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Latest Updates

Patch #26 - Hotfix 1

Patch #26 - Hotfix #1 28/10/2022


  • Removed duplicate options in Game settings


  • Castello - removed spawn protection killing players inside objective area


  • Fixed clipping of the Dragon set Greatsword guard
  • Fixed Maximilian Gauntlets team color not being applied and added additional color patterns
  • T0 & T2 legs now can use landsknecht shoes and mail shoes with spurs
  • Dragon gorget now equipable with no helmet ...

MORDHAU Patch #26

Patch #26 is finally here, and it includes several exciting additions, including a new map, female characters, tons of new cosmetics and more.

The new map is called Dungeon and it supports all game modes. Spooky, scary and a close-quarters bloodbath, Dungeon plays unlike other maps in the game and is packed with fun interactables and traps of all kinds.


Patch #25 - Hotfix 2

Patch #25 - Hotfix #2 05/07/2022


  • Fixed temporary input loss case if TAB is pressed on spawn select screen
  • Party system fix attempt
  • Fixed nameplates not showing for friends
  • Fixed sound playing when searching for loadouts


  • Crossroads: Fixed tower climbing spot
  • Castello: Added volume block on the table to prevent noble camp on INV, Fixed audio volumes
  • Feitoria: Fixed missing collisions
  • Fix attempt for swapped defending team objective text ...

Patch #25 - Hotfix 1

This first hotfix mainly addresses the loss of all input in some cases like spamming certain keys, as well as some quick fixes for pressing issues on Arid.

Patch #25 - Hotfix #1 27/06/2022


  • Novice servers are now shown on Server browser tab for Novice players (colored green)
  • Fix attempt for getting kicked off novice servers on map change
  • Fixed input issue on spawn select screen
  • Fixed input issue when chat key is spammed when map is loading ...

MORDHAU Patch #25

The second part of the Eastern Invasion update is here! The main attraction is a new large Invasion/Frontline map called Arid, which is also the first night-time map.

The stunning night time map debut!

Instead of horses, you will now be able to find more theme appropriate camels across the desert landscapes - Noria and Arid, that is.

Actually, it's a dromedary.


Patch #24 - Hotfix 3

Patch #24 - Hotfix #3 Changelog 30/12/2021


  • Fix attempt for loss of spectator controls/input on death which happened to some players and required reconnecting
  • Fixed stuck spot on Cortile
  • Fixed a Castello exploitable spot
  • Fixed Gothic pauldrons not being masked correctly
  • Horde: Poleaxe hammer mode now has chip damage
  • Horde: Fixed a bot stuck spot on Camp rocks