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Latest Updates

MORDHAU Patch #28

Patch #28 is finally here! It brings a new map called Totenwald, a fresh cosmetic set named Joust, and a brand new cosmetic DLC set known as "The Archduke," alongside various game changes and some fixes! Totenwald translates to "Forest of the Dead” in German. The atmosphere marks a significant departure from our existing maps. ...

Patch #27 - Hotfix 2

Patch #27 - Hotfix 2 Changelog 02/06/2023 =========================================


  • Re-enabled the suicide functionality in the FFA and TDM Brawl modes.

  • Added a new Message of the day (MOTD) system.

  • Addressed the ability to spam voice lines in rapid succession before they finish playing.

Party system

  • Improved user experience and stability of the party system.

  • Added the functionality to auto-join ranked matchmaking from unranked matches.


Patch #27 Hotfix 1

Patch #27 - Hotfix 1 Changelog 30/03/2023 =========================================


  • Female French and German voices are now working as intended


  • Fixed large objective icons showing on Castello


  • Disabled Suicide option in FFA, TDM and Swordgame to prevent kill denial


  • Wearables can now be filtered with search

  • Changed revive timer to 60s

  • Changed respawn timer to 15s



MORDHAU Patch #27

Patch #27 is finally here, and it includes several exciting additions; including a new game mode - Swordgame, two new female voice sets French & German, Continental voice pack 2 DLC, rework of the Crude set, new weapons skins and more!

The new game mode will be added to the Brawl playlist; the Sword Game. A free-for-all where everyone starts the match with the same weapon. With each kill the player receives the next weapon that is set in the weapons list for the mode, and has to use it to score...

Patch #26 - Hotfix 1

Patch #26 - Hotfix #1 28/10/2022


  • Removed duplicate options in Game settings


  • Castello - removed spawn protection killing players inside objective area


  • Fixed clipping of the Dragon set Greatsword guard
  • Fixed Maximilian Gauntlets team color not being applied and added additional color patterns
  • T0 & T2 legs now can use landsknecht shoes and mail shoes with spurs
  • Dragon gorget now equipable with no helmet ...

MORDHAU Patch #26

Patch #26 is finally here, and it includes several exciting additions, including a new map, female characters, tons of new cosmetics and more.

The new map is called Dungeon and it supports all game modes. Spooky, scary and a close-quarters bloodbath, Dungeon plays unlike other maps in the game and is packed with fun interactables and traps of all kinds.