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Latest Updates

Update regarding the Peacekeeper trait

Attention Hunters, Following the launch of Update 1.16 and the Desolation's Wake event, it's come to our attention that the Peacekeeper trait has been used in ways that contradict the spirit of fair play. Specifically, some players have been exploiting this feature to artificially boost their statistics and progression. ...

Update 1.16 - Now Live!

Hunters, The notes for Update 1.16 can be found below. If you're looking for the notes for Desolation's Wake, you can find those here! ~ The Hunt Team New Equipment During the duration of Desolation’s Wake, the new equipment can be unlocked through the Battle Pass. After the Event, the Weapons and Custom Ammo will go into the regular Progression, as usual. New Weapon: Caldwell Marathon ...

Update 1.15.1 - Live Now!

Hunters, Thank you for joining us in Tide of Desolation! What will follow the Desolation? You’ll find out soon. ~ The Hunt Team Meta The new Weapons and variants have been added to the regular progression and the Book of Weapons. Rifles

  • Drilling Handcannon–3rd unlock in the Drilling Weapon Family
  • Drilling Hatchet–6th unlock in the Drilling Weapon Family
  • LeMat Mark II Carbine Marksman–7th unlock in the LeMat Mark II Weapon Family ...

Update 1.15 - Now Live!

Hunters, We are happy to release Update 1.15 alongside our latest Event—Tide of Desolation. This update includes the first batch of major controller changes and major Progression changes, as well as smaller quality of life improvements. If you are looking for the Tide of Desolation notes, you can find them here. Please continue to give us your feedback on the newest weapons, Traits, and changes on social media and Discord. Thank...

Update 1.14.1 - Now Live!

Hunters, Thank you for joining us in Tide of Corruption! We can't wait to show you what's to come following the devastation of the Dark Inferno's rage. ~ The Hunt Team Meta The new weapons and variants have been added to the regular progression and the Book of Weapons. Rifles

  • Berthier Mle 1892 Marksman—6th unlock in the Berthier Carbine weapon tree
  • Springfield 1866 Bayonet—11th unlock in the Springfield 1866 weapon tree ...

Event Wildcard Contract Update

Hunters, We wanted to provide an update regarding the Wildcard Contract. This current Wildcard Contract has been deactivated and will return again this weekend. Please note, the Dark Inferno Wildcard Condition, 'Serpent Moon Night' and 'Night' Time of day have not been added to the current active Standard Contract rotation. Dark Inferno will return on Friday, October 13th @ 07:00 UTC until Monday, October 16th @ 07:00 UTC ...