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Latest Updates

The Outlast Trials 1.0 is OUT NOW!

Reagents! Today, we are thrilled to unveil our v1.0 release update, a culmination of months of Early Access and your valuable input throughout it. This update represents a significant milestone, signaling the beginning of an exciting journey ahead. As we move forward, we are committed to building upon this foundation, shaping the future of The Outlast Trials. ...

Update #4 Patch Notes | Winter Kills & More

Greetings Reagents,   Winter has come to the Sinyala Facility! Our Courthouse Mk-Challenges are now available and New Weekly Programs will come in January. Read more to see what's included in our latest update...

Time Limited Event: Winter Kills
  • “Survivors of Winter Kills will reap the bounty of true suffering.”
  • Participate in the deadly but rewarding limited-time program Winter Kills.
  • The Sleep Room has received enhancements with vibrant festive decorations. ...

Update #3 | Hotfix 3 Patch Notes

Greetings Reagents, We are back with a few more fixes to issues our team has identified! This patch will include the following fixes:

  • Fixed the issue where the Policeman Shirt cosmetic did not equip properly. You can be a cop now!
  • Fixed an issue where players that experienced long load times would later get kicked out of their group when returning from a Trial.
  • Fixed issue where some players would get stuck in the evaluation corridor exit when returning from a trial. ...

Update #3 | Hotfix 2 Patch Notes

Greetings Reagents, Our team has identified and fixed a few issues! This most recent patch includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed when players crash when booting on Steam Deck.
  • Fixed Program X badge not being unlockable. Players will need to play and complete the last Trial in Program X to unlock the badge, even if they completed it before.
  • Bind night vision key to loadout key so both change when rebound to another key. ...

Update #3 | Hotfix Patch Notes

Greetings Reagents, We fixed a few issues that players have reported in the latest Content Update


  • Fixed the issue in the "Release the Prisoners" MK-Challenge where there was a chance that pressing the button in the security room won't bring the tubes down, preventing you from progressing.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred where players would no longer hear NPC voices after playing chess. ...

Update #3 | New Trial, Limited Time Programs, & More!


This latest update delves into a substantial amount of changes, enhancements, and new content, many of which are a result of all the feedback we obtained from players throughout Early Access. Here are some of the

  • Program 4: Courthouse New Trial.
  • New MK-Challenges in Fun Park, Orphanage, and Police Station.
  • Program Geister Halloween Event: Our second limited time event now with new exclusive rewards running October 27th - November 17th. ...