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Latest Updates

Patch 4.9 Notes

### New Expansion: Fate’s Voyage: Onward

“It is thrilling to face the beasts of old!” The winds of fate rustle the Tidedancer’s sails, but not all tidings bode well. In addition to Volibear, Nilah and Janna being released, we are bringing the brand new Eclipse Knights cosmetic line. Follow the Knight’s hunt of the elusive Coven. Log in to play Fate’s Voyage: Onward, playable on September 13 at approximately 11:00AM PT. New Cards ...

Patch 4.8 Notes

Updates will be live August 16th by 11:00am PT. Welcome to our next variety patch! We’ve received some feedback that it’s a bit hard to quickly see which changes affect Standard and which affect Eternal. We’ve separated them into two sections for this patch! Last variety patch we were light on Standard changes, but this time we want to make sure we dethrone Sump Monument and some other meta decks so the meta can continue to evolve alongside Eternal. ### Gameplay System Updates ...

Patch 4.7 Notes

Levers: Adjusted. Switches: Toggled. Knobs: Tweaked. The new Balance Patch is on its way, bringing with it a perfectly curated set of adjustments that are truly legendary. Players can expect balance updates to be live July 19 by 11:00am PT. ### Gameplay System Updates Card Adjustments Nerfs

Patch 4.6.0 Notes

New Expansion: Heart of the Huntress

“Love takes as many shapes as you do, Neeko.”

Teased long ago in our 2023 Roadmap, Neeko is finally coming to Legends of Runeterra! Neeko along with Nidalee and Poro King introduce a lot of new ways to play the game. The Soul Fighter event is sure to impress. Log in to play Heart of the Huntress, playable on June 28th at approximately 11:00AM PT.

New Cards


Patch 4.5.0 Variety Set - NEW CARDS!

Check out all of the new cards being added in the upcoming patch. Full Patch Notes can be found here, with full details of upcoming content and all of the Eternal Balance changes being introduced. As a small exciting addition to this patch we’re introducing four new subtypes. Full details on those can be found in the Full Patch Notes as well!

Patch 4.5.0 Notes

Welcome to the second Variety Patch of 2023! For this Variety Patch, we are introducing some fun new tools to each Region, as well as continuing the narrative from Glory In Navori… and maybe setting the stage for the next expansion!

Gameplay System Updates

Welcome to the first month of Eternal ranked! For many of you it's been a few months since you put down your rotated cards. Now it's time for you to pull them out from their safe spots in your collection and put them...