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Latest Updates

Foundations Patch 1

Vanity Skin Transfers With this patch, a number of vanity skins are being made account-wide, so that they can be used on the Albion Europe server. For more information and a list of affected skins, see this forum post: Combat Balance Changes Arcane Staffs

  • Starfall (Astral Staff)
    • Resilience Penetration Buff: 35% → 50% Swords
  • Limitbreaker (Infinity Blade) ...

Foundations Hotfix #1

Foundations Hotfix


  • Fixed an issue where sometimes an error would occur when trying to raid a territory

Foundations Update

Fortifications Overview

  • Fortifications are upgradable walls, gates and guards for Territories
  • To raid or conquer a territory you’ll need to fight your way through these Fortifications
  • Fortifications can be built and upgraded with a Territory’s Fortification Points
  • When a Territory owner changes, or at the end of a Guild Season, all Fortifications are reset

Fortification Points   ...

Crystal Raiders Hotfix 4.2

Please note: This hotfix is currently unavailable for iOS and Android. Mobile users will receive this fix with a later patch. Albion Europe Fixes:  

  • [DESKTOP] Fixed issue with Bronze Founder Nametags not displaying

Crystal Raiders Hotfix 4.1 (Desktop only)

Please note: This hotfix is not currently available for iOS and Android. Mobile users will receive these fixes at a later date. Fixes

  • Fixed issue where a number of spells had missing statistic tooltips

Crystal Raiders Patch 4

Turkish and Arabic Added Albion Online now offers support for Turkish and Arabic, with the game fully playable in these languages:  

  • These languages are selectable from within the launcher or via the in-game Settings menu
  • Dedicated chat channels have been added to the game for these languages
  • Forthcoming news articles will appear in these languages ...