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Total War: WARHAMMER III – Update 2.1.0

Hello, WARHAMMER fans, and welcome to Update 2.1! As noted a few weeks ago in the Update 2.0 Great Book of Changes, 2.1 introduces several critical fixes, changes, and additions that didn’t quite make the cut in time for August’s release. There’s a bunch of good stuff in here based on early-access feedback: The Total War: […]

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Total War: WARHAMMER III – Update 2.0.0

The much-anticipated Update 2.0 is here, and it’s a biggie… Actually, scratch that…it’s HUMUNGOUS! On top of introducing the brand-new Immortal Empires game mode to WARHAMMER III, it also rolls in a massive changelog of improvements to nearly every area of the game—from the campaigns and multiplayer settings to the UI and visuals of the game. With the arrival of the […]