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3.8.2 Path of Exile

3.8.2 Patch Notes

Blight Improvements

  • Increased the minimum distance at which Blight Portals can spawn from the Ichor Pump.
  • Updated the description on Breathstealer unique gloves to reflect the fact that a Blighted Spore can be created when your Minions kill a rare monster. This change does not affect functionality.
  • Fixed a rare bug where you could be placed on the upper level when entering a Blighted Ramparts Map, making it impossible to reach the Ichor Pump. ...

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3.8.1e Path of Exile

3.8.1e Patch Notes:

  • Reverted Shatter sound effects back to the pre-3.8.0 version.
  • Blighted Map drops now drop at a minimum tier based on the tier of the Map that you are currently in. For example, when in a Tier 5 Map, Tier 1 to Tier 5 Blighted Maps can drop. When in a Tier 6 Map, you'll receive a Tier 6 Blighted Map (and will never receive a Tier 1 to Tier 5 Blighted Map). ...

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3.8.1d Patch Notes:

Blight Improvements

  • Improved the visibility of Blight Boss icons on the minimap.
  • Progress towards the "Spend Blight Resources" challenge is now granted to all players in the area when any player builds or upgrades a Tower.
  • You can now use the Anoint Items option when talking to Cassia without having completed the Blight Tutorial encounter. This allows players in Standard league to anoint items by talking to Cassia in a Blighted Map. ...

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3.8.1c Hotfix

3.8.1c Hotfix:

  • Fixed a client crash that resulted in Exception: Map and Exception: CreateTexture2D errors that could sometimes occur when fighting Vorici.

This patch has been deployed without a restart. You will need to restart your client to get the client elements of this patch.

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Server side hotfix

We have deployed a server-side hotfix for the following:

  • Improved how mana reserved by Mine skills is tracked to be less taxing on performance.

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3.8.1c Patch Notes (restartless)

3.8.1c Patch Notes:

  • Significantly improved serverside performance of monster stat calculations, which especially affects minion builds.