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Age of Empires IV – Patch 15965

In Patch 15965, we’re bringing you fixes to the shift-queue bug that we know you’ve been asking for. Villagers are putting away their sheep shears and will now be using the correct weapons against enemy troops, and you can now queue as many buildings as your pockets allow. Read on below to learn more about the ...

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Age of Empires IV — Server-Side Patch 14681

In Server-Side Patch 14681, we’re bringing you changes to Mangonels! We recognize there’s been a lot of discussion around Mangonels, and we believe these changes build upon the unit’s uniqueness. We’re always open to more feedback, however! You may also be excited to know that the HRE’s Prelates have remembered how to shuffle their feet ...

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Age of Empires IV – Patch 14681

Patch 14681 is incoming, and we’re here to share what you can look forward to for Age of Empires IV! In Patch 14681, we’re excited to share some changes we’ve made based on your feedback. To start, we know you’ve been asking for Team Game Map Size changes, and this patch introduces the option to choose smaller ...

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Server-Side Patch 12973

Following on the heels of the Season One update, we’re excited to introduce a brand new path for bringing you smaller, more pointed changes with Server-Side Patches.

This new approach allows us to make data changes that influence balance and certain bugs more quickly. With a Server-Side Patch, you won’t be required to download and install an update from your platform of choice....

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Age of Empires IV – Season One Update Release Notes

We’re thrilled to officially welcome you to Age of Empires IV Season One: Festival of Ages – our first major update of 2022 – launching tomorrow morning Pacific Time, April 7th (Please check our social channels for exact timing)! As we shared with our updated roadmap, our view for these major updates is that we ...

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Age of Empires IV — Patch 11963

Patch 11963 is releasing later this week, and we’re here to provide a preview of what’s to come for Age of Empires IV! For Patch 11963, we’re continuing to hone in on tighter win rates across the range of possible civilization match-ups and making changes to complement some of the updates introduced earlier in the ...