Path of Exile

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Latest Updates

3.20.2b Path of Exile

3.20.2b Patch Notes

This patch contains another batch of Voidborn reliquary submissions, support for our upcoming events, and a few improvements and bug fixes.

Improvements and Updates

  • Added support for our upcoming March Events (including Ruthless with Gold and a lineup of Group SSF events). Check out our announcement post for more information on these events! ...

3.20.2 Hotfix 2 - Path of Exile

3.20.2 Hotfix 2

  • Fixed a bug where the summoned corpses of Sanctum monsters had substantially more Maximum Life than intended.

3.20.2 Hotfix - Path of Exile

3.20.2 Hotfix:

  • Fixed a bug introduced in 3.20.2 which caused the "twice blessed" Darkshrine outcome to not grant an additional use of the Divine Font.

You will need to start a new Labyrinth run for this fix to apply.

3.20.2 Path of Exile

3.20.2 Patch Notes

This patch includes a number of bug fixes, offline party support and another batch of Voidborn reliquary submissions.

Improvements and updates

  • Added support for party members to go offline while staying in the party. When you log out, you can now stay in your party, though you can still be kicked from the party while offline. After you've been offline for 2 minutes, you will be automatically kicked from the party. ...

3.20.1c Hotfix - Path of Exile

3.20.1c Hotfix

  • Added 563 more Voidborn Reliquary submissions.
  • Fixed two crashes.

3.20.1c Path of Exile

3.20.1c Patch Notes

  • Stackable items dropped by Map Bosses affected by Eldritch Altar modifiers that cause them to drop additional currency items are now collated into a single combined stack of the item.
  • Added a confirmation in controller input mode when returning to your hideout through the Delve Map.
  • Fixed a bug where Curses could be applied to dead enemies when applied through Cast on Melee Kill or Cast on Critical Strike. ...