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Latest Updates

Update v0.140

In this update we have addressed a few important issues and requests, such as a few Saving/Loading related bugs (Fish spawner and same key 500000), added complete keybinding, loot respawning and the claiming islands feature. Here is the full changelog: New Features and Content:

  • Added complete keybinding (you can almost bind every key, on a normal keyboard).

  • Added loot respawning feature (10% for all locations every 10 days).


Hotfix 0.134 Loading Bug Fixed

We have fixed the issue where, upon loading the game, a window sometimes pops up displaying "Load Error_0.133," causing the loading process to fail. If you have encountered this problem before, please update to version 0.134 and attempt to load your game. If your base items are still missing, please email us the save files, and we will do our best to recover your saves at ...

Update v0.132

Improved password security.

  • Bug Fix: Bullets now properly hit enemies even after extended gaming sessions (the hitbox bug).

  • Bug Fix: Loot boxes now drop consistently after your boat is destroyed.

  • Bug Fix: Chests are now open regardless of the host's distance.

  • Bug Fix: Helicopters no longer sink underground upon loading.

  • Improved horizontal movement with reduced flickering, resulting in increased movement smoothness.

  • Improved camera motion for a smoother experience.


Hotifx v0.131

Bug Fix: Dropped loot disappears after a few seconds

  • Bug Fix: Non-hosts can't see chests on boats

  • Bug Fix: No special screen effects display when you sleep, die, drown

  • Removed durability for diving fins, scope, etc If you have any questions or concerns, please always reach out to us via the Steam Forums or Discord.

Update 0.130

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where enemies couldn't perform pathfinding within your base after loading the game.

  • Fixed a bug where the heavy machinegun's rotation was not saved.

  • Fixed the issue where players couldn't sleep on separate beds in co-op mode.

  • Fixed a bug where structures couldn't be rotated once snapped.

  • Fixed a battery bug that prevented the replacement of empty batteries.

  • Fixed a few map-related collider issues.


Hotfix v0.121

Fixed a bug where players could accidentally hit themselves with their own gun.

  • Resolved an issue where ladder colliders obstructed bullets inappropriately.

  • Enemies no longer shoot in directions unrelated to their line of sight.

  • Addressed instances of invisible colliders appearing in various locations.

  • Adjusted the Seafood Platter effect to properly grant 50 health upon consumption.

  • Fixed the rotation of the Heavy Machinegun.

  • Added enemy footstep sounds. ...