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Beta 0.9.2c Patch Notes

## Changes

  • Fixed the waypoint on the world map for Last Refuge Outskirts being unusable.
  • Fixed the Hide/Show Quests function on the world map.
  • Fixed a bug which caused error spam in The Immortal Summit.

## What We’re Working On Thank you for your bug reports and feedback. We’re still working on addressing more issues for future patches. Here are some things we’re currently investigating:

  • Progression blocker in Temporal Sanctum (offline) ...

Beta 0.9.2b Patch Notes

## Changes

  • Fixed a bug where using a Rune of Research could not create a Glyph of Insight.
  • Fixed a bug causing projectiles to be destroyed early in the Ritual Lake echo layout.
  • Fixed a bug which caused Frostclaw’s Glamdring node to scale with increased and more melee damage stats.
  • Fixed a bug where submitting a bug report when your Log File was too large could crash the game client.
  • Submitting a bug report now also includes the Log File for your previous session as well. ...

Beta 0.9.2a Patch Notes

## Changes

  • Added chat channels for Korean - this was an oversight. You can select what language chat channels you connect to on the Login screen.
  • Various logging improvements to aid troubleshooting.

## What We’re Working On We’re actively monitoring bug reports from you all and the health of our infrastructure. We plan for our next patch to be next week, focused on fixing bugs. We’ll be on the lookout for any critical issues this weekend though. ...

Runes of Power - Beta 0.9.2 Patch Notes

## 0.9.2 Patch Notes  /uploads/default/original/2X/c/c21c058aab150697c7ac63da94e1fff6ded0b408.mp4 Runes of Power, Patch 0.9.2, is coming 2023-09-07T16:00:00Z UTC! Welcome everyone to the Patch Notes for Beta Patch 0.9.2 Runes of Power. In just a couple more days everyone will be able to get their hands on the latest Mastery to come to Last Epoch in the Runemaster, alongside Rune Prisons,...

Beta 0.9.1d4 Patch Notes & Server Maintenance

## Changes

  • Made some configuration changes in advance of the Server Maintenance scheduled for tonight.

## Server Maintenance As announced last week: We will be performing some Server Maintenance today, Monday, August 21st. This will require our servers to be unavailable for approximately 12 hours. Offline mode will still be available during this time. This maintenance period is expected to run from 2023-08-22T03:00:00Z UTC→2023-08-22T15:00:00Z UTC (displayed in your Local Tme). ...

Beta 0.9.1d3 Patch Notes

Bug Fixes =========

  • Fixed a bug introduced by 0.9.1d3 which sometimes caused loading into Imperial Era Monolith Echoes to fail. Verifying game files did not fix this.

This issue was caused by a gap in tooling: issues like this should absolutely be caught by our own internal systems before ever making it to players, and we are working on making sure this issue does not happen again.

Otherwise, our priorities are the same as described in our 0.9.1d post.

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