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Latest Updates

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3.13.2b Path of Exile

3.13.2b Patch Notes

  • Added support for our upcoming 3.14 announcement and its new Supporter Packs.

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3.13.2 Path of Exile

3.13.2 Patch Notes

  • Texture Streaming has been further improved. Loading should now be quicker and you should see fewer low-resolution textures.
  • Added automation to remove old minimap and shader data. This process occurs during the Grinding Gear Games logo video upon launch and may take some time. Old minimap and shader data will typically be cleared once per league in the future. ...

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3.13.1e Hotfix 2 - Path of Exile

3.13.1e Hotfix 2:

  • Fixed a bug where Ritual Vessels were sometimes unable to store the Jungle Valley Map boss, Queen of the Great Tangle.

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3.13.1e Hotfix - Path of Exile

3.13.1e Hotfix:

  • Fixed a bug introduced in 3.13.1e where some on-kill effects were not occurring with Legion monsters.

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3.13.1e Path of Exile

3.13.1e Patch Notes:

General Improvements

  • Sirus, Awakener of Worlds and The Shaper can no longer appear in The Sacred Grove, Temporal Incursions, Syndicate Laboratories and Conqueror arenas.
  • Added a Void Ground Hideout Decoration. This can be purchased from Zana at Decoration Level 2, for 330 Favour.
  • Added an Expand/Collapse All button to the Hideout Decorations tab.
  • Guild microtransactions can now be added to your Watchlist. ...

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3.13.1d Hotfix - Path of Exile

3.13.1d Hotfix:

  • Fixed a client crash that could occur when using Wave of Conviction.