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Latest Updates

Update 1.22 (September 2023)

### Main Changes A new branch of British wheeled medium tanks has been added Six new medium tanks (from Tier V to Tier X) have been added.

  • AEC Armoured Car (Tier V)
  • Staghound Mk III (Tier VI)
  • FSV Scheme A (Tier VII)
  • FV601 Saladin (Tier VIII)
  • GSOR 1006 Scheme 7 (Tier XI)
  • Concept No.5 (Tier X) Stories The Bootcamp has been replaced with the new Stories game mode. The mode includes two narrative PvE missions designed specifically for new players. ...

Update 1.21.1 (July 2023)

Main Changes Ranked Battles The Ranked Battles mode is discontinued. Frontline

  • The new Twist of Fate scenario has been added.
  • The capture time of zones in the first line has been changed.
  • The survivability of high-caliber gun turrets has been increased.
  • A fourth level of Combat Reserves has been added.
  • The Combat Reserve cooldown system has been reworked. Their cooldown time does not change after the player's vehicle is destroyed. ...

Update 1.20.1 (April 2023)

New Branch of Japanese Tank Destroyers

Six new tank destroyers (from Tier V to Tier X) have been added:

  • Tier V — Type 3 Ho-Ni III
  • Tier VI — Type 95 Ji-Ro
  • Tier VII — Chi-To SP
  • Tier VIII — Ho-Ri 2
  • Tier IX — Ho-Ri 1
  • Tier Х — Ho-Ri 3

Crew Perks

All skills are now called perks.

All perks come into effect from the start of training (at 1%). The effectiveness of the perk increases by level.

Changes have been made to how some perks work.


Update 1.20

Update 1.20 is coming, Commanders! It introduces the sunny Oyster Bay Random Battles map and a series of balance improvements to three other locations. We’re also adding the new Tournaments tab to the main menu of the Garage to help you find and join the tournaments and challenges you’re most interested in. On top of that, this update features rebalancing changes to a large batch of vehicles (including seven Tier X tanks) and brings cool new goodies to the Items for Bonds section in the in-game...

Update 1.19.1

Update 1.19.1 for World of Tanks is here, Commanders! It introduces a new branch of Chinese heavy tanks that feature the jet booster mechanic. We’re also preparing a series of exciting activities, including the latest iteration of Steel Hunter and the new Global Map event. Let’s roll!

Update 1.19

Commanders! See the year off with our most dazzling event, running from December 1, 2022, at 03:20 PST | 05:20 CST | 06:20 EST through January 9, 2023, at 03:20 PST | 05:20 CST | 06:20 EST! During Holiday Ops 2023, your Garages will turn into snowy Villages, where you'll find a pleasant gift from us, as well as many new objects and other wonderful surprises. And, most importantly, it's where you'll meet two incredible heroes—Arnold Schwarzenegger and Milla Jovovich—who will head up...