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Patch 10.11 notes

Hello, my dear starchildren. Before we get into it, we want to remind everyone that this patch will be going out a day later than usual. You may have already noticed seeing that the patch notes were also a day later, but for more information on the patch release schedule at any given time, please be sure to check out this Player Support article.     ...

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Patch 10.10 notes

Another patch! Who would've known!        This patch, we're taking a gander at some old friends who have been struggling for a while—Udyr! Nidalee! Sivir! How we've missed you!—and readjusting a couple of offenders that have been toeing the line (hint: trees, daggers, and gems).        Oh, and URF is back! Make sure you’re on this ultra rapidly, and we’ll see you there!       ...

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Patch 10.9 notes

Greetings, fellow gamers.       Welcome to 10.9 and the last legs of Ranked Split! To begin with, we’re bringing champions like Nami and Karthus down a peg—we’ve been closely monitoring them for a while, and they’ve been standing out in their success, so we’re hoping this will shuffle them back in line. We're also looking to help out our friends in the top lane who didn’t benefit as much from recent buffs with some extra padding.       ...

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Patch 10.8 Notes

Hey all you cool Jeweled Protectors and Hushtails!       This patch, we’ve got another follow-up to the funnel mechanics and a couple of wider jungle changes that should help with pacing, mainly around early game impact. We’re slightly reducing how much a gank will punish an enemy, and giving junglers a steadier stream of XP mid to late game. These adjustments should help you bounce back and stabilize from early setbacks. Alongside this, we're helping out players who aren't hyper-optimizing...

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Patch 10.7 notes

Hello my children, welcome to 10.7!        First of all, we know we’ve been crowing about it for awhile, but now it’s finally here—the spookiest of all the scarecrows in the land is back! (and Tedrick is nowhere to be found…)        We've also continued to work on matchmaking in Ranked Solo/Duo games by aiming to balance premade duos on both teams. Additionally, you'll see improvements to both One-For-All (champion and system changes) and ARAM (updated Weekly Free...

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Patch 10.6 notes

Hello children of the earth.       In this patch, we welcome the arrival of the new, trickier Wukong, and an update to the matchmaking system so that less games have an unbalanced amount of Autofilled players. The details are a lot more interesting than the broad explanation I can give up here, so head below for all the info!       ...