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Hotfix 13.01

Hello Rafters!

We have got some changes and bug fixes for you! One added feature is the option to replace an old building block for a new one in a different material without first chopping down the old one. This will make it easier to upgrade your raft to the new solid wood pieces without risking the destruction of blocks above.


  • Building blocks can now be replaced for a different material (wood, solid wood, thatch) using the building hammer. ...

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Update 13: The Renovation Update - Out Now!

Hello Rafters! Summer is here and we are happy to announce that The Renovation Update has just launched and is ready to play! With the previous chapter updates we have put a lot of focus on the story and adventure side of Raft, so we felt it was time to show some love for all the people who like to spend time building, painting and making their rafts look absolutely amazing! Over the years we have seen you build everything from pirate ships, yachts and oil tankers to skyscrapers, cathedrals and even...

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Raft - "The Renovation Update"

Hello Rafters! Summer is here and we are happy to announce that The Renovation Update is releasing on June 21! It is going to be a great time to hop on your Raft and get it nice and tidy in preparation for new future adventures!

Check out the trailer!

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Hotfix 12.01

Hi Rafters!   Thank you so much for playing and streaming Raft - The Second Chapter!   Since the release, we have been working on some changes and bug fixes. Here is a list of what this hotfix includes:


  • Animals no longer starve to death but they stop producing resources when they are not fed.
  • Unstuck button now works even if the player is incapacitated and also requires confirmation.
  • Picking up dead animals now give back the arrows used to kill them. ...

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UPDATE 12: The Second Chapter - Out NOW!

"The Second Chapter" is now out and ready to be explored by you Rafters!   If you are done with The First Chapter and ready for more, you can now continue your Raft journey with new adventures! We are bringing you a bunch of new stuff and a lot of bug fixes. Are you curious what they might be?

Here is what The Second Chapter has in store:



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Update 11: The Beehive Update - Out Now!


Hope you all had a great holiday season and have been enjoying "The First Chapter".   Since we got back to the office we have been working on The Second Chapter but also on another patch: The Beehive Update! As suggested by many of you, we are adding beehives and everything else you will need to produce honey on your raft!

Have a look!


Make sure to surround these with some flowers and get ready to hear some buzzing on your raft!