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Patch 8.20 notes

Welcome to 8.20. This patch brings an update to League's most daring, well-dressed, genius, athletic, glory-bound, handsome explorer, Ezreal! (His words.) His gameplay is undergoing a less drastic transformation than past updates, but you'll look a heck of a lot better while slinging skillshots and nabbing bounties—and you still won't need a map.*

*Please always pay attention to your minimap.


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Patch 8.19 notes

Welcome to the second round of changes focused on the World Championship, which starts next week! You might be wondering where the massive pro patch is this year—last year’s World’s patch had 23 changes, after all. This patch, rather than trimming power from the top picks in pro play we’ve been seeing, we’re going to be giving a few nudges to other champions that should help keep them in check. We don’t want...

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Patch 8.18 Notes

8.18 brings us the first wave of changes focused on the World Championship later this year. In some cases, this means reining in outliers who are dominating pick-ban (as well as champs likely to take over once those outliers are addressed). Other times, it means buffing champs who are on the cusp of consideration—picks we nerfed earlier in the season, in a few cases. 8.19 will contain another round of these changes.


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Patch 8.17 Notes

Welcome to patch 8.17, the one where New Nunu's New Groove hits Summoner's Rift, and his four-armed buddy will umpack his bags and join him! If you're already feeling the call of the Freljord, you can consume more information in the links below.

Do you want to build the biggest snowball ever!? Before you do, check out the barrage of balance changes below so you have absolutely zero excuse for not knowing what's going on.

Now get out there and try to stay warm; it's going to be a wintry one!

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Patch 8.16 Notes

Welcome to Patch 8.16, the one where we buff up a few tanks, and some champions who have been terrorizing the Rift get taken down a peg.

First, we've noticed that tanks are struggling on the Rift. We don't want to put power into their itemization, so we're taking this opportunity to add some baseline power into their kits. Then, there's a few outliers who need to be kept in check, like Aatrox, Fizz, and Tryndamere.


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Patch 8.15 Notes

Welcome to patch 8.15. As mentioned in previous patches, after the significant changes in midseason, we're mostly focusing on balancing outliers. As a result, this is a pretty small patch.

To start, we're taking a look at marksmen. They're still feeling some pain from their midseason changes (especially in mid-game when they can't yet afford multiple items), so we're decreasing the cost of their items to let them hit their power spike more quickly and decreasing their overall stats slightly to compensate.


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