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Upcoming Balance Update - October 2018

In an update that is scheduled to arrive October 18 PDT, the following cards will be changed.

Giggling Inventor – Will cost 7 mana. (Up from 5)

Giggling Inventor is one of the most powerful and popular cards we’ve ever created. There’s virtually no downside to including it in a deck, and because it’s neutral, it’s played in almost every deck. We think it’s important to take risks when making powerful cards, especially when it comes to neutral taunts, given the role they can...

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Update 12.2 - October 2 - Hallow's End

In this Hearthstone update we’re decorating the Tavern for a spooky Hallow’s End event that includes a special guest: the new Paladin Hero Sir Annoy-o! We’re also adding New Player Ranks, giving the Welcome Bundle a facelift, adding new Daily Quests, fixing some bugs, and more. Read on for details!

Hallow’s End Returns!

The Headless Horseman returns with a Hallow’s End celebration that’s trickier and treatier than ever!


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Update 12.0 - August 2 - The Boomsday Project

This Hearthstone Update charges the nether coils as we get ready to pull the big, shiny lever that unleashes Hearthstone’s newest Expansion: The Boomsday Project, on August 7! This is also your chance to participate in cutting-edge research: drop by a special Fireside Gathering for a Pre-release Event where you can open The Boomsday Project packs and play with your new cards before the official release! This update also brings Arena updates, game mechanics updates, and a few card changes,...

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Developer Insights: 12.0 Game Mechanics Update

Dr. Boom’s bringing more than just mayhem to the Netherstorm. The 12.0 update will also come with several rule changes to Hearthstone’s gameplay. Read on to learn about another minion Type update, the copy a card rule change and the transform rule change.

More Minion Type Changes

There was a ton of feedback following the last minion Type update we posted, and after reviewing all of it, we realized that there were a couple more minions that needed changing. Here are our decisions following...

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Hearthstone Update 11.4 – July 10 – The Boomsday Project Pre-Purchase

Behold, our latest invention: The Boomsday Project! Update 11.4 introduces two different bundles to prepare you for Hearthstone’s next expansion, a spicy-new Fire Festival event, and more improvements to card consistency. YOU ALSO FACE MECHA-JARAXXUS, EREDAR LORD AND NEW WARLOCK HERO.

Ahem. Read on for details!

  • Two new bundles are now available for Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion, The Boomsday Project that arrives August 7! ...

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Welcome to HCT Summer! [UPDATED]

For Brackets, Match Schedule, and more information on HCT Summer check out the new event page!

Top Hearthstone players hailing from China, Europe, the Americas and the Asia-Pacific region are fighting for their tournament lives now as every game from here on out will play a pivotal role in deciding who will take home the hardware and who will watch from the sidelines. What you’ve stumbled upon here is a live blog...

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