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Latest Updates

Update 1.5.4104 released

Hey everyone! We're back with a small update containing some changes, improvements and fixes for RimWorld and its expansions. This update should be compatible with all savegames and mods. We do these updates with the help of players from the RimWorld community! If you're interested in helping us test, or you have a bug to report, please join us on the official RimWorld development Discord. Bye for now!   - Tia ###### Changelog ...

New ambient horror setting and tribal Anomaly support

Hi everyone! We're here today with feature update to Anomaly. Today's update adds a new way to play with all Anomaly content threaded into the entire game, instead of being linked strictly to the monolith quest. This resembles more how other expansions all interact together continuously over the course of a long game. No need for Anomaly to take over an entire playthrough! ...

Integrating Anomaly more with the rest of the game

Hi everyone - Ty here. We’re loving your Anomaly stories! Please keep it up with the duplicated babies, shambler babies, and gray labyrinth baby drama. This expansion explores new ground creatively for RimWorld and it’s been incredibly gratifying to see people having new kinds of stories in the game. ...

Anomaly expansion and update 1.5 announced!

We’re super excited to announce our new horror-themed expansion, RimWorld - Anomaly! This expansion adds all manner of monstrous, mysterious, and maddening threats, containment facilities to capture and study dark entities, and a new reality-twisting endgame. Anomaly releases in one month! ...