Legends of Runeterra

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Latest Updates

Patch 4.3.0 Notes

New Expansion: Glory in Navori

“I don't work. I slay.”

Challengers from all over Runeterra have come to answer the one question: Can they find Glory in Navori? In this expansion we are introducing three new champions and the Dragonmancer Event. It doesn't stop there, though. 4.3 introduces Rotation which opens up two new formats Eternal and Standard. Path lovers don’t worry– you’re getting some love in this expansion as well! There will...

Patch 4.2.0 Notes

Welcome to the first Variety Patch of 2023! For this Variety Patch, we wanted to help each region really get back to its roots. These new cards help exemplify what a region does well by reinforcing some of their strategies that need the support. We’ve got some fun new cards in store for you; check out the details below:

Gameplay System Updates

### New Cards

Patch 4.1.0 Notes

Welcome to Patch 4.1! In this patch we start our new Beta Season in which we’re rolling out the first phase of our changes to competitive play in LoR. We also have a whole slew of balance adjustments and even two new cards for you to experiment with!

Read on for the changes below:

Card Updates

Here’s a look at each of the card updates coming in this patch:

### Buffs

Patch 4.0.0 Notes

In the dust and desolation of the end of the World, a new journey began.

After the excitement of the 2022 World Championship and the World Ender expansion we’re here to deliver some bug fixes and document some hotfix balance changes.

Gameplay System Updates

### Card Adjustments

Patch 3.21.0 Notes (World Finals)

New Expansion- The Darkin Saga: World Ender ===========================================

“I am your reckoner, mortals.”

World Ender ushers in the final chapter of The Darkin Saga. In this expansion we are introducing three new champions and the Bloodwoven Event. The World Championship finals will also be played on this patch, and is kicking off in just two days. Who will be our next world champion? What kind of monstrosities will the corrupted ascended become in the bloodwoven...

Patch 3.20.0 Notes

Timewinder Gauntlets

During the months of November, December, and January we are experimenting with Gauntlets by introducing what we’re calling Timewinder Gauntlets.

Matches will be Best-of-3 Pick and Ban Format, using 3 decks with different champions and region combinations. These decks will be built with limited card pools that allow you to go back in time and enjoy the early seasons. During this time, Gauntlets will be available all week long.