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Latest Updates

29.4 Patch Notes

Patch 29.4, launching tomorrow, brings an explosive new mini-set, Dr. Boom’s Incredible Inventions, and more! Incredible New Inventions! Dr. Boom’s tired of everyone calling Whizbang the world’s greatest inventor. So he kept tinkering away in the basement until he came up with something bombastic, something Gigantic, something... INCREDIBLE! ...

29.2.2 Patch Notes

Patch 29.2.2, launching later today, contains big updates to Hearthstone and Battlegrounds. Hearthstone Updates

*Dev Comment: This patch is a little different than our usual balance patches—it’s more about the general design direction of the game than it is about particular power outliers (though we hit a few of those, too). Right now, there are a lot of cards that can remove player agency and raise the power level of the game beyond where we want for a 4-set meta. We’re looking at a variety...

Update on Weekly Quests

Yesterday, Patch 29.2 went live with some changes to Weekly Quests, making them harder to complete but grant more XP. We had seen that many players routinely completed their Weekly Quests through their regular play, without even really engaging with the Weekly Quest system. Our aim with the adjustments was to give all our players goals to play towards, and to reward our most engaged players (who would likely still complete the Weekly Quests without too much difficulty) for their commitment to the...

29.2 Patch Notes

Patch 29.2, launching on April 16, brings Battlegrounds Duos and Season 7, Once Upon a Tavern! This story has lots of chapters, so you can use this Table of Contents to help you find what you need: Table of Contents

29.N0 Patch Notes

This patch, coming when you least expect it, includes updates to Standard, Wild, Battlegrounds, and more! Hearthstone Updates General Updates

  • Cards in your deck will now be in a random order. We’d get more into the specifics about this change, but we’re not sure that’s a rabbit hole worth exploring.
  • Before queueing for a match, you’ll now select whether you want to go first or second, and then get paired with a player who has made the opposite selection. ...

29.0.3 Patch Notes

Patch 29.0.3, launching today, includes the following balance changes to Standard and Battlegrounds. Hearthstone Updates

Dev Comment: We hope you’re enjoying Whizbang’s Workshop so far! We’ve seen you experimenting with lots of new cards and archetypes across most classes—and finding a few outliers. This patch is mostly to weaken those outliers and to offer a couple higher-confidence buffs based on early data. The following cards have been adjusted to be weaker: ...