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Latest Updates

RuneScape - Combat Update

We've taken a stab at updating Combat in RuneScape! Grab a slice of the action before the changes swing into the game, so you're ready to crush your foes!

Post Game Jam and Merch Update - This Week In RuneScape

We've got just some of the fruits of last week's Game Jam to show you, plus exciting merchandise updates and more!

Quest Requirement Cleanup & Gamejam - This Week In RuneScape

This week we’re rolling out the red carpet for a host of quest requirement changes – and for you adventurous types, a multi-community challenge odyssey awaits!

Houses of Parliament & Double XP- This Week In RuneScape

Are you a friend to the owls? Perhaps you need some new necromantic bling – or maybe you're just getting ready for DXP? This week has you covered…

WildyWyrm Flash Event and Valentines - This Week In RuneScape

Wildwyrm joins the roster for Wilderness Flash Events, and some adorable sprites have heartwarming gifts for you....

New Marketplace Outfit & Progression Newsletter - This Week In RuneScape

A new marketplace outfit, the next stage of the combat beta, your personalised end of year review and a ton of patches!