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Latest Updates

Hot Fix 1.5.1

  • Fixed an issue where the M4A3 Sherman Easy 8 did not benefit from the Fast Deploy ability.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to get the same weapon upgrade twice on a squad.

    US Forces M8 Greyhound Armored Car Skirts have pushed the Greyhound to be too difficult to deal with for a variety of softer counters, leading to US Forces players gaining a significant advantage when these are on the field. We are gently rolling this back to make it more vulnerable...

Year-1 Anniversary (1.5.0) Patch Notes

To celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Company of Heroes 3, we have remade and re-introduced several classic maps from the franchise’s history into the game. Additionally, we have created two variants of existing maps specifically designed for coop and custom games. This update will also allow players to customize their profiles with new badges, banners and titles. In our ongoing efforts to improve the feel of Company of Heroes, we have also made small changes to pathfinding and acceleration. Please...

Hot Fix 1.4.3

This hot fix addresses our top crash from this past week that was causing players to crash while loading into a multiplayer match. This was especially problematic in larger game modes. We wanted to thank all our players for filling out their BugSplat crash reports so that we could diagnose the problem in a timely fashion. Thank you for all your patience as we worked to resolve this.  

  • Addressed a crash while loading into a 4v4 quick match. ...

Steel Shepherd - Hotfix 1.4.2

After the release of our Steel Shepherd (1.4.0) update, this hot fix aims to resolve our highest priority bugs while also introducing some necessary changes. As always, please ensure you are reporting any bugs using our form here.  

Balance Changes

Wehrmacht Italian Coastal Battlegroup


Hot Fix 1.4.1

Hot Fix 1.4.1 This hot fix aims to address the desynchronization issues currently affecting multiplayer. Additionally, we have included a partial fix for Challenges not auto-claiming.

  • Fixed high occurring sync errors affecting multiplayer and replays. We will be monitoring match stability over the weekend, and once we are satisfied, we will unpause ELO and rank changes. For now, they will stay paused. ...

Steel Shepherd 1.4.0 - Patch Notes

The Steel Shepherd update (1.4.0), along with our Hammer & Shield pack, are bringing impactful improvements, new content including maps and Battlegroups, and additional changes and updates to key areas of the game. This also includes a new Replay system, visual improvements, balance changes, an overhaul to the Campaign Map and more. Be sure to review all of the changes and fixes by reading the Patch Notes on our website or check out the Mission Briefing for an overview. ...