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20.4 Patch Notes

The 20.4 patch, which will release on June 3, includes the Wailing Caverns Mini-Set, updates across several modes, returning Card Backs and Hero Skins, and improvements throughout the game.

Wailing Caverns Mini-Set

The Wailing Caverns Mini-Set, launching worldwide on June 3, consists of 35 distinct cards—which can all be obtained from Forged in the Barrens card packs! The entire 66-card set (4 Legendary cards, 1 Epic card (x2), 14 Rare cards (x2), and 16 Common cards (x2)) is also available...

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20.2.2 Patch Notes

The 20.2.2 patch, which will release later today, includes balance updates focusing on Standard and Battlegrounds, as well as several bug fixes.

Standard Balance Updates

Refreshing Spring Water  - Old: [Costs 4] → New: [Costs 5]

*Dev Comment: Spell Mage currently exhibits many explosive turns, with Refreshing Spring Water playing a significant role. By nerfing Refreshing Spring Water to 5 mana, we're aiming to lower the frequency of extreme turns where Refreshing Spring Water...

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20.2 Patch Notes

The 20.2 patch, which will release on May 4, includes a major update for Battlegrounds, purchasable decks, and more!

Battlegrounds Updates

Quilboar have been added as a new Battlegrounds minion type! There will still be five minion types per Battlegrounds game once Quilboar are added, meaning that three minion types will be excluded from each game. Just like when Dragons, Pirates, and Elementals were added, Quilboar will show up in every Battlegrounds match until our next major content patch.


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20.0.2 Patch Notes

The 20.0.2 patch, which will release on April 13, includes balance updates across several modes and numerous bug fixes!

Standard Balance Updates

Deck of Lunacy  - Old: [Costs 2] → New: [Costs 4]

*Dev Comment: Deck of Lunacy moves up to 4 mana, removing its ability to provide a game-warping effect on turn 1 or 2. When we create cards like Deck of Lunacy, we're aiming for an experience that lets you do wacky, over-the-top things at the cost of power. There's a large audience for...

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20.0 Patch Notes

The upcoming 20.0 patch is a big one! A whole host of new content will unlock when the patch hits on March 25, and things will get even more exciting when Forged in the Barrens launches on March 30! Below you can find an extensive list of what changes you can expect and when. Unless otherwise stated, the changes below will go into effect with the patch on March 25! [We introduced a ton of changes and new Treasures for Duels today as well! You can read...

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Duels Content Update

The 20.0 patch includes a big update for Duels! When the patch hits on March 25, Duels ratings for Casual and Heroic will reset, and the pool of eligible cards you can use to build your 15-card starter deck will be updated as follows: