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Patch 10.22 notes

Here we go— one last light patch for the books before we switch gears into heavy-duty preseason changes! Kick back, put on some tunes (we’ve got a new pop star in our midst, after all), you know the drill.        First off, we attacked the Fire Nation and changed some things (not everything!) with our favorite fire friends (Annie and Brand). These tweaks should help their skills feel more intuitive, find more flexibility in their roles, and kick their strength up a notch. We also...

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Patch 10.21 notes

There’s spook in the air, pumpkin in everything, and Worlds pick’ems in our hopes. Happy October and welcome to 10.21!        This is another light patch to keep gears running smoothly through the championship and the end of the ranked season. Our focus here is to maintain stability and balance, so nothing too wild. For buffs, we’re boosting up a spiritual soul and a celestial weapon; for nerfs, we honed in on Elite play across the board, curbing the power of some junglers (Hecarim,...

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Patch 10.20 notes

Hi friends. It’s just about that time to wake up, ‘cause September’s coming to an end.     This patch is on the lighter side, with most changes concentrated on tuning champion scaling as games progress. Big ticket items include a helping hand to a certain blue mage by giving him more damage to play with, along with tempering down Karthus who’s been a nightmare in the bot lane. Apart from champion changes, Worlds 2020 Clash is on its way to you! It's time to be the hero and to...

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Patch 10.19 notes

Hi! The Worlds patch is here, a new markswoman is here, you’re here...it’s a dang party!        The world itself has been a little topsy-turvy, but there’s nothing crazy here, we promise. This patch is focused on tidying things up for the championship, which means levelling the playing field so that not one figure is dwarfing the rest (here’s looking at you, Caitlyn). This also means we’re giving a bit of a kick to some friends to, well, kick them into gear and into the competitive...

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Patch 10.18 notes

Hey, do you remember? Dancin' in September? Come on, let’s chase the clouds away with 10.18!        Classic tunes aside, we’ve got a whole slew of changes for you in this patch. Big ticket items include flexing fancy feet to a foxy favorite and bringing some action to the Bringer of Justice. The rest are mostly changes in light of how champions are faring, especially in Skilled and Pro MMR: shimmying down some faces who have overstayed their welcome (Galio, Ashe, Sett), and bopping...

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Patch 10.17 notes

We’re back from the break, we’re blistering in this heat, and we’re bringing a brief B-side patch!     This is more of a glorified mid-patch update rather than a full patch, meaning most of the adjustments here are simple balance tweaks, and there aren’t any released skins or new content this time around. There’s also no download required, and changes will be live within a few hours of these notes going live, if you’re reading this hot off the presses (if so, hooray, settle...