War Thunder

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Latest Updates



  • TB-3M-17-32, J7W1 — separate bomb drop has been added.
  • Mi-28NM — a bug has been fixed that prevented a 4 x 500 kg bombs setup.
  • BI — camera zoom position has been adjusted.
  • Tornado F.3 — a bug has been fixed that prevented night vision in third-person view.
  • An extra red square has been removed from the helicopter sight when stabilisation is on.

Ground Vehicles


100th Anniversary of the Italian Air Force

The Italian Royal Army founded its air arm back in 1884, but a separate Air Force was founded on March 28th, 1923 — precisely 100 years ago. In the 1930s it participated in military operations in Ethiopia and Spain, in the 1940s it fought in WWII as a part of Axis powers (and then partially for Allies), and in 1990 it took part in the Gulf War in an international coalition.


Pages of History (April)

For the whole month, you will have 8 tasks available to you one by one. Completion of each task will award you with a trophy containing a reward, while completing all tasks will award you with a unique in-game player icon.

A detailed description of the current task as well as your overall progress can be found by clicking on your nickname → Achievements → Pages of History


Update (Server Update - PlayStation, Xbox)

A bug has been fixed that caused torpedoes not to leave a trail in the water.

  • Incorrect reflections from snow during rain on the Ardennes, Maginot Line and Seversk-13 locations at medium and low graphic settings have been fixed [report].

PC and MacOS Only



  • Incorrect display of the gun crosshair in the HUD of some aircraft has been fixed [report]
    • The terms of some Battle Tasks have been changed. New terms are applied to fresh tasks only, The terms of the tasks in progress remain [table with details].


Radars and Missiles: recent updates

A little more details of a recent update with noticeable improvements in the radar mechanics, the IRST range, and flight parameters of missiles.

SAM vehicles and IRST range

Recently, the developer team introduced important fixes and adjustments for the SAM systems in War Thunder. The main improvement was the increased tracking range in automatic mode...