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Version 1.30

Masters! ========

Oh daaaaaamn, did you know that we’re turning 5 years old on the 2nd of December!!!

Patch 1.30 is finally upon us and we’re thrilled to introduce, 2 new cards, balance changes, and a bunch of bugs have been squished!

Introducing 2 new cards

To note

  • All remaining Adventures are now free
  • To celebrate our 5th anniversary of Minion Masters we’re introducing a new King Puff Birthday Skin. All players can get it for free through the free Battle Pass! ...

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Patch 1.29

Masters! ========

Patch 1.29 is swarming into the Arenas and with it a ton of balance changes, two new cards and a bunch of bugs have been squished!

Cards Added:

All masters attacks have now special and true damage:

There were a couple interactions in the game we disliked and wanted to solve, most notable

  • Sugilite shield protecting from master damage (we will look at a buff for sugilite shield in future patches)
  • Stonebjorn tanking some masters for an extremely long time ...