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Latest Updates

Stable v20220829


  • Adjust chat key spam detection to not trigger on valid sentences
  • Don't send messages to server when sent in #highlight / #userlog


  • Fix osu!mania scores not being submitted if using touch device


  • Don't show ignored users in spectator user list


  • Limit taiko-slider minimum size to 50px - Some users were skinning this to 1px and causing huge game lag.

Reliability ...

Stable v20220424


  • Disable windows key during breaks/intro when in multiplayer - Windows key was already blocked during gameplay, but allowed during break time. While this makes sense for solo play, it didn't in multiplayer setting when the game doesn't pause when it loses focus. This was experienced by one poor soul in the osu!taiko world cup.


  • Fix searching in osu!direct for keywords with "*" in them

Stable v20220406.3

Song Select

  • Populate and display featured artist metadata when available - As we venture towards adding more and more artists to the Featured Artist lineup, we hope to integrate the links with artists in the game. This is a first step towards doing so, and basically the minimum requirements for now.

Stable v20220323


  • Don't toggle "sample viewing mode" in mania editor (tab key) if alt is also held - This fixes alt-tabbing out of the mania editor causing notes to disappear. Most people don't even realise what has happened and think it's a bug. It's definitely weird and unexpected behaviour, and should be harder to accidentally trigger now. ...

Stable v20220307


  • Fix screen going black on attempting to enter the editor on some multi-monitor configurations - Thanks for everyone's patience on this issue. We were hoping nvidia would provide a fix but that hasn't happened until now. I was able to reproduce this over recent months and finally got a chance to look into it and (hopefully) make a fix that works for everyone.

Editor ...

Stable v20220222.1


  • Fix mirror script erroneously decoding already decoded filename parameter
  • Fix potential crash during beatmap submission
  • Fix restoring beatmap from graveyard occasionally failing to update displayed status


  • Fix snap issues being incorrectly reported for slider ends
  • Fix one more case of incorrectly reported unsnaps