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Update 1.18 is Live!

Update 1.18 will be going live on 1/19/2021 on all platforms!

r/Astroneer - Update 1.18 Patch Notes!


Emote Selection Wheel

A new selection UI has been added for emotes. The new UI provides a visual preview of each assigned emote, and paves the way for more than four assignable emotes in the future. It also gives gamepad users access to a fourth assignable emote at long last!

  • The wheel is activated with the [G] key on keyboard, or the [D-pad Up] button on gamepad. ...

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The Holiday Update Is Live!


Project CHEER Delivery LTE

Project CHEER crates have returned to Sylva, Desolo, Calidor, and Glacio! Recover lost objects and send them back to EXO Dynamics via the Request Platform. Be on the lookout for a new CHEER object!   EXO has also made additions to the Small Printer; use scrap and other resources to produce CHEER objects for recovery!

EXO Dynamics will give rewards for participation, these include:   ...

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The Biofuel Obtainment Operation (B.O.O) Update is live!

Players on all platforms should receive this update today, October 19th 2020!


EXO Biofuel Obtainment Operation   New plant species have been detected on Atrox which are capable of generating potential biofuels from other flora. This species – designated “Cauldrangea” – appears to only appear for a short period of time. Beware that these Cauldrangea are protected by new dangerous Hazards.


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Update 1.15 is Live!

Update 15 Release Notes (   Updates

Unreal Engine 4.23 Upgrade

  • Optimized Astroneer-specific rendering and network replication code for 4.23 which should lead to better overall performance
  • Smaller package sizes for Xbox One and PS4 due to optimization
  • Much lower overall memory footprint due to optimizations and general 4.23 memory savings

Manual Platform Locking

  • All platform items are now manually locked/unlocked through their tooltip ...

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Automation Update 002 is Live!

Automation Update 002 is live! This Update focuses on adding even more items and functionality to the Automation Update we previously released! New platforms, new switches, and updated modules to support even more fluid Automation setups!


New Items: we’ve expanded on the Automation Update with a bunch of new items to improve your production lines and support more complex activation logic.

Power Switch: Toggles the flow through a single power line   ...

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Update 1.10.9 - March 10, 2020

Steam players should receive this update today, March 10, 2020.

Xbox 'Play Anywhere' and PS4 players should now see this update as well!


We have introduced a new item to help players achieve truly flat surfaces, the leveling block! Use them in Creative Mode to snap to the existing voxel grid to create flat surfaces that automatically snap to each other.