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Latest Updates


A bug that caused flag names and icons to not update when changing camouflage has been fixed.

  • A bug where during a test drive or flight, ammo fired from vehicles was swapped, for example a tank’s machine gun could fire smoke grenades and aircraft missiles fired flares, has been fixed.

*The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving...

Tokushu Heiki: Ki-48-II Otsu & Ki-148 Missile

The Ki-48-II is a late modification of the prolific Japanese Ki-48 light bomber, more commonly known under the allied reporting name of "Lily". During the tail end of the war, this aircraft was specifically used as a testbed for an experimental guided missile. Soon you’ll be able to obtain this aircraft along with its unique weaponry by taking part in the upcoming Tokushu Heiki crafting event! **Ki-48-II, light bomber, Japan, rank II. Premium vehicle.** Features:


Tokushu Heiki: LOSAT

Ever heard of an ATGM that doesn’t use a shaped charge? Well meet the American LOSAT tank destroyer — equipped with guided missiles that feature a kinetic penetrator! **LOSAT, ATGM Carrier, USA, Rank VII. Event Vehicle.** Features:

  • Unique kinetic ATGMs.
  • No vertical traverse.
  • Great mobility.
  • Ineffective at close range. History ...

The Yak-38 Is Back for Its Maiden Flight Anniversary and Is Here to Stay

On September 22nd, 1970 the Soviet VTOL light strike aircraft Yak-38 performed its maiden flight — it was the first operational carrier-based VTOL fixed-wing aircraft in the Soviet Navy. It was designed especially for Project 1143 heavy aviation cruisers and served almost exclusively on them. ### The Yak-38 is available for Golden Eagles and is here to stay! When: From September 22nd (10:00 GMT). About the aircraft


Server Update 22.09.2023

The relative control mode for “Yaw axis for aimed weapons” and “Pitch axis for weapons aiming” control settings is set to off for standard control settings.

  • Wind settings for trees have been adjusted so that they look more natural.
  • By default, brightness and contrast have been added to the dynamic tone mapping setting for a vibrant picture.
  • The modern U.S. flag on stat card images has been corrected.
  • The progress of Steam achievements is now displayed.



### Aircraft

  • Ju 87D-3 — a bug that made it impossible to go into battle with this aircraft has been fixed. [Report]
  • F-16C Block 50 — the position of the LITENING II targeting pod camera has been adjusted. [Report] ...