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Latest Updates

Stable v20240120.1


  • Attempt to make bancho more forgiving when database becomes unavailable

Difficulty Calculation

  • Display difficulty calculation progress on song select
  • Add a timeout on background difficulty calculations - Some silly beatmaps were processing forever, causing difficulty calculation to never finish.
  • Only compute flashlight rating on osu! ruleset when required

Stable v20240102.2


  • Fix format of /me messages coming from lazer
  • Bring an end to christmas


  • Add medal condition for "Literal"
  • Add medal condition for "Festive Fever"
  • Add medal condition for "Value your Identity"
  • Add medal condition for "Banana Republic"
  • Add medal condition for "Hybrid Hyperion"
  • Add medal condition for "Unwilted"
  • Add medal condition for "Divination Break"
  • Add medal condition for "Dexterity"

Stable v20231219.2

Song Select

  • Only show background difficulty calculation notification once - A heads up that it's going to take a while for this to complete for users with large beatmap libraries – the new difficulty calculation algorithm is very slow. Expect it to take 10+ minutes per 1,000 beatmaps (difficulties) loaded.

Stable v20231217.1

Difficulty Calculation

  • Fix catch conversion mappings not containing hyperdash value
  • Rework difficulty calculation logic to allow for updated (lazer) calculations - Importantly, this brings in changes which are not yet live on the web star ratings, so there may be a minor discrepancy with expectations. We intend to update the server-side star ratings in the near future, which will bring this back in line. ...

Stable v20231207.2

Gameplay (osu!mania)

  • Fix mania HP regen being too weak on LN-heavy maps


  • Let's enjoy some christmas vibes - Music: nekodex - Little Drummer GirlArtwork: Winter 2023 Fanart entrants

Stable v20231121.5


  • Fix editor menu not showing