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Patch Notes for 1.0.15f1 hotfix

Hi everyone. We have a new patch for you today with a bunch of fixes and improvements for the game. Thank you for all the reports and feedback, it's very much appreciated, and thank you for your patience while we've worked on these fixes.

We'll continue to work on both performance improvements and gameplay issues, and if you run into any issues with the game following the patch, please report them on our support forum here...

Patch Notes for 1.0.14f1 hotfix

Hi everyone. Today we have another round of gameplay fixes for you, and as Mariina mentioned in the CO Word of the Week, this is the last of the weekly patches. Going forward we are working on bigger fixes, which of course take longer. CO Word of the Week continues weekly to keep you up to date on what we're up to.

  • Bug fixes & improvements:
  • Reduced occurrences of texture resolution dropping
  • Fixed case where in-game would appear black when playing offline
  • Fixed undesired clothing variations
  • Fixed "Garbage Pilling Up" warning notification icon not being removed after garbage is collected
  • Fixed citizen model changing when characters go in/out of buildings
  • Increased citizen preference to park cars on building lots vs roadside
  • Fixed multiple pathfinding bugs and general improvements...

Patch Notes for 1.0.13f1 hotfix

Hi everyone. We have another patch for you today with a bunch of gameplay fixes addressing the garbage issues and stray pets Mariina discussed in Monday's CO Word of the Week. We continue to investigate the issues you have reported, but we wanted to bring you these fixes right away.

Please note that existing garbage notifications in your current saves may not clear properly unless the building is rebuilt, however, new buildings and saves created after this patch shouldn't have this issue.

Bug fixes & improvements:

  • Balanced Garbage production and accumulation calculations
  • Fixed garbage truck accidentally adding garbage load when calculating garbage amount estimate for the path
  • Fixed garbage resource "Trade value" showing negative value in statistics
  • Balanced Incinerator Plant electricity output
  • Fixed various character clothing issues
  • Balanced stray pets in the city...

Patch Notes for 1.0.12f1 hotfix

Hi everyone. We have another hotfix for you today with improvements and bug fixes, see the list below for details. The patch is going on out Steam today, and we're working on bringing it to the Microsoft Store as soon as possible.

Please note! With existing save games, most simulation fixes require the simulation to run for a while to take effect.

  • Increased leisure probability to balance the "No customers" situation with commercial companies
  • Improved balance of companies' profit
  • Tuned down companies ordering input resources when their storage don't have enough space
  • Fixed trade resource bug preventing some resources from being consumed
  • Fixed miscalculation in college/university eligible count
  • Improved conditions for companies to move away when bankrupt
  • Fixed a dependency error with land value causing potential instability
  • Fixed an issue where loading a new map would cause water state to get out of sync with the save data
  • Slightly increased Windows emission intensity...

Patch Notes for 1.0.11f1

Hi everyone. Today we have the first of several patches to improve performance in Cities: Skylines II. While this does not address all issues we are aware of, we wanted to get you these improvements as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this patch is only available on Steam today. We're doing our very best to make it available on Microsoft Store as soon as possible. This patch includes the following improvements and fixes: ...