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Latest Updates


Game Improvements

Easy Anti-Cheat

  • Sea of Thieves is now protected by Easy Anti-Cheat, the industry-leading anti-cheat solution designed by Epic Games to identify and address instances of hacking and cheating in multiplayer games.
  • This anti-cheat solution will be updated outside of Sea of Thieves’ regular update schedule to keep in sync with cheat developers.

Safer Seas Solo Play ...


Game Improvements

GDK Integration

  • Sea of Thieves now operates on the latest Xbox GDK (Game Development Kit). Players on PC are encouraged to update to the latest graphics drivers to ensure the best compatibility and performance.
  • Sea of Thieves now supports DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 where supported by the hardware. While the title will now auto-detect and optimise the experience, players can also choose within the game settings. ...


Sea of Thieves On Demand

Access all the adventure you crave more quickly than ever before with Season 11’s overhaul of Voyages and encounters! Explore a redesigned Quest system, major expansions to most Trading Companies and new rewards and Distinctions to earn as you progress. On Demand

  • With a Quest Table on board each ship now providing the ability to choose from all available outings and dive directly to the scene of a Voyage, Tall Tale or new Raid Voyage, players have unprecedented...

Hotfix –

Fixed Issues


  • Lost Shipments and Prized Merchant Alliance Commission Voyages are once again available for purchase.
  • Crews taking on a Lost Shipments Voyage should now encounter the correct number of Merchant Crates when unlocking the Captain’s Cabin.


  • Players who are part of a Guild that has unlocked Guild clothing rewards are once again free to wear the rewards when sailing as part of any other Guild, or outside a Guild session.

Performance and Stability ...


Safer Seas

Following Guilds and the Skull of Siren Song Voyage comes Season Ten's third major feature update: Safer Seas, a new mode that offers a way to find your sea legs, immerse yourself in adventure and explore the world as you like with no other player crews present. Available now! Welcome to Safer Seas ...

Hotfix –


Skull of Siren Song Curse Balancing

  • While all ships continue to be afflicted by a curse once the Skull of Siren Song is on board, Galleons and Brigantines will now be further slowed by its effects.
Fixed Issues

Skull of Siren Song Voyage

  • The Chest and Key recovered during the Voyage can now consistently be used together to unlock the Skull. ...