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Latest Updates

3.24.1 Hotfix - Path of Exile

3.24.1 Hotfix

  • Tormented Spirits no longer spawn from the "Eternal Torment" Atlas Passive Notable while having "Back to Basics" Keystone allocated.
  • The Eternal Torment Atlas Passive Notable Skill can no longer spawn more than one Tormented Spirit per Corpse. This change only affects parties. This hotfix was deployed three hours before the posting of these patch notes. We apologise for not immediately posting the patch notes, this was not intentional.

3.24.1 Path of Exile

3.24.1 Patch Notes This patch contains changes to Tier 17 Map modifiers, alongside a large number of Necropolis and general improvements and bug fixes. Tier 17 Map Changes

  • Many modifiers that can roll on Tier 16 Maps can now also roll on Tier 17 Maps.
  • Modifiers that can only roll on Tier 17 Maps are now rewarding in one of the 5 following ways: Enhanced Pack Size, Enhanced Item Rarity, More Currency Found, More Maps Found, or More Scarabs Found. ...

3.24.0c Hotfix 2 - Path of Exile

3.24.0c Hotfix 2

  • Einhar and Huck are no longer affected by Map Modifiers.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters from Syndicate Allflame Embers were not dropping items unless they were spawned by Strongboxes, or other various leagues.

3.24.0c Hotfix - Path of Exile

3.24.0c Hotfix

  • The Atlas Passive Keystone Unwavering Vision now disallows opening Maps while you have Fragments other than Divine Vessels in the Map Device, instead of silently not consuming them.

3.23.0c Patch Notes (restartless) - Path of Exile

3.23.0c Patch Notes

  • Atlas Passives that provide the Lantern of Arimor with an increased chance for Devoted Modifiers now instead provide increased effect of Devoted Modifiers in your Maps. The values of these Passives are unchanged.
  • Fixed a bug where the Lantern of Arimor UI did not update the values for chances to find Corpses or Allflame Embers when reorganising Necropolis Modifiers. ...

3.24.0b Hotfix 3 - Path of Exile

3.24.0b Hotfix 3

  • Atlas Memories no longer contain the Necropolis league mechanic in Necropolis Leagues.