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Patch #22 - Hotfix 2

This hotfix includes fixes for some critical issues that came up with Patch #22. We are still looking into an issue involving a bug that lowers server performance temporarily, causing desynced gameplay and lag. We are investigating and working on solving this issue, but have not been able to track it down just yet.

Patch #22 Hotfix 2 Changelog 17/09/2021


  • Horses now slow down slightly more when hit by melee weapon

Weapons & Equipment   ...

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Patch #22 - Hotfix 1

Patch #22 Hotfix 1 Changelog 09/09/2021


  • Fixed cases where destroyables like doors would allow weapons to phase through (allowing hitting through doors, kicking through doors, etc).
  • 2H throwable rock now lets you partially sprint as long as you are not throwing, and throw windup speed from 0.9s to 0.7s


  • Fixed FL_Castello mortar ranged issues
  • Fixed Crossroads grass
  • Fixed Crossroads AI homepoint and possesion suicide bug ...

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MORDHAU Patch #22

With Patch #22, we have upgraded Unreal Engine from 4.20 to 4.25. This spans two years worth of engine updates, solving many underlying technical issues and giving us access to new tools. We know this took a while, but we had to make sure everything still works, and fix a lot of things that simply stopped working for one reason or another.


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Patch #21 - Hotfix 4

Another one.

Patch #21 Hotfix 4 Changelog 27/04/2021


  • Mountain Peak INV: Fixed players being able to camp prisoners before the ram objective is over.
  • Mountain Peak INV Adjusted all VIP containment volumes
  • Mountain Peak INV: Slightly moved back and stretched the spawns for both teams on prisoner stage
  • Mountain Peak FFA: Moved a spawn point that was on top of a tower without a way to go down ...

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Patch #21 - Hotfix 3

Another batch of fixes hot off the presses.

Patch #21 Hotfix 3 Changelog 23/04/2021


  • Extensive client CPU optimizations controlled by the character quality setting
  • Fixed double knockback in melee
  • Potential fixes for strange ragdoll falling collision detection
  • Repositioned Zweihander to more accessible position in HRD_Grad
  • Adjusted ballista impact sound
  • Footsteps minor pitch adjustment (for bit more variation)
  • Ladder climb sound pitch adjustment ...

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Patch #21 - Hotfix 2

This Hotfix includes miscellaneous tweaks and fixes.

Patch #21 Hotfix 2 Changelog 21/04/2021


  • Finetuned positions of a few purchasables on HRD_Grad, HRD_MountainPeak and HRD_Camp
  • Fixed cheese spots on HRD_Crossroads and HRD_Taiga
  • Adjusted some spawns slightly on FL_Castello
  • Reduced fire ballista bolt ship damage on FL_Castello.
  • Resized some textures a bit to allow compression ...