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Build #11 Hotfix 2

This hotfix aims to improve the stability of our backend, some client and server side CPU optimizations, as well as other miscellaneous fixes.

Patch #11 Hotfix 2 Changelog 20/09/2019

  • Changes to improve backend stability
  • Players are now locked out of most menus if connecting to the backend times out (5 min) and asked to try again later; primarily prevents players from breaking their loadouts
  • Fixed community servers not logging back in after their session expires ...

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Patch #11 Hotfix

Patch #11 Hotfix 1 Changelog 11/09/2019

  • Fixed mirrored siege tower applying damage on wrong side when it falls.
  • Fix for Invasion objective characters (commander/warden) healing with bandage when pressing mode switch (also fixed mode switch healing when at full hp and wasting bandage)
  • Warden's mace in Invasion can no longer be dropped
  • Fixed loadout switching breaking in duels
  • Fix for warden not being offered to 2nd best player first ...

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Patch #10

Patch #10


  • Auto kick teamkill amount reduced to 5
  • Horde - players can no longer be flinched, have 15% faster melee windups, 50% less melee miss recovery and receive 50% less damage from projectiles
  • Horde health on kill reduced to 10
  • Fixed remaining server is full error
  • Global official server ban list is now active

Combat   ...

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Patch #9 Hotfix 2

This is a small hotfix to address "Server is full" when matchmaking for ranked duels. Together with the previous hotfix this should finally address this issue in full. Please make sure to restart Steam to ensure you have downloaded the patch!

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Patch #9 Hotfix 1

Just a small Hotfix to fix the most glaring ranked matchmaking issues and other miscellaneous stuff.

  • Fixed MMR/placement match count reverting
  • Fixed slot reservation for matchmaking lobby members (fixes “Server is full” message)
  • FIxed ranked duel countdown UI
  • Small fixes on Crossroads (stuckspots etc.)
  • Fixed missing font for Korean localization
  • Fix for bug sometimes causing ranked duels to be 2v1
  • Fixed votekick 10 minute ban being global, now it is only for that server ...

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Patch #8 Hotfix - Fixes for Start-up crashes

We've just pushed a quick hotfix that should fix the crashes that occured on startup related to the Steam Inventory consolidation.

Sorry to those that were affected by this.