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Patch 11.2 notes


Hi! A certain king has arrived, and so has another patch!        Here in 11.2, we’ve made a couple changes based around healing. First, we brought the spice and everything nice for Soraka; with the last buff to Grievous Wounds, she should now be in a better spot to wish your pain away. On the other hand, folks like Aatrox and Olaf have been healing a bit too well, becoming true terrors when matched with the right items and runes. To change this, we’ve shifted their healing to...

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Patch 11.1 notes

Aaaand we're back! New year, new season, same old us, here with one last round of adjustments before Ranked kicks into gear. Keep in mind that we already took a first pass before the holidays in 10.25b, so this one is smaller in scale.        Past champions and items, we've got a clarification on lifesteal (look for the yellow sword!), a spicy tweak to the unlock system for Grandmaster and Challenger, and all our best wishes as you sail gracefully through your placements.   ...

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Patch 10.25 notes

We've made it through the storm and landed on the last patch of the year! Get your reading glasses and Santa hats on, because we've got a substantial list of changes from smoothing out the new landscape.        And keep them on, because we’ll also be following up on balance outliers with an end-of-year “10.25b” mid-patch update to tie up all the loose ends before we ring in the holidays.       ...

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Patch 10.24 notes

Hey, is this thing on? *taps mic* Anyone still alive after the chonk of last patch?        So here we are, the preseason aftermath! We bring to you a series of changes that are overwhelmingly heavy on items as we feel out the changes in the new ecosystem. Long story short: AP Mythics are strong across the board, while other items needed a bit more power to fulfill their role. So come along for the ride as we drive down the overperforming and rev up the underwhelming. You know the...

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Patch 10.23 notes

It's that time again! It's preseason, baby, and this year, we're moving and shaking with huge item changes from the Item Shop you open up every game to updates for some of your favorites to an all-new tier of majestic Mythic items. As usual, we'll be closely monitoring all the balance metrics we've outlined earlier this year and see how these changes affect the overall meta for veterans. Additionally, a huge goal of ours with this Item rework was to help the system feel a lot more intuitive for...

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Patch 10.22 notes

Here we go— one last light patch for the books before we switch gears into heavy-duty preseason changes! Kick back, put on some tunes (we’ve got a new pop star in our midst, after all), you know the drill.        First off, we attacked the Fire Nation and changed some things (not everything!) with our favorite fire friends (Annie and Brand). These tweaks should help their skills feel more intuitive, find more flexibility in their roles, and kick their strength up a notch. We also...