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Patch #19 - Hotfix 3

Patch #19 Hotfix 3 Changelog 2/10/2020


  • Fixed thrown weapons not switching to slots at position > 3 after depleted
  • Implemented ranked Teamfight matchmaking progressive ban penalties for leaving, only takes effect if you’re the first person to leave the match
  • Raised Duel and Teamfight waiting for players time by 5s (from 30s to 35s) to help with late loaders
  • Raised Duel and Teamfight round start timer to 5s, allowing more time to switch loadouts between matches ...

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Patch #19 - Hotfix 2

Patch #19 Hotfix 2 Changelog 23/09/2020


  • Potential fix for party members joining an empty lobby
  • Increased matchmaking timeout from 20s to 40s
  • Fixed bug that could cause some matchmaking functions to run out of order
  • Added projectile blockers to the sides of Truce spawns
  • Teamfight spawn distance on Truce now same as on Arena
  • Adjusted slow look smoothing in ranged release

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Patch #19 Hotfix 1 - 22/09/2020

This hotfix for update 19 includes miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

Patch #19 Hotfix 1 Changelog 22/09/2020

General   Fixed backend requests not being sent due to wrong system time   Fixed Teamfight MMR calculations awarding/taking wrong amounts of MMR   Various matchmaking bug fixes   Fixed slight OoB's issue on TDM Arena   Changed shadow settings on Arena to match the other map   Scoreboard entry death overlay slightly more translucent   ...

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MORDHAU Patch #19

With this update we’re releasing Ranked Teamfight - work your way up the leaderboards in a fast paced 3v3 mode! Face off against similarly skilled opponents with your friends, or queue in solo if you prefer.

Alongside the new mode, we’re releasing two new smaller-scale maps Arena and Truce, which will be the maps used in both Teamfight and Duel, and will also be available in the Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Skirmish modes.


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Patch #18 Hotfix 1

This Hotfix addresses a variety of bugs and issues that came forward with the latest patch.

P.S: Servers might take a little while until they are back up again!

Patch #18 Hotfix 1 Changelog 08/07/2020


  • Potential fix for suicidal horde bots on Feitoria docks
  • Moved a Horde spawn point on Camp
  • Adjusted first objective spawn protection on INV_Camp_1
  • Tweaked spawn protection of 2nd and 3rd objective on INV_Castello_0 ...

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MORDHAU Patch #18

Patch 18 is here!

Coming with this update is a variety of content and gameplay additions - starting off, we hope you'll enjoy our newest weapon, the Polehammer. This weapon features high damage couple with considerable reach, although it's definitely not the most agile - make sure to keep a backup for close quarters!

A new weapon - the Polehammer