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Latest Updates

Version 1.1.91


  • Fixed that updating a mod would re-download all of its dependencies if they were not enabled. [108481]
  • Fixed that Build control was allowing binding to controller buttons that would not work. [106132]
  • Fixed (again) dump commands not working correctly related to folders. [108673] ...

Version 1.1.90


  • Removed option to capture system mouse cursor when using a controller due to it breaking touch screen input.
  • The temporary virtual cursor shown when using the mouse in controller input mode will now disappear when a controller stick is moved instead of after 1.5 seconds [108534] Bugfixes
  • Fixed some visual glitches related to LuaGuiElement::auto_toggle and LuaGuiElement::toggled. ...

Version 1.1.89


  • Migrated the prototype modding documentation from the wiki to the docs website, enabling a more advanced presentation, an offline version, and machine-readability of the underlying format. They can be found at ... otype.html. Minor Features
  • Added controller vibrations to some actions. ...

Version 1.1.88


  • Automatic UI scale on Steam Deck will never be lower than 100%
  • Steam on-screen keyboard will automatically appear on Steam Deck and in Steam Big Picture mode when using a controller. Bugfixes
  • Fixed that notch slider tooltips would not show in some cases. [107602]
  • Fixed that updating mods with dependencies did not work correctly in some cases. [107673] ...

Version 1.1.87

Minor Features

  • Changed --dump-data to write infinite values as the string "inf" and "-inf". Bugfixes
  • Fixed LuaGameScript::check_prototype_translations() did not work correctly for manual localised strings with parameters. [107573]
  • Fixed it was possible to drop cursor items through ghosts. [107601] ...

Version 1.1.86

Minor Features

  • It is now possible to blueprint entities of friendly forces.


  • "Pick up items" will no longer fire at the same time as other actions. This fixes character picking up items when flipping blueprints. [106680]


  • Fixed not being able to select assembling machine recipe if Craft, Craft 5 and Craft all were not bound to any button [106704] ...