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3.12.4c Path of Exile

3.12.4c Patch Notes

  • Fixed a rare issue where Gianna, the Master of Disguise could fail to complete a Job.
  • Fixed an issue where Auto-Enforcer's Orb projectile was visibly removed when it died if the Orb had already begun moving, leading to a situation where it would deal damage on impact but would not be visible.
  • Fixed an issue where The Twins encounter could not be completed if you left the area just as the second Twin knelt down. ...

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3.12.4b Path of Exile

3.12.4b Patch Notes:

  • Reward Room Chests in Heists and Grand Heists can now contain Unique Contracts.
  • Traps in Heist encounters no longer activate during the Imminent Lockdown period. They will now only activate when Lockdown begins.
  • Added information to the Contract UI screen and at the completion of a Heist to tell you if the area level of the Heist would be or was too low to grant Blueprint Reveals upon completion. ...

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3.12.4 Hotfix - Path of Exile

3.12.4 Hotfix:

  • Fixed a bug where Einhar was not capturing Beasts.
  • Fixed a bug where "+1 Job Level" mods were not working for Blueprints in Heist.

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3.12.4 Path of Exile

3.12.4 Patch Notes

Heist Improvements

  • Enabled the questline that leads toward the Freidrich Tarollo, Slave Merchant boss encounter.
  • Increased the range that you can move away from your Rogue Allies before they are interrupted from a Job that they are performing.
  • Fossils can now be used on Heist Contracts, Blueprints and Ally Equipment.
  • Reduced the maximum range at which several Heist monsters can use their skills. ...

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3.12.3c Hotfix - Path of Exile

3.12.3c Hotfix:

  • Fixed a common instance crash introduced in 3.12.3c.

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3.12.3c Patch Notes (restartless) - Path of Exile

3.12.3c Patch Notes:

Heist Improvements

  • Blueprint Heist Targets which are Item Rewards now generate 1 to 3 item levels higher than the area level.
  • Fixed a bug where some Heist monsters could use their skills through closed Heist doors.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Tibbs and Niles from opening locked Heist Chests when you used the League Interface hotkey. ...