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Patch #23 - Hotfix 2

Patch #23 Hotfix 2 Changelog 08/11/2021

Another small hotfix to iron out some map issues mostly.


  • fixed turn cap issue with vehicles


  • Fix for collision issue on Feitoria stairs
  • Removed ballista from Castello smaller modes
  • Altered Castello ballista turn limits to be stricter
  • Removed 8 minutes total from Castello INV to reduce frequency of long matches
  • Fixed issue with Castello foliage density not applying to all foliage ...

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Patch #23 - Hotfix 1

Patch #23 Hotfix 1 Changelog 29/10/2021

Minor hot fix mostly addressing the new version of Castello, and the new heart beat sound.


  • Altered capture point sizes on Castello
  • Adjusted spawns on some objectives for INV Castello
  • Fixed Castello AI movement being broken in general
  • Added some out of bounds areas to prevent griefing on first objective.


  • Adjusted heart beat sound to fall off in volume faster.

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MORDHAU Patch #23 & Halloween

Patch #23 brings a rework of Castello, which has been redesigned to flow and perform better.

Toolbox users will find that they're able to place a deployable spawn in Frontline and Invasion modes, which allows allies to spawn closer to the battle.

There's also the shawm, a brand new instrument for bards to embrace.

Some cosmetics are also included in this patch, most notably the jester set.


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Patch #22 - Hotfix 3

Patch #22 Hotfix 3 Changelog 20/09/2021


  • Fix attempt for lowered server performance/tickrate
  • Fixed player name stripping being too aggressive, should now allow more symbols to be used
  • Fixed a few occurrences of target info (name, etc) not showing
  • Fixed the broken character that appeared in main menu after Hotfix 2
  • Reverted an optimization that caused black flickering artifacts on landscapes for some people
  • Fixed Horde invincibility bug ...

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Patch #22 - Hotfix 2

This hotfix includes fixes for some critical issues that came up with Patch #22. We are still looking into an issue involving a bug that lowers server performance temporarily, causing desynced gameplay and lag. We are investigating and working on solving this issue, but have not been able to track it down just yet.

Patch #22 Hotfix 2 Changelog 17/09/2021


  • Horses now slow down slightly more when hit by melee weapon

Weapons & Equipment   ...

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Patch #22 - Hotfix 1

Patch #22 Hotfix 1 Changelog 09/09/2021


  • Fixed cases where destroyables like doors would allow weapons to phase through (allowing hitting through doors, kicking through doors, etc).
  • 2H throwable rock now lets you partially sprint as long as you are not throwing, and throw windup speed from 0.9s to 0.7s


  • Fixed FL_Castello mortar ranged issues
  • Fixed Crossroads grass
  • Fixed Crossroads AI homepoint and possesion suicide bug ...