• Premium Features
    • No Sponsored Updates
      Your server will be excluded from all sponsored messages.
    • Unlimited Game Subscriptions
      Premium servers can subscribe the same game to multiple channels.
    • Pinned Messages
      PatchBot will automatically pin updates to the channel.
    • Mention Roles
      @ specific roles when a new update is posted.
  • game-updates
    Rust Factorio PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Team Fortress 2 Warframe PayDay 2 Diablo III Counter-Strike: GO League of Legends Rocket League Starcraft II Overwatch Hearthstone Heroes of the Storm World of Warcraft Path of Exile Rainbow 6 Siege Minecraft Destiny 2 Ark Sea of Thieves Black Desert Online Smite Paladins Guild Wars 2 Garry's Mod For Honor Grand Theft Auto 5 Realm Royale Vermintide 2 Final Fantasy XIV No Man's Sky SCUM Monster Hunter World Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Fallout 76 Battlefield V
    Pin Updates
    Mention Roles
    Moderator Gamer Admin
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      2 days ago
What's the difference?
Features Free Premium
Unlimited Game Updates
Subscribe to all supported games
Game updates can go to multiple channels
Mention Roles when PatchBot updates a channel
Pinned Messages
Priority Distribution
Messages can be sponsored
PatchBot Premium for Server Owners

Server Owners

By adding PatchBot Premium to your server, you unlock more features for your members and sponsorship-free updates!

PatchBot Premium for Server Members

Server Members

Anyone can gift a server with PatchBot Premium. Show your server some love and gift one month, or an entire year! Your name will appear on the server page.