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Latest Updates

Early Access Hotfix #56

Hi Adventurers, This hotfix continues to address minor bugs and adds quality of life improvements such as accessing a (non-dynamic) quest log from within the dungeon and the display of gear score for all party members in the lobby when readying up. We’ve updated the Frost Wyvern initiation process so it no longer requires the assistance of other teams. Finally, we’ve added a new shop item that allows customers to change their account name. Thanks and see you in the dungeons! IRONMACE ...

Early Access Hotfix #55-1

Hi. Adventurers, Unfortunately, due to some serious issues, including the inability to make payments on the Steam platform, we are moving forward with Hotfix #55-1. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. See you in the dungeon! IRONMACE Changes:

  • Fixed an issue where payments could not be made on the Steam platform.
  • (Reverted) Fixed an issue where certain item holders that could float in the air, such as arrows, had a blocking effect. ...

Hotfix #55

Hi Adventurers, This week’s hotfix introduces minor balance changes and the reintroduction of the ‘Unique’ grade items to the item pool to make looting a little more enticing for High-Rollers. We’ve also introduced an interaction time when looting an opposing player’s corpse to make scavenging during a battle a riskier endeavor. We are nearing completion of the new matchmaking system that will assist in creating better sessions for everyone. In the meantime, we will continue to experiment...

Early Access Hotfix #54-1

Hi Adventurers, This week’s hotfix comes a little early due to issues with the Adventurer Rank system. At the start of this season, we had decided we wanted to try and make the Leaderboards more “skill-based” and remove some of the more random aspects of the system, such as the management of your inventory with trinkets and found gear. We wanted to have adventurers focus more on actions within the dungeons such as killing monsters and interacting with dungeon elements. ...

Early Access Hotfix #54

Hello Adventurers, The recent hotfix addresses minor bugs and improvements to stability. We fixed issues with several spells not scaling properly with the attributes. We have made some minor balance changes to slightly improve the Ranger and Rogue’s effectiveness using certain builds against full plate without making a big impact against the squishier classes. We’ve also addressed some oversights with the AP system where the treasure score was not removed as previously promised, and a bug where...

Early Access Hotfix #53

Hello, adventurers! We are happy to announce the introduction of the platform link system. This system allows players to transfer their progression from a previous platform to a new platform. This means that if you had previously purchased the game, you are no longer bound to a single platform and can play on the platform of your choice without the need to repurchase the game. Existing players can access the platform link by going to the 'Options' menu and selecting the ‘Platform’ option from...