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Patch 8.24 Notes

Howdy, everyone. It's been two weeks since preseason launched and our immediate focus is to knock down the highest risers. This gives us a better sense of how our changes are settling across the field, which in turn lets us know whether we should help underperformers on a champ-by-champ basis, or whether opting for systemic buffs will bring several up at once. Depending on how 8.24 goes, you may see some of those buffs in an end-of-year "8.24b" balance patch (a patch with no skins or features). There'll...

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Patch 8.23 notes

It's time for preseason! This patch is less about the big meta shifts and gameplay evolution you've seen in preseasons past. Our focus is on refining your existing experience so the time you spend playing League is as satisfying as possible. We've got four major themes this year: laning phase is improved and slightly longer; comebacks are more achievable and satisfying; decided games resolve faster; and rune paths no longer dictate stat bonuses. As is customary, there are also bunch of changes...

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Patch 8.22 notes

Welcome to the last patch before preseason! It's been a relatively quiet couple of months, but 8.22 revs the gameplay engine back up with a few bigger changes (Pyke and Time Warp Tonic). Worlds has come to an end and the foundations for the next year of League are dropping in a few weeks, so gather your strength and make the final push toward your 2018 goals!

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Patch 8.21 Notes

Welcome to 8.21! This patch continues the recent trend of lighter tuning: With preseason coming in about a month, we're avoiding bigger changes that may go completely sideways once the meta shifts. So for now, the name of the game is keeping things stable through the end of the season. We'll get out of your way up here—go read all the stuff below and keep pushing toward your ranked goals!

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Patch 8.20 notes

Welcome to 8.20. This patch brings an update to League's most daring, well-dressed, genius, athletic, glory-bound, handsome explorer, Ezreal! (His words.) His gameplay is undergoing a less drastic transformation than past updates, but you'll look a heck of a lot better while slinging skillshots and nabbing bounties—and you still won't need a map.*

*Please always pay attention to your minimap.


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Patch 8.19 notes

Welcome to the second round of changes focused on the World Championship, which starts next week! You might be wondering where the massive pro patch is this year—last year’s World’s patch had 23 changes, after all. This patch, rather than trimming power from the top picks in pro play we’ve been seeing, we’re going to be giving a few nudges to other champions that should help keep them in check. We don’t want...

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