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Latest Updates

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Patch #8 Hotfix - Fixes for Start-up crashes

We've just pushed a quick hotfix that should fix the crashes that occured on startup related to the Steam Inventory consolidation.

Sorry to those that were affected by this.

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Patch #8 - Steam Inventory fixes, CPU optimizations & Crossroads tweaks

Patch #8 is mainly a Hotfix for the ongoing Steam Inventory issues that prevented a large number of you from playing online. Additionally we’ve squeezed in some optimizations on the CPU side.   Lastly there has been some changes to Crossroads due to the very mixed feedback we’ve gotten from you guys.


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Patch #7 - New content, one million copies sold & trading cards live!

First of all, thank you for the support! In the past month, we’ve hit 1 million copies sold; we can’t thank you enough and we’re so happy you’re enjoying MORDHAU!

This update brings the map Crossroads, a large scale battle featuring horses, mortars, and a dangerous single objective to hold in the center.

Other additions include the Javelin, a dedicated throwable spear, as well as the Heavy Hand Axe, which has a repair hammer on the back of it!


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Patch #6 Hotfix 1

This is a very small hotfix patch to address certain cosmetic skins having more range in patch #6, which was unintended. Make sure to restart Steam to ensure the update is applied.

  • Fixed Kleines Messer and Baron's Cutter (cleaver skins) having more range than the base cleaver skins

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Patch #6 Changelog

Just in case, make sure to restart Steam so that the patch downloads.

Patch #06 Changelog


  • Spectators can no longer initiate or participate in vote kicks
  • Starting votekicks and casting votes against enemies is no longer possible in team modes
  • Avoiding votekicks by leaving the server is no longer possible
  • Votekicks now need more vote majority to succeed
  • Fixed unlocking getting stuck
  • Fixed high level unlocks staying locked despite reaching the level ...

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Patch #5

This is a small client patch. It fixes the notorious ghost bug. Patch notes:

  • Fixed ghost bug
  • Fixed not full server browser filter not working
  • Fixed Yoink achievement not working
  • Fixed change banner button being partially covered by the stats widget on some aspect ratios
  • Fixed face tab displaying wrong header