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Patch 9.21 notes

Hi. Happy post-10-year! Did you get to catch the team's stream? We loved getting to answer your questions, play with some of you, and work on fixing some bugs that you outlined on the Boards. Thank you for interacting with us on that very special day.


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Patch 9.20 notes

Hi. Happy almost 10-year!

We're shipping some pretty big changes to Garen, Shaco, and Viktor this patch. Not big enough to be considered "rework"-level lists, these larger changelists are meant to excite the players of these champions, freshen up their kits, and lessen common pain points that have developed. We want to also make sure we're hitting the identities players expect of them and give them more viable and exciting playstyles that should appeal to current, past, and, hopefully, future players.


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Patch 9.19 notes

GOOD GRIEF, WE'RE FINALLY HERE. It's the Worlds patch!!

Similar to our philosophy for last year's Worlds patch, we've been making steady changes throughout the last few patches as to not completely throw everything in flux and have the pros invalidate whatever playbooks they've been developing for the most exciting event of the year. More than completely neutralizing top priority picks, we've been working on elevating more champions to competitive viability and are continuing that work in 9.19.


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Patch 9.18 notes

Hey patch notes readers, want to form a contract with me?

We're coming down to the final stretch! 9.19 will be the patch Worlds is played on, so we're adding in some changes that shouldn't rock the boat too much, but helps get us to place that encourages champion diversity and fun times during the most hype event of the year ~


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Patch 9.17 notes

Hey buff herders!

We're still holding off on going too crazy with balance changes until after 9.19 (the patch that Worlds will be played on), but we do have some bigger adjustments to Aurelion Sol and Kayle this patch. Mainly, we're helping them in the respective spaces they're weak in and that make them difficult to be seen as viable or reliable picks. Overall, Aurelion Sol should now be more comprehensible with more satisfying signs of successful play and Kayle should have more of a laning phase...

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Teamfight Tactics patch 9.16 notes

Hey Tacticians, welcome to the Teamfight Tactics patch 9.16 notes.

The headliner for this patch is the introduction of the Hextech origin bringing Camille, Jayce, Vi, and Jinx to the Convergence. Building Hextechs into your team composition will provide answers to enemy teams relying on a single champion stacked with items. On the flip side, when playing against Hextechs be prepared to spread your items out between your champions to mitigate their disruption.