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Patch 12.19 notes

Fighter Blitzcrank buffs? AP Rakan buffs? Is this real life, or is this patch 12.19?        In this patch we’ll be introducing Syndra’s midscope update, make sure to read on to learn more about all of her adjusted and upgraded abilities! This patch also contains quite a few buffs to some off-meta builds, a Janna VFX update that’ll blow you away, and information on the new Event Pass Evolved System. Thanks for reading and see you on the Rift!       ...

9/21/2022 Post-Patch Correction


STEALTHY CHANGES Akali’s E - Shuriken Flip will now apply True Vision to enemies hit.


LEFT THE DOG OUT For clarity, the Nasus buffs were pulled from Patch 12.18. Apologies for any confusion this may have caused.

Patch 12.18 notes

Welcome to the 2022 Worlds patch!        Following the trend of our last two patches, 12.18 is focused on tuning down some overperforming picks in Pro like Kalista and Lulu, while giving a little power to champions just under everyone's radar. Since our goal isn't to completely change the meta from playoffs, these adjustments will be on the lighter side. And with that, to Worlds we go!       ...

9/12/2022 Mid-Patch Update


  • Fixed a bug that caused Gragas’ E and R to make targets Airborne for longer than intended.

Patch 12.17 notes

Welcome to patch 12.17, the penultimate patch before Worlds!        With Worlds being played on patch 12.18 this is the last opportunity for us to introduce larger scale changes without significantly changing the current state of the meta in Pro play. This patch we’ll be focusing on pulling some power out of picks that have been dominating playoffs throughout the world. That said, we also have quite a few buffs for champions that haven’t been seeing as much play recently, as well...

8/30/2022 Mid-Patch Update


  • Fixed a bug where Zeri could accumulate movement speed stacks from her ultimate after her ultimate ended and went on cooldown.