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Latest Updates

Patch #29 Demon Horder - Hotfix 1

Patch 29 Hotfix

1 Changelog 05/13/2024

Demon Horde

  • Improved Demon Horde performance at later stages
  • Fixed map bosses sometimes spawning with less health
  • Fixed objective catapult taking damage from weapons
  • Fixed lighting disparity in local Demon Horde match
  • Castello - Fixed final-objective cannon sometimes being inoperable
  • Mountain Peak - Fixed first boss lightning attack sound
  • Totenwald - Fixed invisible collision blocking path ...

MORDHAU Patch #29 - Demon Horde and 5th Anniversary Event

It has been 5 years since MORDHAU was unleashed into the world, and to celebrate this momentous occasion we have been busy working on a brand new game mode, cosmetics and some great new giveaways to those who play the game during the anniversary event! Enjoy the trailer for our new game mode - Demon Horde ...

Patch #28 - Hotfix 1


28 - Hotfix 1 Changelog 12/13/2023


  • Totenwald:
  • Added more time for attackers on INV
  • Made the church door unrepairable
  • Fixed the griefing toolbox spots on FL Alt
  • Added anti toolbox volumes
  • Made the mortar indestructible
  • Fixed a case where the player is killed by dropping from the stairs near the library
  • Fixed the objective texts
  • Covered the hole in the gatehouse with rock
  • Added ramp from Castello Legacy to Castello
  • Removed the testing spawn on Cortile ...

MORDHAU Patch #28


28 is finally here! It brings a new map called Totenwald, a fresh cosmetic set named Joust, and a brand new cosmetic DLC set known as "The Archduke," alongside various game changes and some fixes!

Totenwald translates to "Forest of the Dead” in German. The atmosphere marks a significant departure from our existing maps. ...

Patch #27 - Hotfix 2


27 - Hotfix 2 Changelog 02/06/2023



  • Re-enabled the suicide functionality in the FFA and TDM Brawl modes.

  • Added a new Message of the day (MOTD) system.

  • Addressed the ability to spam voice lines in rapid succession before they finish playing.

Party system

  • Improved user experience and stability of the party system.

  • Added the functionality to auto-join ranked matchmaking from unranked matches.


Patch #27 Hotfix 1


27 - Hotfix 1 Changelog 30/03/2023



  • Female French and German voices are now working as intended


  • Fixed large objective icons showing on Castello


  • Disabled Suicide option in FFA, TDM and Swordgame to prevent kill denial


  • Wearables can now be filtered with search

  • Changed revive timer to 60s

  • Changed respawn timer to 15s