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Latest Updates

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Patch #24 - Hotfix 3

Patch #24 - Hotfix #3 Changelog 30/12/2021


  • Fix attempt for loss of spectator controls/input on death which happened to some players and required reconnecting
  • Fixed stuck spot on Cortile
  • Fixed a Castello exploitable spot
  • Fixed Gothic pauldrons not being masked correctly
  • Horde: Poleaxe hammer mode now has chip damage
  • Horde: Fixed a bot stuck spot on Camp rocks

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Patch #24 - Hotfix 2

Another quick hotfix before the end of the year.

Patch #24 - Hotfix #2 Changelog 29/12/2021


  • Fix attempt for Noria gate not destroying properly
  • Fixed Noria wheel collision desyncing
  • Small optimizations for burnable objectives (FX/Decals/Audio)
  • Minor Cortile fixes
  • Misc Equipment/Armor LOD fixes
  • Tweaks to toolbox buildable placement
  • Fixes for Taiga landscape breaking
  • Fixed tent collision settings on Camp not blocking projectiles ...

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Patch #24 - Hotfix 1

Patch #24 Hotfix 1 Changelog 22/12/2021

Small batch of fixes to address some issues on Noria, as well as some other miscellaneous problems.


  • Fixed some climb exploits and stuck spots on Noria
  • Fixed Horde spawns on HRD_Noria
  • Tweaked audio on Cortile
  • Fixed music on Castello being duplicated
  • Fixed players sometimes getting stuck in the ground after getting revived in Horde
  • Fixed Horde HUD button prompts not corresponding to bound button ...

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Patch #23 - Hotfix 2

Patch #23 Hotfix 2 Changelog 08/11/2021

Another small hotfix to iron out some map issues mostly.


  • fixed turn cap issue with vehicles


  • Fix for collision issue on Feitoria stairs
  • Removed ballista from Castello smaller modes
  • Altered Castello ballista turn limits to be stricter
  • Removed 8 minutes total from Castello INV to reduce frequency of long matches
  • Fixed issue with Castello foliage density not applying to all foliage ...

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Patch #23 - Hotfix 1

Patch #23 Hotfix 1 Changelog 29/10/2021

Minor hot fix mostly addressing the new version of Castello, and the new heart beat sound.


  • Altered capture point sizes on Castello
  • Adjusted spawns on some objectives for INV Castello
  • Fixed Castello AI movement being broken in general
  • Added some out of bounds areas to prevent griefing on first objective.


  • Adjusted heart beat sound to fall off in volume faster.

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MORDHAU Patch #23 & Halloween

Patch #23 brings a rework of Castello, which has been redesigned to flow and perform better.

Toolbox users will find that they're able to place a deployable spawn in Frontline and Invasion modes, which allows allies to spawn closer to the battle.

There's also the shawm, a brand new instrument for bards to embrace.

Some cosmetics are also included in this patch, most notably the jester set.