Albion Online

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Latest Updates

Beyond the Veil Patch 7

Changes and Improvements

  • "Select / Unselect All" button added to Marketplace UI
  • Streamlined and improved guild logo creation
  • Added item icons to tooltips of harvestables
  • [DESKTOP] Minimap can now be collapsed and re-expanded in main HUD (already implemented on mobile)
  • [MOBILE] Map tooltips now offset from point of touch
  • [ALBION EAST] System-provided Carrot Soups and Mules removed from Marketplaces ...

Beyond the Veil Hotfix 6.1


  • "Play Tutorial" button is now on by default (first character on an account must still always play the tutorial, and any additional characters can skip)
  • [PC / Mac / Linux] Fixed issue where the overhead HUD buttons would be grayed out after completing tutorial

Note: This is an optional client-side hotfix for desktop clients only; older clients remain compatible.   ...

Beyond the Veil Patch 6

This patch contains preparatory changes for the launch of the Albion East server on March 20, 2023.


  • Fixed rare issue where failed spell casts did not properly reset spell cooldowns

Beyond the Veil Patch 5

New Twitch Drops

This patch expands our available Twitch Drop rewards, with 19 new wardrobe skins and 2 new mount skins. These can now appear in all Community Chests and be purchased at the Vanity Merchant.

Crystal League and Crystal Arena

Crystal League match rules are changing next season. Runestones now score less frequently, but successfully scored Runestones reset each round. This stops teams from simply getting a Runestone advantage, playing defensively, and winning over time. To make up...

Beyond the Veil Hotfix 4.32


  • Fixed issue where audio would cut out when game window was not in focus

Older client versions remain compatible.   Hotfix 4.31 was a server-side hotfix that only affected Beta players: [21. February 2023] Beyond the Veil Hotfix 4.31 (Beta server)

Beyond the Veil Hotfix 4.2


  • Fixed issue where server status was not updated for guest accounts
  • Added missing chat shortcuts for Indonesian and Traditional Chinese
  • Spinning Blades (Dual Swords): Auto-attack buff duration is now 3 seconds again
  • [STEAM] Fixed issue where server selection would sometimes become locked