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Latest Updates

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3.13.0c Hotfix 1 - Path of Exile

3.13.0c Hotfix 1:

  • Fixed a bug where certain totem damage modifiers were not being applied correctly.

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3.13.0c Patch Notes (restartless) - Path of Exile

3.13.0c Patch Notes:

  • Fixed a bug where Zana could block picking up items after the Sirus, Awakener of Worlds fight.
  • Fixed a bug where the bosses of the Crimson Temple Map and Colonnade Map could teleport out of Ritual encounters.
  • Fixed a common instance crash.

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3.13.0b Path of Exile

3.13.0b Patch Notes:

Ritual Improvements & Fixes

  • The number of Rituals remaining is now shown near the Ritual Button.
  • The special Vaal Rituals used to offer items with a high variance of Tribute costs (from very low to very high). This has now been capped to never be higher than other rituals.
  • Fixed a bug where Betrayal doors and Legion chests could be respawned in Ritual encounters. ...

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3.13.0 Hotfix 5 - Path of Exile

3.13.0 Hotfix 5:

  • Fixed a bug where Sirus the Awakener wasn't dropping any Unique Items if your Awakening Level was between 1 and 7.

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3.13.0 Hotfix 4 - Path of Exile

3.13.0 Hotfix 4:

  • Fixed a bug where Heist NPCs were not being introduced.

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3.13.0 Hotfix 3 - Path of Exile

3.13.0 Hotfix 3:

  • Fixed a bug where quest Watchstones could be seen and picked up by party members.