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Latest Updates

Patch Notes For 2024-05-15.1

Defect Fixes: Technical:

  • Fixed an issue where some players would experience a client crash upon unexpected disconnect.


  • After experiencing an unexpected disconnect, client sound will now persist until closing the client.

Patch Notes For 2024-05-14.1

Defect Fixes: Technical:

  • Fixed an issue with icon images on the CDN appearing corrupted.

Patch Notes For 2024-05-13.1

Features & Changes: Corp Projects:

  • Improved Corporation Projects loading times, resulting in faster response times for capsuleers.
  • Enhanced Corporation Project history functionality. Players can now access past goals within a specified timeframe. All goals within the designated range will be fetched with a default sort order, with subsequent filtering and sorting performed by capsuleers.

AIR Opportunities: ...

Patch Notes For 2024-05-10.1

Features & Changes: Gameplay:

  • Increased the chance of Abyssal Battlefields sites dropping filament blueprints and materials for the same tier.
  • Increased the chance to discover EDENCOM Expedition Debris in Tier 4 Abyssal Battlefields combat sites.
  • Increased the baseline value of Tier 2 & 3 Abyssal Battlefields relic sites by decreasing the variance of certain loot drops.

Defect Fixes: Technical: ...

Patch Notes For 2024-05-07.1

Features & Changes: Missions and NPCs:

  • The Upwell Consortium will no longer offer reward crates for drone parts in Auviken. Upwell would like to thank all capsuleers who participated.


  • Billboards ads for the recent Anger Games 6 and Frigate Free 4 All have been removed from the rotation.

Patch Notes For 2024-05-03.1

Features & Changes: Capsuleer Day XXI

  • Adjusted loot drops for EDENCOM Scout Stash.
  • Reduced the time it takes for enemies to react when a player is no longer invulnerable in Abyssal Battlefields sites.

Defect Fixes: Capsuleer Day XXI

  • Fixed an issue where the Capsuleer Day XXI Capsule SKIN couldn't be applied to Genolution 'Auroral' 197-variant Capsules.