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Latest Updates

1.09 - Update to network code

Hey there Rafters!

We just wanted to let you know that we have just now pushed a small update containing a rework of the multiplayer network code, to increase security for hosts and clients.

If you notice any bugs or desync of objects, please let us know through our support page![]

Hotfix - Raft 1.08


  • Rhino shark will now go to the next level as soon as one pillar is destroyed, instead of waiting for the player to go to the next level
  • Added Sort into Storage button in storag UI. This button will check for items in your inventory that matches items in the storage and move those items to the storage. Does not move items that have durability or consume stacks


  • Issue where Varuna Point Rhino Shark disappears ...

Hotfix - Raft 1.07


  • Domestic animals (Llama, Goat, Clucker) would walk in air or snap their position to islands when your raft was close to an island
  • Domestic animals (Llama, Goat, Clucker) was hovering a bit above raft floor when walking

Hotfix - Raft 1.06


  • Improved hitbox on recycler to prevent placing an unwanted item into the recycler instead of picking up a trash cube
  • Domestic animals (Llama, Goat, Clucker) can no longer walk off the edge of your raft.

Bug fixes

  • Domestic animals (Llama, Goat, Clucker) disappearing and/or being pulled down by waves (We believe this is fixed but weren't able to reproduce the bug ourselves)
  • Duplicate windturbine by holding X while placing it ...

Hotfix - Raft 1.05

Hi there! We have yet another hotfix ready for you! Big thank you to all of you that have reported issues!

Memory and Crashes

We have received reports of players games crashing during loading their save files or creating a new world. We believe this could be due to high RAM memory usage. We have been able to reduce the amount of memory required quite substantially which we hope will lead to a lot fewer crashes during loading.


  • Added titanium loot in temperance tunnels ...

Hotfix - Raft 1.04


  • Multiple Rhino Sharks spawned on Varuna Point