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Version 1.33

Welcome to version 1.33

New cards


Arcane Barrage

Balance Changes



Developer notes: We are overall happy with how Mordar plays now, but he underperforms a little and needs a nudge.

  • Resurrected Minions also gain Spirit.


Developer notes: We changed the functionality of the targeting Marked. This should make Marked more predictable.

  • Marked radius 16 > 25
  • Now applies Marked to the closest minion.



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Version 1.32

Masters!Patch 1.32 is coming in hot and with it two awesome cards and a ton of Balance changes to go with it!


A'zog, Voidfiend of Shars'Rakk

Impetus Blast

Balance Changes



Dev comments: As we promised a couple updates ago, mordar would get a buff after we swapped his perks. By making stuns a less consistent trigger-blocker, countering the resurrections becomes more skill-based, and if they are more consistent, we can...

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Version 1.31 - New Expansion Minion Masters Invasion!


Calling all able Masters to man their stations, an invasion is slowly hurling towards the Arenas!

We’re thrilled to announce Minion Master’s newest expansion…. Minion Masters Invasion! With this expansion, we’ll be releasing 2 new cards and moar balance changes have been added…Cough Hypno changes? Cough

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Version 1.30

Masters! ========

Oh daaaaaamn, did you know that we’re turning 5 years old on the 2nd of December!!!

Patch 1.30 is finally upon us and we’re thrilled to introduce, 2 new cards, balance changes, and a bunch of bugs have been squished!

Introducing 2 new cards

To note

  • All remaining Adventures are now free
  • To celebrate our 5th anniversary of Minion Masters we’re introducing a new King Puff Birthday Skin. All players can get it for free through the free Battle Pass! ...

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Patch 1.29

Masters! ========

Patch 1.29 is swarming into the Arenas and with it a ton of balance changes, two new cards and a bunch of bugs have been squished!

Cards Added:

All masters attacks have now special and true damage:

There were a couple interactions in the game we disliked and wanted to solve, most notable

  • Sugilite shield protecting from master damage (we will look at a buff for sugilite shield in future patches)
  • Stonebjorn tanking some masters for an extremely long time ...