Last Epoch

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Latest Updates

0.9.1c Patch Notes

Bug Fixes =========

  • Fixed Item Linking not working. Press ctrl + right click to link up to 3 items in a chat message. Open the chat window and hover over a linked item to view it.
  • Fixed a bug where Weaver’s Will items upgrading caused a performance stutter.
  • Fixed a bug where parties would sometimes incorrectly use US East for their server region rather than the desired region. ...

Beta 0.9.1b Patch Notes

Changes =======

  • The waypoint for Crumbling Ruin now unlocks as soon as you complete the Shard quest in the Keeper’s Camp, allowing you to continue the campaign even if the transition to Crumbling Ruin fails.     - If you have a character that got stuck at the end of Chapter 1, going back to Keeper’s Camp should unlock the Crumbling Ruin waypoint in the Ruined Era, allowing you to proceed. ...

Rising Flames Update - Beta 0.9.1 Patch Notes

0.9 Patch Notes ===============

Rising Flames, Patch 0.9, is coming 2023-05-25T16:00:00Z UTC!

Rising Flames 0.9.1 Overview by Game Director, Judd Cobler

Welcome everyone to the Patch Notes for Beta Patch 0.9.1 Rising Flames! Over the last week we’ve been going over some of the major features to expect in this patch. With a completely recreated Chapter 1, Last Epoch...

Beta 0.9l Patch Notes

Dungeons ========

  • Likely fixed a bug that caused players to be unable to enter the Boss Room of Dungeons.     - We have spent many hours confirming this fix so we’re pretty confident it’s resolved but aren’t totally certain since the bug didn’t happen 100% of the time. Please let us know if this bug still happens for you after updating.
  • Fixed a bug where you could enter a Dungeon without consuming a key in some situations.

Monolith of Fate ================


Beta 0.9k

Optimization ============

  • Fixed issues with scene transitions and matchmaking sessions.

Notes =====

This is a relatively smaller patch designed to address issues we were seeing with SQP Matchmaking involving scene transitions.

This patch will go live at 11am CT.

Some things we are currently working on:

  • Dungeon boss door not always working (we apologize for this taking so long)
  • Monolith Echoes occasionally breaking when playing as a Forge Guard ...

Beta 0.9j Patch Notes

Gameplay ========

  • Fixed a bug where Temporal Shift could sometimes cast a second time after being used once, resulting in getting sent back to the era you were originally in.
  • Fixed a recent bug where targeted abilities such as Lunge or Smite could fail to cast if they were the first ability you used in a scene.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to target enemies that had yet to emerge with Lunge. Doing so would result in being unable to move after using Lunge. ...