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Latest Updates

Stable v20240513.1


  • Randomise menu image shown first


  • Increase spectator client limits to allow 16 player spectating without special permissions

Song Select

  • Fix map select client freeze on certain maps

Stable v20240425.2


  • Bug fixes and minor improvements

Stable v20240423.2

Main Menu

  • Fix some issues with menu banner rotation
  • Fix menu banners switching too fast after entering song select

Stable v20240411.1

Main Menu

  • Use new data source for main menu banners - Now shared between stable and lazer, so everyone sees the same content. Also supports better rotation now so we can show more than one event at once!

Stable v20240330.2

Difficulty Calculation

  • Only compute flashlight skill when required
  • Refactor background difficulty calculation - This is a general refactor of background difficulty calculation which improves simplicity but also squashed a few bugs. Notably, it fixes difficulty calculation getting stuck occasionally after using the editor.


  • Update bancho to populate the stats table with lazer totals
  • Add valentine's medal ...

Stable v20240120.1


  • Attempt to make bancho more forgiving when database becomes unavailable

Difficulty Calculation

  • Display difficulty calculation progress on song select
  • Add a timeout on background difficulty calculations - Some silly beatmaps were processing forever, causing difficulty calculation to never finish.
  • Only compute flashlight rating on osu! ruleset when required