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Latest Updates

Pures Mini Strike & Retro Abyssal Whip - This Week In RuneScape

The Abyssal Whip retro cosmetic is here! Plus, some niche changes for the pures among you…

Murder On The Border & Graphical Updates - This Week In RuneScape

A brand new Quest and graphical updates for some iconic areas!

New Quest: Murder On The Border

Fort Forinthry's second seasonal update!

Wilderness Ninja Strike! - This Week In RuneScape

Improving the Wilderness Reborn experience, AMAs on upcoming balance changes and more this week!

Game Jam - This Week In RuneScape

Our team have been Game Jammin' and we've got a date for our next content drop!

Forinthry Frontier, Ninja Strike, Game Jam! - This Week In RuneScape

A new Yak Track and Quality of Life Improvements aplenty!