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Update 09.04.2021 (

The reticle for the following vehicles now shows grids and distance markers to match the ballistics of the rockets they use:   - BM-8-24   - BM-13N   - RBT-5- due to poor rocket ballistics, sight grid marks are significantly spaced. Use “sight distance” options to adjust rocket sight.   - Calliope   - M26 T99   - U-SH 405   - Type 75 MLRS   - 15 cm Pz.W.42 ...

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Update 08.04.2021 (


  • Allied/enemy tank engines now have the same sound volume.
  • Sounds of shells and bullets passing by have been changed so that firing at the player’s vehicle is now more obvious.
  • The radius of registration of bullet/shell flight has been changed from 18 to 30 meters.
  • The volume of the sound informing the player that he has been detected by enemy radar has been increased.
  • A bug that caused sounds of allied/enemy aircraft firing might not be played has been fixed.

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Update 06.04.2021 (

Enduring Confrontation. All missions, excluding Sicily.

  • The number of ground units has been lowered in order to reduce the server load and resolve an issue where some active units may not have been displayed by the server.

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Update 03.04.2021 (

Incorrect repair cost of the F-4F in SB mode have been fixed.

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Server update 02.04.2021

Erroneous underestimation of HE impact of aircraft missiles has been fixed.

  • A hint that you need to destroy enemy aircraft to unlock new ones has been added to the interface in selecting aircraft for participation in the“TailSpin” event. ...

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Update 01.04.2021 (

UDES 33- Missile guidance has been fixed.

  • The display for icons in market camouflages in the game has been fixed.