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Latest Updates

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Patch #17 Hotfix 3

This hotfix introduces several tweaks to game balance and also contains CPU performance improvements. In addition, we are consolidating our Invasion/Frontline/BR servers to 48 players per server, as we feel this is a better number when it comes to the gameplay experience. Since we know some players enjoy chaotic large-scale brawls, we are setting up a couple server-browser exclusive 96-player servers, search for “experimental” in the server browser to find these. Please note, that the 96-player...

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Patch #17 Hotfix 2

The second Hotfix addresses various things such as Invasion balancing for Castello, Crossroads and Mountain Peak, as well as some other gameplay and UI tweaks.

Patch #17 Hotfix 2 Changelog 1/04/2020


  • Firebombs will only restock 1 at a time from an ammo box
  • Fire and smoke fields now annihilate each other if they touch
  • Pavise shields are now limited to max 5 per player
  • Skirmish regen turned back on, banned healing items reverted ...

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Patch #17 Hotfix 1

This first Hotfix of Patch 17 mainly addresses the Horde crashes and Toolbox placement checks. In addition it also contains numerous miscellaneous fixes and tweaks.

Patch #17 Hotfix 1 Changelog 28/03/2020


  • Toolbox placement checks adjusted to be less strict
  • Fixed Horde and BR server crash bug
  • Fixed Mountain Peak battering ram not appearing if joining mid game
  • Adjusted Crossroads door hitpoints
  • Crossroads king no longer has chip damage but now has clash on parry ...

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MORDHAU - Patch #17

This is one of our biggest updates yet! It contains our latest map "Castello", where you plunder and raid a secluded island fortress and an expanded "Mountain Peak", allowing you to finally proceed beyond the castle gates in our Invasion gamemode.

View of the new throneroom on Mountain Peak

This update also comes with a large variety of new weapon and armor cosmetics to cover all your fashion needs.

Some of the new unique weapon skins


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MORDHAU Patch #16

This patch contains various bug fixes, improvements and balance changes, including things such as the ability to jump kick, use kicks with more equipment, adjustments for held shield mode and the ability to bind the console key in options.   Please remember to rebind your console key in options, since a lot of you have used .ini edits before to bind it!



  • Removed Christmas stuff
  • Added fortifications to Grad commander part ...

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Patch #15 Hotfix 1

Patch #15 Hotfix 1 19/12/2019

  • Fixed burning in duels
  • Grad buffed for defenders slightly
  • Fixed a crash
  • Being kicked in shield held mode no longer stuns but flinches instead
  • Shields can now sprint in held block mode (previously limited to walk) but movement is still slowed down (same as previous held block)
  • Fixed a bug with shields where they could ‘store’ ripostes for later use
  • Fixed Horde shielder AI
  • Fixed a random flap sound playing when joining an Invasion game