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Latest Updates

Stable v20230326


  • Update some country names to latest versions
  • Fix pausing during maps with very long spinner spam not working
  • Ensure beatmap volume specifications are always processed to a sane 0-100 range

Stable v20230206


  • Fix multiplayer game invites not always arriving

Stable v20230121.1

Gameplay (osu!catch)

  • ScoreV2: Change droplet portion to 40% as per updated proposal
  • ScoreV2: Change bananas to be worth 200 points
  • ScoreV2: Remove combo multipliers for HR, HD, and DT


  • Fix bancho not properly understanding tournament bans
  • Add support for falling back to web based account creation

Stable v20230101.2


  • End christmas - Happy new year to all
  • Update seasonal artwork to "new beginnings" contest winners


  • Deduplicate sites config

Stable v20221220.1


  • Merry christmas! - Thanks for spending it with us! I hope you have an enjoyable and relaxing end of year. We are still hard at work here and hope to get some new surprises out on osu!lazer (aka the ever-looming major update). Stay tuned for more information on that. Also, as of today you can now attach a message when gifting a supporter tag! I know that people enjoy giving supporter as a gift over Christmas so was very happy to finally provide this functionality hopefully in time for...

Stable v20221208.5

Gameplay (osu!)

  • Slightly delay pausing around spinner starts to avoid potential spin rate bug - This aims to fix a long-standing bug that some users inadvertently (or sometimes intentionally) trigger, causing a spinner to spin faster than it should. This change will not be noticeable in any way as it only delays pause internally in very rare cases (within range of a spinner), and only by <150ms at most.