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Latest Updates

September Game Jam | This Week In RuneScape

It’s Game Jam this week, so keep an eye on socials to see what the J-Mods are up to!

Hero Pass - Player Feedback Update #3

An update on Hero Pass from the RuneScape Leadership Team.

Necromancy Patch Week - This Week In RuneScape

We've got Necromancy changes, wonderful creations from our community and our friends at Melvor Idle are celebrating a milestone release!

Hero Pass - Player Feedback Update #1

An update from the RuneScape team regarding Hero Pass - your feedback, current changes and where we are looking next.

Hero Pass: Underworld | This Week in RuneScape

Hero Pass: Underworld arrives, Ritual changes and the latest Community creations!

Necromancy: Community Feedback Update - #4

The fourth Community Feedback update for Necromancy is here with an update on what's coming up, what we're looking at and where we're heading.