Age of Empires 4

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Update 8324

Starting today, you’ll be able to install Update 8324 and enjoy the latest features, balance updates, and fixes Age of Empires IV has to offer! If you’ve seen the Age of Empires IV Community Roadmap, then you might be surprised to hear that Winter 2021 was coming early this year (for both the Northern and Southern hemispheres). What can we say? We were really excited to get the Winter 2021 update into your hands!


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Age of Empires IV — Patch 7989

Thank you to those who have joined us in playing and celebrating Age of Empires IV so far – we’ve enjoyed seeing your empires flourish and can’t wait to “Age Up” together as we continue updating the Age IV experience!

Starting today, November 15, 2021 at 9 AM PT (17:00 UTC), we’ll be introducing our first patch 7989 with a few key fixes based off your feedback.

Before You Update: Please note that upon updating to 7989, you will no longer be able to utilize replays...