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Patch Notes v1.44 (Tournaments Update Hotfix)

[Note: In case you missed it, be sure to check out our Tournaments Update Follow-Up blog.] Bug Fixes General

Fixed an issue that caused stuttering in the game client when secure TCP sockets are closed down Fixed an issue where Boost visual FX would (rarely) not activate correctly Fixed Alpha Reward Boost appearing differently than it did before the Tournaments Update Connection Quality Indicators will no longer incorrectly persist into Offline Matches or Training ...

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Patch Notes v1.43 (Tournaments Update)


Players can now create and join Tournaments

Quality Connection Status icons will appear in the HUD if players are experiencing connection problems

Players can now receive a “Chat Ban” that restricts the banned player from sending chat messages in online play

[Nintendo Switch] Video Capture and ‘Quality Mode’ have been added

Expanded inventory organization and filtering in the Garage

Enhanced Crowd Audio


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Patch Notes v1.42


The DC Super Heroes DLC Pack is now available on all platforms


‘'89 Batmobile’

‘The Dark Knight Rises Tumbler’

Rocket Boost

‘Speed Force’


‘Aquaman’ (Breakout)

‘Batman’ (Paladin)

‘Cyborg’ (Roadhog)

‘Flash’ (Venom)

‘Green Arrow’ (Hotshot)

‘Green Lantern’ (Merc)

‘Superman’ (Octane)

‘Wonder Woman’ (X-Devil)

Player Banners





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Patch Notes v1.41

The Headlines Please read our Spring 2018 Roadmap for more information on future features and our new Update release format! Competitive Season 6 ends and Competitive Season 7 begins Wheels are being distributed as Season 6 Rewards

Victory Crate’ has been added Complete list below... New Content General

‘Victory Crate’ has been added

Changes and Updates Competitive Season 6


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Patch Notes v1.40


[Nintendo Switch] Reduced the default Controller Deadzone to 0.15 from 0.3 to better utilize Joy-Con analog sticks

Reduced volume of the Batmobile Goal Explosion


[Nintendo Switch] Adjusted world detail to improve average resolution in Handheld Mode

Optimized the following maps for Nintendo Switch and PC:

Utopia Stadium (all variants)


Maps are optimized on PC when using ‘Performance’ World Detail setting


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Patch Notes v1.39

CHANGES AND UPDATES General Improved performance when High Quality Shaders are disabled on the following maps: Aquadome, Core 707, Starbase ARC and Urban Central

Improved CPU performance in online play when receiving physics corrections from the game server The in-game PsyNet Party invite window now sorts friends alphabetically. New server region added in South Africa (SAF) New server region hosted in Singapore (ASM) ASC servers are now hosted in Taiwan Added more servers in Japan Audio ...

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