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Latest Updates

1.4.4 Build #55523 (All Platforms)

###### Game Update

  • The sale price of Boss summoning materials has been increased. Examples:
    • Blackened Femur, Gurgling Head, and Trembling Hand sell price increased from 20,000 Gold to 50,000.
    • Stygian Stone sale price increased from 70,000 Gold to 150,000.  - Tempering manual drop rates have been improved to be more consistent.  - Elixirs’ general drop rate has been reduced. ...

HOTFIX 1 - June 20 - 1.4.3


  • Fixed an issue where the Poison Nova from Andariel’s Visage was dealing damage around the player, even though the visual effect was around enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where the Poison Nova from Andariel’s Visage was dealing less damage than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where salvaging an item that had been Masterworked only once would not refund masterworking materials. ...

1.4.3 Build #54876 (PC) and #54828 (Console)

###### Game Updates  > Developer’s Note: We greatly appreciate everyone’s excitement since the launch of Season 4 and are very happy with the state of the game. The changes in this patch are aimed at buffing classes and builds that are not performing as well as their counterparts. We are also slightly reducing the difficulty of the Pit to ensure that most builds are able to get to Tier 60 to get their final tier of Masterworking materials. ###### Balance Updates General ...

1.4.2a Build #54753 (All Platforms)

###### Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where some mounts went missing from the stable master's interface.
    • Stability and performance improvements.

1.4.2 Build #54489 (PC) and #54444 (Console)

###### Game Updates The Pit

  • The chance to receive a Stygian Stone on completion of the Pit has been increased.  - Examples:   - Tier 1: 5%   - Tier 40: 10%   - Tier 100: 18%   - Tier 200: 30%
    • We have made the following adjustments to bosses in The Pit.  - Adjusted the damage of boss powers and boss affixes to be more in-line with the difficulty of the dungeon leading up to the fight.  - Reduced the frequency of boss affixes so they don't overlap. ...

HOTFIX 2 - June 7, 2024 - 1.4.1

March of the Goblins General

  • The spawn rate of Goblins during the Event has been increased.

Legendary Treasure Bags

  • The chance for Treasure bags to drop has been increased.

Overall Loot quality has been improved

  • Players will now receive more Legendary Items, Uniques, a Scattered Prism and even a chance for bonus Scattered Prisms.
  • Treasure goblins that are level 80 and above will now always drop iPower 925 items.

Bug Fixes ...