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Patch 5.6 Notes

“By my hand will Noxus rise.” This patch, Yasuo gets a full Constellation of powers, plus a new addition to the Path of Champions roster with Swain. But wait, there’s more! As we like to say, when it swains it pours… and with that glorious pun comes a new challenge in the form of an added Swain World Adventure to the Map to test out your favorite constellation-upgraded champs. As a reminder, we will not release content tomorrow in observance of Juneteenth. ...

Patch 5.5 Notes

###### New Feature for The Path of Champions: Constellations Reach for the stars in the Path of Champions with major updates to power progression, the addition of Viego to the champion roster, and much more! Patch 5.5 will be available at approximately 10:00 AM PT on Tuesday, May 21st. ###### The Path of Champions New Features

  • The Path of Champions
    • Constellations:  - Path of Champions Stars have evolved into Constellations! Power up your favorite champions in all-new ways. ...

Patch 5.4 Notes

###### New Expansion: Dreamlit Paths This is the first big patch of 2024 introducing 3 new Champions: Lillia, Vex, and Lux: Illuminated. Close your eyes, and journey with us through LoR’s Dreamlit Paths. Dreamlit Paths, will be playable on April 24th at approximately 11:00 AM PT.

###### New Cards Check out all of the new cards in one place at one of our Card Gallery Community partners! Mastering Runeterra ...

LoR Patch 5.3 Notes

This patch, The Path of Champions is getting quality of life improvements and bug fixes, including some directly based on feedback from members of our awesome community! Updates will be live March 27 by 11:00am PT.

Patch 5.2 Notes

"I will bury the world in ice." Brave the cold winds of the Freljord, and challenge the unknown. Patch 5.2 finally unlocks the final region, bringing us the biggest Path of Champions adventure to the game yet, culminating with an epic battle against the ice witch Lissandra herself. Enlist the aid of our local portal master Norra as she arrives in the Path of Champions. This patch to aid you in your journey against the ice witch– and don’t forget to pick up some of the new Heavenscale cosmetics...

Patch 5.2 Variety Cards Preview

Welcome to the Preview of the Patch 5.2 Variety cards. By now the cat is out of the bag and our Invitational Guests have already shared the cards and their thoughts. This article is to let you all know some of our Designer’s thoughts behind the design of the cards. Buckle in! These cards will be playable February 28, 10am PST.