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Latest Updates

Hot Fix 1.2.5

This hot fix focuses on fixing select gameplay bugs. You can also find the issues we are tracking and looking to resolve in the Known Issues list.

  • Fixed an issue with burst weapons that allowed to continuously fire outside of range. However, if the burst fire started in range, the unit will keep firing until the initial burst is over but will not initiate another one if the target is outside of range. This affects any unit with burst fire such as: Heavy Machine Guns, ¼ -Ton 4x4 Truck, 250 Light...

Hot Fix 1.2.4

Today's hot fix includes the release of AMD FSR support, fixes to several crashes and a small change to unit selection.   ### NEW FEATURE AMD FidelityFX™ Super Resolution (FSR) Today we are introducing AMD FidelityFX™ Super Resolution (FSR) which helps boost framerates and deliver higher-quality, higher-resolution experiences for AMD cards.   ### CHANGES & FIXES

  • Improved support for older versions of Windows 10.

  • Fixed several crashes with DirectX 12


Hotfix 1.2.3a - Patch Notes

This update is meant to unblock players that are unable to launch the game.   Our team is working on another Hotfix for next week.

  • Fixed an issue preventing the game to launch properly for players with an older Windows 10 version.

Emerald Bear Balance Tuning 1.2.3

Moving forward, our team will be releasing a smaller and more focused tuning update after every major PC release. Today’s update (1.2.3) will address some outstanding issues from the release of Emerald Bear (1.2.0) and make some tuning adjustments to multiplayer balance. You can find more information on our new update cadence for PC in our 2023 PC Roadmap releasing soon.   ##  FACTION BALANCE ###  General 3-Inch Mortar Team

  • Shells per HE barrage increased from 4 to 6


Hot Fix 1.2.2 - Patch Notes

This hotfix focuses on improving performance issues and FPS drops as well as fixing gameplay bugs and balance. You can also find the issues we are tracking and looking to resolve in the Known Issues list.

  • Fixed an issue resulting in FPS losses for some players caused by a bug in how the game is loading/rendering terrain.

  • Fixed an issue preventing players from buying certain team weapons (Flak 36, 17 pounders) despite having enough resources.


Hot Fix 1.2.1 - Patch Notes

The 1.2.1 hot fix focuses on fixing high-rate crashes and problematic gameplay issues. Our team is currently investigating a performance issue that has been reported by players and we hope to be able to share some news on this topic soon. We are closely monitoring several gameplay issues which you can find on our updated PC Known Issues list.

  • Fixed an issue with smoke abilities on vehicles.

  • Fixed top 3 high-rate crashes.