Don't Starve Together

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Latest Updates

Game Update - 548857

Update Information:


  • Added indicator when maximum Insight is reached.

    Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a visual error with the Shadow Courtier skill.

  • Fixed Beard inventory showing while sleeping or frozen.

  • Fixed Wonkey resetting talent tree selections.

  • Fixed player inspection UI getting stuck open when going into or out of Wonkey.

  • Wilson’s Barber skin’s hair was adjusted to not recede when wearing a hat.

    Notes for Modders


Game Update - 548413

Update Information:


  • Mushrooms in Mushroom Farms are more HD.

    Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Nouveau Deconstructor having an invisible inventory image.

  • Fixed Neat Effigy skin not staying on during revive animations.

  • Fixed the missing Beefalo Wool transmutation description.

  • Fixed detached floating chain links around the Cracked Pillars.

  • Fixed Seaworthy Scale inventory icon being too bright.

  • Fixed Wonkey not showing up appropriately. ...

Game Update - 548021

Update Information:

"Interference"   A fresh start and a change of surroundings is just the thing for someone looking for their first big scientific breakthrough. Unfortunately for Wilson, his surroundings were about to change far more drastically than he anticipated.


Wilson Changes

  • Wilson becomes more seasoned over time by getting "insight" that he can spend on learning new skills. ...

Game Update - 547228

Update Information:


  • Using the Razor shaves off one level of beard at a time now.

  • Mutants are now included in Lunar Alignment.

  • Dreadstone Armor/Helm re-tuned and slightly reduces damage from Shadow sources.

  • Dreadstone Armor/Helm gradually regenerates based on the wearer's sanity level.

    Bug Fixes

  • Wilson’s idle animation now plays in the Curio Cabinet.

  • Fixed a controller crash in the skill tree.

Game Update - 546675

Update Information:


  • Reduced cost of Beard Rug to be in line with other turf recipes.

  • Wilson’s custom idle animations will now play.

  • Changed the Red and Blue gem Transmute recipe costs.

  • Pick/Axe now provides tier 1 shadow level for Maxwell.

    Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error with Beard Hair to Beefalo Wool recipe.

  • Fixed the Scarecrow.

  • Fixed the player info UI when viewed from the player list.

  • Shadow Chess Pieces are shadow aligned. ...

Game Update - 546159

Update Information:


  • Torch Longevity Skills improved.
  • Added some Transmute reversal recipes to Wilson’s skillset.
  • Improved controller support for Wilson’s skillset.
  • Improved priority selection with Beard Inventory vs Crock Pot.
  • Changed “Inspiration” into “Insight” so as not to be confused with Wigfrid’s “Inspiration”.
  • Nightmare Werepig is now found in the Caves instead.
  • Adjusted the costs of some of Wilson’s Alchemy Recipes ...