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Latest Updates

High Contrast Mode & DXP - This Week In RuneScape

New High Contrast Modes are making their way live today - plus, DXP is on the horizon!

Rellekka Graphical & In-game Calendar Update - This Week In RuneScape

Rellekka is getting a glow up alongside the in-game calendar!

April Patch Week - This Week In RuneScape

Relish those Requiem fixes and enjoy those Ungael upgrades as we roll out patches for this week!

Requiem For a Dragon Launch - This Week In RuneScape

Chase Vorkath back to the frozen wastes of Ungael to find out what happened and maybe what comes next!

April Merch Update - This Week In RuneScape

New plushies on the way and find out about the upcoming quest in our livestream!

Fanatical Bundle - This Week In RuneScape

Easter has just wrapped up but a New Ectoplasm Ritual & Fanatical Bundle arrive on the scene!