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Latest Updates

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Hearthstone Update – February 5

This Hearthstone update kicks off Lunar New Year with a bang and sets the stage for the upcoming Season of Rastakhan Tavern Brawl event. We also made some mobile optimizations and fixed some bugs.

Read on for details!


Lunar New Year

Celebrate Lunar New Year 2019 from February 5 through February 12!

  • Log in during the event to get a free Rare Golden Fireworks Tech card!
  • Complete celebratory Quests that award both Gold and Arcane Dust! ...

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Upcoming Balance Update – February 2019

In an update scheduled to arrive February 5, several cards will be changed.

When we talk about changes that are in store for Hearthstone cards, we normally talk about each card individually to explain why we think that change is needed.

This time, we’re doing things a little differently because most of the upcoming changes are happening for the same reason. Here’s why we’re changing these cards and our general philosophy behind this update.


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Ranked Play Update – A Faster Climb

We’ve heard a lot of feedback about the long climb in Ranked play, so starting with the February Ranked Play season, we’re introducing a quality of life change by reducing the number of Stars required to advance in many of the Ranks!

Currently, every Rank has five Stars. When the February Ranked Play Season starts, each Rank will have the following number of Stars instead:


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Hearthstone Pupdate – January 2019

A lot of magic, machinations, and memeing go on behind closed doors at the Hearthstone development team. An assistant (or several) is often required. So without further ado, meet the good boys and girls of the Hearthstone development team!


Kippen is Organized since he is on the Administrative team! If you need proof of that, just look at how neatly he keeps his tail tucked in when he’s lying down.



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Hearthstone Update – January 9, 2019

This Hearthstone update mixes Rumble Run up for a refreshing new change, while also bringing in some updates to Arena buckets together with the cessation of December 2018’s dust refund. Read on for details!

Arena Updates

Following our Arena update last December, we have adjusted the appearance rate of each individual card available in Arena to ensure the overall win-rate of each class remains as close as possible to our ideal...

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Arena Updates – December 19 2018

In this Arena update we’re adjusting the appearance rate of a number of cards, restoring older cards to the Arena, removing a Mind Control Tech from drafts, and adjusting Arena buckets.

Read on for details!

Appearance Rates

Cards from Rastakhan’s Rumble now have a +50% appearance rate in drafts – The bonus appearance rate for the most recent set has returned to freshen up Arena with newer cards.