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Hotfix –

### Updates Skull of Siren Song Curse Balancing

  • While all ships continue to be afflicted by a curse once the Skull of Siren Song is on board, Galleons and Brigantines will now be further slowed by its effects.

### Fixed Issues Skull of Siren Song Voyage

  • The Chest and Key recovered during the Voyage can now consistently be used together to unlock the Skull. ...


### Skull of Siren Song Voyage Following on from Guilds in October, the second of Season Ten’s major features is this brand new competitive Voyage – delivered as a shared emergent World Event that can be joined by any or all crews on a server, triggering a dynamic race for the prize. Available now! Seeking the Skull of Siren Song ...

Release Notes Hotfix –

## Release Notes Hotfix – ### Updates Legendary Search for the Skull of Destiny Voyage

  • The Legendary Search for the Skull of Destiny Voyages are once again available for purchase and have been returned to their original prices. Players can purchase a single Voyage from the Pirate Lord or shipwrights for 100 Doubloons, or the Voyage Bundle from shipwrights for 500 Doubloons.

### Fixed Issues Performance and Stability ...

Release Notes 2.9.0

### Sea of Thieves Season Ten Overview Trailer Duration 1:12 ### Guilds The first of Season Ten’s major features to arrive, Guilds builds on Sea of Thieves’ previous Captaincy update and allows players to expand their bonds with friends, enjoy asynchronous progression and work together under a shared banner to earn exclusive rewards. Available now! Introducing Guilds ...

Release Notes 2.8.6

### ‘The Lair of LeChuck’ Launch Trailer Duration 1:31 ### Pirate Emporium Show off your personal style with purchases from the Pirate Emporium! Pick up cosmetics such as ship liveries, costumes, weapons, pets and emotes using your Ancient Coins, purchasable with real money. Head to the Pirate Emporium page to find out more about the latest arrivals. New Items – Now in Stock!

  • Legend of Monkey Island Sails and Figurehead ...

Release Notes Hotfix –

## Release Notes Hotfix – ### Fixed Issues Gameplay

  • Pirates entering the water or setting foot on islands should no longer find themselves set upon by emergent threats so quickly. Lingering in the water and sauntering around islands will still result in an ambush sooner or later, but not at the same frequency as before. ‘The Quest for Guybrush’