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Latest Updates

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3.2.4b Patch Notes
  • Fixed a bug with pathfinding near NPCs and interactable objects.

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3.2.4 Patch Notes
  • We've added four new Supporter Packs to celebrate the announcement of the new league. Check them out at
    • We've added an optional new badge system for supporter titles on the forums. To opt into it, go to "My Account", then "Supporter Titles", and click on the banner. There's no limit on the number of badges that can be displayed simultaneously.

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3.2.3c Patch Notes
  • Abyssal Depths can no longer spawn in the Labyrinth.
    • Fixed a bug where the "Close all panels" hotkey didn't close the Bestiary recipe notifications.
    • Fixed an instance crash.

This has been deployed without a restart. The Abyssal Depth change will only apply to Labyrinth's started since the patch. You will need to update your client to get the fix for closing panels.

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3.2.3b Hotfix

We have deployed a client fix for:

  • Fixed a bug where the Map Device in the Chamber of Sins Level 1 was unusable if you entered the area with Maligaro's Map in your inventory.

Restarting your client will update it with the fix.

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3.2.3b Patch Notes
  • You can no longer use the instance manager to create multiple instances of the Templar Laboratory.
    • You can no longer use the map device in the Chamber of Sins Level 1 in Act 7 to open Maps.
    • Fixed a bug where Yugul, Reflection of Terror could become stuck midair while jumping into one of his pools, and become immune to damage. ...

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3.2.3 Hotfix

We have deployed a hotfix to 3.2.3 to fix the following changes:

  • Fixed an issue where image links on the login screen did not work when clicked.
  • Fixed a rare client crash when clicking the Microtransaction Stash button in the Microtransaction Shop.

Restart your client to download the patch.

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