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Latest Updates

Starfield Update 1.10.30 - March 6, 2024 [BETA]

SAY CHEESE! Our latest update brings new ways to show off your modeling skills in space with the addition of new poses and expressions for you and your companions. We excitedly await more showing off of your photography! We also understand that digipicks are precious, so we’ve made an adjustment that allows you to Undo without the penalty cost of a Digipick during the Security mini-game. ...

Starfield Update 1.9.67 Notes – February 7, 2024 [BETA]

We’ve added a new update to Steam Beta that includes AMD’s FSR 3 options and a few other fixes. We encourage all of our Steam PC players to try it out and let us know your thoughts before this update goes live for all our players soon. Other fixes included in this update will be related to performance and stability, including adjustments done to address the FormID issue we’ve seen several commenting on. As always, we appreciate all your feedback and support! See you in Starfield.


Starfield Update Notes – January 18, 2024 [IN BETA]

Our latest update is now available in our Steam Beta. This update brings over a hundred fixes and adjustments, most of which focus on quality-of-life improvements and quest fixes. Our full list of patch notes is below. We believe we got that pesky asteroid follower this time.... We’re grateful for all the feedback we’ve seen and received and will continue to monitor and track your issues and critiques. As we noted last year, we’ll continue to have a steady stream of updates about every six...

Starfield Update 1.8.88 Notes – December 11, 2023

Our next update coming out of our Steam Beta is now available for all players. This small update addresses a few issues including a crash that could occur on some Xbox and Microsoft Store playthroughs, an issue with weapon cases in Outposts, and we say goodbye to the “pet rock” that would follow some players through space. We appreciate all of you who participated in our Steam Beta and will continue to read your feedback and make updates to the game. Thanks for playing! ---- ...

Starfield Update 1.8.86 Notes - November 20, 2023

Our latest update for Starfield is now available. Thank you to all who participated in our Steam Beta and provided feedback. We will continue to make improvements and adjustments to the game and appreciate all the support. Thanks for playing!   ______

Update Highlights

Nvidia DLSS Support ...

Starfield Updates 1.7.36 – October 09, 2023

A new update has been released for Starfield on all platforms. This update includes changes to Settings that allow for players to adjust their FOV as well as some other performance and stability improvements. Thank you so much for your continued feedback and support of Starfield and we look forward to a future with you on this journey. ---

Starfield 1.7.36 Update - Fixes and Improvements

General ...