Kerbal Space Program 2

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Latest Updates

v0.1.1.0 Patch Notes

🚀 <-- This rocket denotes a fix that community members directly helped our dev team fix. Thanks to all of you who send in bug reports!

Bug Fixes

Flight & Map

  • 🚀 Fixed disappearance of orbital trajectories after loading a saved game

  • 🚀 Fixed trajectory intercept patch not showing when captured by a Celestial Body

  • 🚀 Fixed issue where some parts remain connected to/follow vessel after detachment


Launch Day Notes

Known Issues with Recommended Workarounds:

  • Graphics settings default to “high quality” on first playthrough. If you are having framerate issues on initial load, access Settings via the ESC menu and select alternate quality settings.

  • Fuel flow and Delta-V calculations are currently undergoing optimization, but on day 1 of Early Access, high numbers of engines pulling from a common fuel source may impact framerate. If you’re having trouble achieving a desired framerate on your machine,...