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Latest Updates

Patch Notes For 2023-12-01.1

Features & Changes: Universe:

  • Office spaces in Zarzakh have been increased from 24 to 48

Defect Fixes:

  • The Traits tab on the Aligator is once again visible.

Patch Notes For 2023-11-30.1

Features & Changes: Universe:

  • Security audits continue throughout core Gallente space, with CONCORD reporting that the security ratings of Villore, Arnon, and Parchanier have all increased to 0.8. Bereye, the Federation’s Judicial Branch capital, received an increase in Federal garrison numbers and saw its security rating rise to 0.8 as well. In the Minmatar Republic, Hek’s security rating rose to 0.7 as RSS paramilitary police troops arrived in large numbers.

Market: ...

Patch Notes For 2023-11-28.1

Features & Changes: Universe:

  • The continuing chaos brought upon by the Pirate Insurgencies has encouraged the Gallente Federation to carry on with their security audits, with Villore’s rating increasing further to 0.7. Navy strongholds, installations, and outposts have been constructed in Arnon and Parchanier to increase their defensive power as well, raising their security to 0.7. ...

Patch Notes For 2023-11-24.1

Defect Fixes: Gameplay:

  • Fixed an insurgency bug where after the pirates won, a FW Ihub could be invulnerable until downtime after the pirates gave it back.


  • Fixed multiple issues with decals and emblems not displaying properly across several ships.
  • Fixed an issue where Aurora VFX were appearing on other SKINs.
  • Fixed the glowmap on the Thrasher Fleet Issue’s boosters.
  • Adjusted the lifetime of GPU particles for missile impact smoke. ...

Patch Notes For 2023-11-23.1

Features & Changes: Pirate Insurgencies:

  • Increased the amount suppression gained when the empire militias complete insurgency sites by 33%.
  • Decreased forecasting time for future insurgencies from 48h to 24h.
  • When a former insurgency FOB system ends the period of pirate occupancy after a pirate victory, it will now start at 100 points over the victory point threshold required to make the IHub vulnerable, instead of 500 points over the threshold. ...

Patch Notes For 2023-11-22.1

Defect Fixes: User Interface:

  • Fixed a rare issue where solarsystem info panel would fail to display if the corruption/suppression service timed out when a client was trying to connect.