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Patch 11.12 notes

We’ve got a light patch, focusing on champ adjustments this go-round (11.13’s going to have a big chunk of systems work). This means some love for Aphelios and some of his unpopular weapon combinations, and nerfs to Pro outliers (Renekton, Kai’Sa). Then the spotlight’s on everyone’s favorite, definitely trustworthy, definitely purple doctor. His appearance may seem revived, but we’re not too sure if the same can be expected of his patients.       ...

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Patch 11.11 notes

Hello!        In this one, we’re looking back at changes we made earlier in the season and seeing how the dust settled. This includes curbing Jungle Morgana, whose buff from last patch worked too well and skewed her away from her primary roles. We also threw some love to Ryze, who’s been blue since the item shakeup (although he’s just blue overall).       ...

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Patch 11.10 notes

Hi!        Now that things are settling down after Midseason, we come bearing the meatiest part of this patch: a jungle update! There’s a big section you can scroll on down to, but the gist of it is that we’re making improvements to help the jungle experience feel less like a grind of swatting down camps of birds and wolves. We’re talking more lenient camp timers, a helping hand for junglers who are significantly behind in the game, and specific adjustments to jungle camps.   ...

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Patch 11.9 notes

Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and it’s our favorite time of the year— Midseason!        This one's a bit of a doozy, so let's give you a rundown. First, we’ve got a shakeup to the tank system with the nerf of Turbo Chemtank and buffs to a few underpowered fighter items (Death’s Dance and Wit’s End). Then, in preparation for MSI, we’re shuffling up the meta for Pro play by bringing a diversified crew onto the stage. This means dominant names like Gragas take a...

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Patch 11.8 notes

Hi, welcome back!        This patch, we’ve got something for everyone. If you’re looking for something cutting-edge, we’ve got the snip-snap from Gwen, who’s weaving her way over to the Rift. Sick of the galactic beats of last patch? Rammus has a new slammin’ jam, complete with a polish to his trusty armored shell. Did your spring cleaning and in need of something sparkly? Perfect, because we’ve adjusted some Mythics for you to get your grubby little enchanter hands on....

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Patch 11.7 notes

If you're still in the winter blues, don't you fret—we're cranking up the tunes to take you on an interstellar groove.        First, it's off to the Freljord, where we're getting cozy with a couple of chilly companions (Ashe, Braum, and Lissandra). Then we're heading down to Bandle City to turn down Tristana's Boomer-box and pass the mic to Teemo, because we could all use a taste of terror from time to time. We even made the dreary trek to the Shadow Isles to lift Yorick's spirits—who...