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Latest Updates

Dev snapshot: Godot 4.3 beta 3

We are nearing the end of the beta phase for Godot 4.3, which received many fixes during the past 6 weeks thanks to the testing and bug reports of the community. It’s shaping up to be a very solid release, solving a lot of pain points expressed by the userbase. We’ve now solved most of the issues we considered blocking for the 4.3 release. A few remain but not all are actually critical, just regressions we’d like to solve before the...

Release candidate: Godot 3.6 RC 1

The upcoming Godot 3.6 is now considered feature complete, and has received a lot of bugfixes and improvements over the past weeks thanks to all the testers and developers who reported and fixed issues. We are now at the Release Candidate stage, finalizing everything so that we can release 3.6-stable for all users. ...

Dev snapshot: Godot 4.3 beta 2

We have been busy during the first three weeks of June to fix many of the bugs reported by our community after the 4.3 beta 1 release! Many of the known regressions have been solved, and the remaining ones are tracked and being worked on. ...

Dev snapshot: Godot 4.3 beta 1

We have reached the first beta release for the 4.3 release cycle. This officially marks the start of feature freeze for 4.3. This means contributors are encouraged to focus their efforts on fixing regressions and other outstanding bugs. We won’t risk merging any new features or risky bug fixes until after we release 4.3 and begin preparing for 4.4. ...

Dev snapshot: Godot 3.6 beta 5

It has been a while since our last beta, and admittedly 3.6 seems to have been in development for ever (beta 1 was over a year ago!). There are fewer developers now working on 3.x branch, and Rémi’s time has been largely monopolized by the huge growth in contributors to 4.x, and the consequent increase in his workload. For this reason we have been trying to get maintainers more actively involved in release management, which is allowing enthusiasts to take on more of the work, and get everything...

Dev snapshot: Godot 4.3 dev 6

This is the last dev snapshot before entering the beta phase for Godot 4.3, which means that we now consider 4.3 feature complete! This one is particularly feature-packed with 650 commits (twice as big as previous snapshots), because we took the time to address some regressions and compatibility breakages caused by some of the new changes. So while some contributors focused on fixing these regressions, others had plenty of time to finalize and merge many improvements and bugfixes in all engine areas. As...