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Patch 13.23 notes

It’s patch 13.23, bee-lieve it! In this week’s patch we’re focusing on addressing a few outliers and refining changes made in a few of the last patches, like those to K’Sante. We’re focusing more and more on getting the 2024 changes polished and ready for 14.1, so be aware that this patch and 13.24 may be a bit smaller and less complex than usual as 14.1 will undoubtedly shake things up! ...

Patch 13.22 Notes

You're not being paranoid, Patch 13.22 is really here! Outside of normally-sized balance changes, this patch has two big updates. The first is a sweep of mage and mage-like champion attack speed. We noticed that many mages had slow-feeling attack speeds and want to bring (almost) all of them up to a new baseline for missile speed and snappiness of their basic attack animations—with exceptions for champions who have functional auto attack replacements, like Karthus and Fiddlesticks. We're also...

10/26/2023 K’sante Adjustments And Ivern Bugfix

#### K’Sante

  • Q - Ntofo Strikes: Bonus health required for minimum cast time increased from 1200 to 1600.


  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug that would cause Rift Herald to ignore Daisy and aggro Ivern instead. No longer will Daisy go unnoticed. We love you Daisy.

Patch 13.21 Notes

Wake up with a fresh cup of Patch 13.21! A large portion of this patch is a follow-up of 13.20. Overall, we hit our major goals for the changes—games are much less snowbally, players are fighting even more, and games are going only slightly longer on average. That said, late-game champions have been winning more than early-game champions, which means some re-balancing. The jungle changes have put junglers back on equal footing with other roles in the early game, but also really hurt AD junglers....

Patch 13.20 Notes

Patch 13.20 Notes New patch, NewJeans, new changes—welcome to patch 13.20! In this patch we have some pretty big changes, namely to the jungle and snowballing mechanics. For the jungle, our goals are twofold: first, we want to lower the power of the jungle as a role. Junglers are of supreme importance in the mid and late game due to their exceptional control over epic monsters, which means they do not need to be as dominant as they are in PvP interactions. Second, we want to ensure the role is...

Patch 13.19 Notes

Welcome to patch 13.19, the official patch for the League of Legends World Championship! In terms of balance work, we're doing a final tuning pass on several champions who've had an outsized impact on the Pro scene this summer and otherwise doing more routine balance on champions (or builds) whose overall power level is out of line. ...