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Patch 1.15 Notes

Patch 1.15 introduces a new Champion-centric Lab, an update to round timers, and the debut of Player Profiles to help track your collection! A brand new icy Board and Guardian are also making their arrival, which make the perfect complement to any Frostbite deck.

Looking forward to Patch 1.16, we're also making some improvements to our patching systems to reduce the amount of time you spend checking for updates. Patch 1.16 will have an additional one-time 200mb download, but after that, patches...

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Patch 1.14 Notes

Patch 1.14 brings with it an all new experimental Lab, the debut of Friend Spectate, and a hefty set of balance changes headlined by updates to seven Champions. We’ve also got some metagame data to share!

Metagame Snapshot

We’d like to start periodically sharing some of the metagame data we use to inform our balance updates over time, with a few key goals in doing so:

  • Provide more visibility on the overall metagame framework within which we decide on balance changes. ...

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Patch 1.13 Notes

Patch 1.13 brings with it our latest in-game event—more details tomorrow—and balance updates for Lee Sin and Make it Rain.

New Event

A new in-game event kicks off with tomorrow’s patch, complete with a new Lab, event pass, cosmetics, and much more. Look for a trailer and explainer article with MORE event details at 10 AM PT, October 28 (tomorrow).

Card Updates


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Patch 1.12 Notes: Monuments of Power

The Call of the Mountain set continues with a new expansion: Monuments of Power! This expansion brings with it new Champions and cards, but also a new card type—Landmarks—as well as region road extensions, new personalization content, and much more. Try out Landmarks in a new Lab (A Landmark Occasion), or discover for yourself what lies within Monuments of Power.

New Expansion: Monuments of Power


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Patch 1.11 Notes

The Call of the Mountain season continues with the latest balance updates, in-game leaderboards, and our first single-player Lab: Journey to the Peak

Card Updates