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Latest Updates

Hotfixes: April 11, 2024


April 11, 2024 Classes

  • Druid
    • Balance  - Fixed a bug that could prevent a Druid with Radiant Moonlight who died and resurrected from getting more than one cast of Full Moon before it resets to New Moon.  - Primordial Arcanic Pulsar progress now resets on raid encounter start.
    • Feral  - Damage dealt from Berserk: Frenzy and Burning Frenzy (Seasons 3 and 4 set armor 4-piece bonus) will now log correctly when buffed by an Augmentation Evoker. ...

Hotfixes: April 9, 2024


April 9, 2024 Season of Discovery

  • The number of creatures needed to complete missions in the Nightmare Incursions have been reduced by about 30%.
  • Items
    • Fixed an issue causing some bosses to drop no Rare items.
    • Darkmoon Card: Decay adjusted to be more appropriate for single target situations.
    • Darkmoon Card: Sandstorm adjusted to be more appropriate for multi-target situations.
    • Screaming Chain Shoulders can now be learned by Leatherworkers. ...

Hotfixes: April 8, 2024


April 8, 2024 Season of Discovery

  • Updated the levels of Fireguard Destroyers in Black Rock Depths to be more appropriate for Phase 3 of Season of Discovery.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Druid Trainer Lognaar to vanish periodically.
  • Non-Engineering and non-Blacksmithing nightmare armaments recipes no longer require a blacksmith hammer to craft.
  • The materials required for the quest "Mixology for Fun and Profit" have been adjusted.
  • Items ...

Hotfixes: April 5, 2024


April 5, 2024 Season of Discovery

  • Fixed issues around the Leatherworking Wild Leather Vest and Way of the Weaponsmith
  • The Rugged Traveler will now also despawn if greater than two players enter the quest area.
  • Level 50 players who are Exalted with the Arathi Basin reputations can now complete the battleground quests usually reserved for level 60 allowing them to obtain their Exalted reputation tabards.
  • The Sunken Temple ...

Hotfixes: April 4, 2024


April 4, 2024 Plunderstorm

  • Explosive Caltrops now drops caltrops along the entire jump path.
  • Explosive Caltrops now affects all targets in the effect range when triggered.

Season of Discovery

  • Players can now correctly activate their other talent specialization while under the effects of the preparation aura in Battlegrounds.
  • Druid
    • Efflorescence will now work properly when Swiftmend is used on a guardian or pet belonging to a party member. ...

Season of Discovery Phase 3 Now Live!

Adventurers can now level from 41 to 50, earn up to 10 additional talent points, brave new encounters in the Sunken Temple (Temple of Atal’Hakkar) as a new 20-player raid dungeon, discover new runes and abilities, and more!

New Rune Discoveries Discover at least 6 new runes for each class by engaging in fun new puzzles, quests, and secrets. Utilize two new gear slots available in helms and bracers to apply your new runes.

Nightmare Incursions ...