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Patch Notes 1.1.2f1

Hi everyone. As patch 1.1.2f1 is rolling out on Steam and Microsoft Store, let’s have a look at what it includes and what you can expect next. This patch removes the entitlement from all the Beach Properties assets, so they are now a part of the base game and available to everyone. Saves and custom maps using the assets should work without any extra steps, but as always, don’t hesitate to make a bug report on the forum[]...

Patch Notes for patch 1.1.1f1 - hotfix

Hi everyone. We have a small hotfix for you to address some of the reports we have received following the Modding Wavelet patch. We'll keep working on bug fixes and going through the feedback you share with us, but we wanted to get these fixes out as soon as possible.

*Please note that we're still investigating the issue causing mods to not initialize when you first start the game. If you encounter this issue and no mods are shown, please restart the game. If that doesn't help, we would appreciate...

Modding Wavelet - Patch 1.1.0f1

Hi everyone! As patch 1.1.0f1 is rolling out to everyone, let's take a look at the content included. Besides the paid content coming in Beach Properties and Deluxe Relax Radio Station, we have the Editor, mod support, and of course, a round of performance improvements and bug fixes. ...


Beach Properties Bring life to your city’s waterfronts with Beach Properties. Specializing in residential buildings that kiss the water's edge, this Asset Pack brings the tranquility and beauty of coastal living to your city. Waterfront Zone A new residential zoning option dedicated to waterfront buildings allows you to redefine your city's coastline. Beach Properties ...

Patch Notes for 1.0.19f1 hotfix

Hi everyone! Patch 1.0.19f1 is ready for you. As always, please note that simulation fixes are expected to take a little while to properly take effect, so the game will need to run for a while. Similarly, fixes to buildings may need the buildings to be rebuilt.


  • Fixed crash to desktop when selecting "moving in" household
  • Fixed crash to desktop when modifying road with pedestrian path connected in specific way
  • Fixed crash to desktop after modifying roads with citizen group at specific stat
  • Fixed velocity map not loaded properly when starting the game Paused
  • Fixed ResourceAvailabilitySystem causing some wrong data when loading the game
  • Fix for some industrial material taxes may randomly start charging money in the opposite way than it is set...

Patch Notes for 1.0.18f1 Hotfix

Hello everyone. It’s time for the last patch of the year, and as Mariina mentioned in CO Word of the Week, this one includes both performance improvements and gameplay fixes. We expect that you’ll see the biggest improvements when looking at areas with a lot of pedestrians - yes, they now have level of detail (LOD) models.

Thank you for all the great feedback and the bug reports. We appreciate you taking the time to share them with us, and as always, if you run into any new issues, they can be reported here.

Winter Treat - 2 New Maps

  • Sunshine Peninsula
  • Corral Riches


  • Added LODs for characters and selected assets
  • Optimized geometry layout for all assets...