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Patch 9.12 notes

Hello, welcome to Patch 9.12! I'm particularly excited about this patch because my friend will finally stop going on and on about the reworked Mordekaiser. Oh, have you not heard? Mordekaiser is back, baby.

In this patch we also have Ryze's sixth (or is it seventh?) "rework," more follow-up to everyone's favorite overpowered cat, and overall nerfs to Sylas. We're also making use of the Balance Framework we published and referencing it in our explanations for some champion changes, so make sure to...

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Patch 9.11 notes

Hey y'all. How are you doing? Having a good week? Good.

In this patch, outside of some smaller balance work on an assortment of champions, we have bigger updates for Janna and Yuumi, a soft revert to Zac's pre-patch 7.9 self, and a follow-up to the Master Yi changes from 9.10.

Voted for by players all over the world, Little Demon Tristana is ready to take on some mischief and will be available during this patch cycle. The Rainbow Fluft Icon and its special interactions when equipped will also be...

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Patch 9.10 notes

Hello fur-ends! Welcome to 9.10, the one where we greet the one, the only, the purr-fectly wonderful, Yuumi!

This patch, while smaller than the last, contains changes to some of the more spicy champions across various skill brackets like Master Yi, Riven, and Vayne. We're also following up on the changes we made to Soraka last patch to continue to encourage her ally-supporting playstyle and buffing a few champions who've been faltering as of late.


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Patch 9.9 notes

Hey all. Welcome to the biggest patch of the year (so far.)

We're seeing huge changes to Aatrox and Tahm Kench, champions who've relied on specific aspects of their kit to dominate in some skill brackets of play, but make them suffer in others. Soraka's another one we're evaluating, with changes aimed at getting her back to the ally-focused support she was meant to be. A small pool of champions are also getting VFX updates, helping them feel more modern and be up to caliber in visuals to newer...

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Patch 9.8 Notes

How do you do, fellow kids? Welcome to the MSI 2019 patch.

Champions we've been seeing a lot of like Gnar, Kayle, Nautilus, and Trundle are getting more adjustments. But some not-too-commonly-seen champs like Amumu and Renekton have joined them. On the items front, we're making Grievous Wounds more consistent across items that have it and adjusting the cost of some marksmen items in light of similar reductions to others in the category over the past couple of patches.


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Patch 9.7 notes

Hey all! Some familiar faces this patch as we continue tuning on bullies like Kayle, Sylas, and Urgot. We also got some QoL changes to things like Predator, Immolate items, and the Practice Tool, as well as some updates to the vision row of Domination runes.

If you're looking to relax on the open seas, Butcher's Bridge is back for your ARAM-ing leisure so get ready to set sail, ban Ziggs, and put on your Ghostwalkers.