, General Updates, Bug Fixes, and Stability Fixes in Red Dead Online

Additional Content and Features

  • Players can now launch Telegrams from both the Player Menu and the Camp
  • A link to the credits has been added to the Pause Menu
  • Three new Hardcore Co-op Telegrams have been added to Red Dead Online:   - In Bad Faith (1-4 Players)       - Capture the 7th Generation members and bring them to Skelding’s man ...

Update 1.27

[April 27, 2022] – Security Improvements

  • Updates to improve the security of Red Dead Online

Update 1.26 - September 15, 2021 -

General stability fixes, improvements, and security updates

Update 1.26

[August 11, 2021] – General

  • Fixed an issue where some players would get stuck at 50% during the loading screen into Red Dead Online
  • Fixed an issue where some players were losing their 25 Capitale setup fee if they were disconnected during the Covington Emerald Opportunity on Ruthless difficulty
  • Fixed an issue that could have caused players to be disconnected from the game
  • Fixed a number of crashes

Update 1.25

[July 13, 2021] – New Content in Red Dead Online

  • Red Dead Online expands with Blood Money, including new missions called Crimes and Opportunities. To get started, visit Guido Martelli in Saint Denis.
  • Today’s update also includes Pamphlets and clothing items available for purchase, the Nominated Series, new Daily Challenges and Awards, improvements to the Free Roam Mission Giver menu and more. ...