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Latest Updates

Update #3 | Hotfix 3 Patch Notes

Greetings Reagents, We are back with a few more fixes to issues our team has identified! This patch will include the following fixes:

  • Fixed the issue where the Policeman Shirt cosmetic did not equip properly. You can be a cop now!
  • Fixed an issue where players that experienced long load times would later get kicked out of their group when returning from a Trial.
  • Fixed issue where some players would get stuck in the evaluation corridor exit when returning from a trial. ...

Update #3 | Hotfix 2 Patch Notes

Greetings Reagents, Our team has identified and fixed a few issues! This most recent patch includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed when players crash when booting on Steam Deck.
  • Fixed Program X badge not being unlockable. Players will need to play and complete the last Trial in Program X to unlock the badge, even if they completed it before.
  • Bind night vision key to loadout key so both change when rebound to another key. ...

Update #3 | Hotfix Patch Notes

Greetings Reagents, We fixed a few issues that players have reported in the latest Content Update #3

  • Fixed the issue in the "Release the Prisoners" MK-Challenge where there was a chance that pressing the button in the security room won't bring the tubes down, preventing you from progressing.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred where players would no longer hear NPC voices after playing chess. ...

Update #3 | New Trial, Limited Time Programs, & More!

## Reagents, This latest update delves into a substantial amount of changes, enhancements, and new content, many of which are a result of all the feedback we obtained from players throughout Early Access. Here are some of the

  • Program 4: Courthouse New Trial.
  • New MK-Challenges in Fun Park, Orphanage, and Police Station.
  • Program Geister Halloween Event: Our second limited time event now with new exclusive rewards running October 27th - November 17th. ...

Hotfix Patch Notes 06/16/2023

Greetings Reagents!

We have implemented a fix in this small hotfix for a crash that some players were experiencing when skipping videos, most notably for the Reagent release video.

If you experience any issues in-game feel free to join our 18+ server Discord and create a ModMail ticket for further assistance.

Send your feedback to our team through our Survey.

Catch you all in the Sleep Room...

Update #2

Greetings Reagents!   This update brings bug fixes, quality-of-life improvements, and balance changes based on player feedback.

This update also introduces a new experimental Special Event: Program Omega Ω.   We continue to improve the game experience for solo players as well as the first-time user experience in the early game.

Special Event: Program Ω