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Latest Updates

The Verdant Update

Hey friends! Joe here with patch notes and an overall update on our progress for the year so far! The Verdant Update is all about the green thumbs out there, with a brand new item and a completely new way to harness the power of organic without having to destroy the beautiful landscapes on planets. As stated in our roadmap, the Verdant Update is the first of two smaller content updates for the year as we gear up and work on our upcoming expansion that will be releasing in the fall. (More on that...

Custom Games Update

Feature Update: Custom Games Mode

Hey everyone, excited to release the patch notes for this very unique update, the Custom Games update! This update cracks open Astroneer in a way that allows players to do all sorts of really fun things. From creating new saves with unique characteristics like hardcore permadeath, to setting up exact scenarios and speedruns, the custom game tools added will allow you to make the experience your own and then share them with others. ...

Update 27 Hotfix

The following bugs have been fixed as of version 1.27.301.0:

  • AS-18853 | When the LTE is no longer active, the game won’t crash if a printer had an LTE item selected, and there was a platform within the printer's output area that did not have an open slot for the printed item.

  • AS-18866 | When T2 carrying an item while using the gamepad, the player is now able to proximity select the held item


Update 1.26

Feature Updates

Gravity Globe

A new vehicle(?) has been discovered in the wild! This curious contraption seems to be an evolution on EXO’s recreational line of enrichment items, ingeniously augmented with a gyro-stabilized control platform in its interior. While simplistic in its appearance, the Gravity Globe harnesses some of EXO’s most advanced technologies, allowing it to roll against gravity (within reason), and even perform small ‘hops’ to clear minor obstacles. Just like the more...

Rails Update

Rails System

EXO Dynamics is proud to introduce the brand new Rails System! The Rails System brings a new mode of transportation to Astroneer that excels at efficiency and convenience. Place rail posts to build out your rail lines, and then board the new railway vehicles for a hands-free transit experience. And unlike other vehicles, railway vehicles can travel autonomously, perfect for extending the reach of your automation network. But that’s not all: rail lines themselves carry both oxygen...

Controls Update


Controls & Accessibility

This is a long time coming but we did a bunch of work to add (honestly..) basic functionality for controls across all platforms. You can now use mouse and keyboard on console and can remap a TON of inputs to completely customize your experience. We did this mainly for accessibility purposes, if you are a player who needs to move buttons around to make sure you can enjoy Astroneer, this one is for you <3. Of particular note, you can now make some “hold” actions...