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Latest Updates

Hot Fix 1.6.9

Fixed a high frequency crash affecting many players.

  • Reduced performance issues such as hitching or stuttering when playing with multiple A.I. team mates or opponents.
  • Fixed invisible unit decorators on campaign map entities.

Hot Fix 1.6.8

Fixed an issue that could lead to a crash after turn 6 of the Italian Campaign.

Hot Fix 1.6.7

Fixed an issue where Flamethrowers were causing performance and framerate issues. This was more notable when playing with other players.

  • The enemy A.I. was using an incorrect artillery option in defense missions causing unintended difficulty spikes.
  • Fixed the Night Fighters Kettenkrad cosmetic so it appears correctly.
  • Fixed a black screen that was appearing after missions in the North African Operation.
  • Additional crash fixes.

1.6.6 Hot Fix Patch Notes


This hot fix focuses on resolving GPU related crashes and introduces additional logging so we can get our crash rate down even further. We have also fixed the matchmaking queue estimations being stuck at 50/50. We are still investigating a few outstanding issues. You can find our Known Issues thread here and the previous 1.6.5 patch notes here.  



1.6.5 Patch Notes

The 1.6.5 Patch following our Coral Viper update includes several multiplayer balance changes that focus on improving some of the infrequently used Battlegroup choices to create a wider variety of effective strategic paths. This patch also includes highly requested quality of life improvements such as Map Preference voting and reduced input latency.   Read the full list of gameplay and quality-of-life changes here. ...

1.6.1 Coral Viper Hot Fix

We've updated our licences as a result of going independent. You should no longer see a warning pop up upon booting Company of Heroes 3.