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The servers are back online! During the server downtime this week, we encountered some issues that required immediate attention. We've been working around the clock on repairs in several areas. Some of the key points corrected in today's latest update: • Players queuing for Duos being matched with Trios;   • Legendary hunters not receiving additional trait points when the three starting traits don't add up to 11;   • Potential fix for purchased items not appearing as available. ...

Hotfix - Now Live

Hunters, Thank you for your patience while we deployed Hotfix ~ The Hunt Team

  • Fixed the issue where graphic settings reset to Low each time the game client starts.
  • The Krag now correctly displays 126 damage, as intended.

Update 1.16.2 - Now Live!

Hunters, Check out the Patch Notes for Update 1.16.2 below! This will be our last content patch prior to August 15th. New Tool: Throwing Spear A two-handed melee Tool balanced for throwing straight and true. Like Throwing Knives and Throwing Axes, it can be retrieved and reused.  

  • You carry 1 by default and 2 with Frontiersman.
  • Thrown Spears can be seen in Dark Sight with Blade Seer.
  • Unlocked at Bloodline Rank 33.
  • Costs 65 Hunt Dollars. *Developer’s note:


Hotfix - Now Live!

Hunters, Thank you for your patience while we fixed the Thundershower and Fog Times of Day. Happy Hunting! ~ The Hunt Team Standard Contract We have restored the Standard Contract back to normal. Single and Double Boss Targets are both available, as are the following Times of Day.

  • Ash Bloom
  • Fog
  • Gold
  • Neutral
  • Night
  • Serpent Night
  • Sundown
  • Sunset
  • Thundershower
  • Thundershower and Fog Times of Day have been fixed. ...

Update 1.16.1 - Now Live!

Hunters, Thank you for joining us in Desolation's Wake! What a wonderful epilogue to our Tides trilogy. More information on what's next is coming soon. ~ The Hunt Team Meta The new Weapons, their variants, and their Custom Ammo have been added to the regular progression and the Book of Weapons. Rifles

  • Caldwell Marathon—Bloodline Rank 1
  • Caldwell Marathon Poison Ammo—2nd unlock in the Caldwell Marathon Weapon Family ...

Update regarding the Peacekeeper trait

Attention Hunters, Following the launch of Update 1.16 and the Desolation's Wake event, it's come to our attention that the Peacekeeper trait has been used in ways that contradict the spirit of fair play. Specifically, some players have been exploiting this feature to artificially boost their statistics and progression. ...